Permanent weight loss and diets
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The first thing about permanent weight loss is to take into account our harmful habits and that we have to change them, that without changing our eating habits, there is no lasting weight loss with eating regimens. We can temporarily lose a pound with a diet, but then we’ll gain weight again.

Changing habits – the most important thing for permanent weight loss 

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That is why we have to create a plan for a regimen of principle that we should observe with consistency until it becomes a habit. It will be useful if we become accustomed to planning nutrition specifically for the day, both as a type of food and in divided portions. This pre-visualization and “organizing” helps control lower caloric intake. The plan for lasting weight loss can include notes.

What do lasting weight loss regimens include?

Lasting weight loss is first to lose weight to the desired weight and then maintain it. i.e. – first, we eat less energy than we spend, and then, in general, we get to balance the “revenue and spending”.

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For both stages, this is related to certain food and motor regimens. They have to be made by a specialist, because with weight loss complex processes occur in the body and the health condition, age, sex, etc., have to be taken into account.

However, for the diet for a lasting weight loss, there are also basics. We have to eat in the morning, at noon and in the evening, with two snacks in the morning and afternoon hours. Intermediate snacks are best to be fruit – apples and bananas are especially useful.

The goal is not to feel hunger and the body not to be loaded with a lot of food at once, to maintain the normal metabolism. You should drink up to 2 liters of water per day – often, in small quantities.

Many people do not have breakfast, but it’s a mistake. If the body is hungry or semi-hungry, it slows down the metabolism and seeks to store reserves and we want to reduce the reserves, don’t we?

For breakfast, it is good to have fibers – for example, a bowl of oatmeal or porridge. Fibers digest slowly and for hours in a row the person is not hungry. They also cleanse the intestines and reduce bad cholesterol. For the necessary proteins, walnuts can be added to the porridge or one hardboiled egg can be eaten. Some fruit or fruit juice will provide the vitamins.

It is good that the lunch includes a mixed salad – tomatoes, peppers, carrots. Among the meats, the lean ones – chicken, fish, veal, are suitable. Dinner should be early, light and at least two hours before bedtime – fish, cooked vegetables, brown rice.

How to monitor calories?

The body needs energy in order to live and develop. One takes it from the food and calorie is a measure unit of this energy. It is mainly derived from the carbohydrates, proteins and fats that each food contains. How do we determine and monitor the optimal amount of calories for a lasting weight loss with diets?

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This is individual for each person according to their health status, type of metabolism, sex, age, degree of physical activity. Therefore, it is good to consult your GP for the calorie intake. Once defined, the intake of calories can easily be monitored.

In order to choose a daily energy intake, it is enough to read the food labels correctly. There is a nutritional value per 100 grams, with a breakdown by quantity – protein, carbohydrates, fat, salt, fatty acids. If there are nanomaterials, the word “nano” is written in brackets. Adult reference valuesare usually also indicated.

Since some treatments can alter the properties and qualities of the food, or require a certain way of storage and use, labels also include such information.

To the name and net quantity of the food it is added whether it is re-frozen, thawed, irradiated, etc., does it require anything special when storing or preparing for consumption. If there is freezing and thawing, the dates are indicated.

Labels also include a list of the added additives, auxiliary or other substances. If there are ingredients associated with certain food allergies or intolerances, they are indicated specifically in different font or color. So the user can make an informed and safe choice.

The minimum durability is indicated in two ways – with date or a period. One has “Best to …” written. The other is indicating by the end of which period the product is adequate. The expiry date caption is “use before …”

Lasting weight loss and motor regimen

The plan for a lasting weight loss involves motor activity, which consumes more energy than is taken with food. Depending on the state of health and abilities, this activity may be different types of physical exercise. It can be combined – walking, running, gym, exercise at home.

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Walking on foot is one of the main beneficial habits for lasting weight loss. It can start as early as in morning. Walking a dog, where it can run, going to work or to a more distant stop.

The more you walk, the better it is. There should planned breaks every hour and a half or two during work in which to go for a stroll. This may be walking up and down the stairs or a short tour around the office.

Though short, the walks under the sun and in open air cheer up if a person is in a bad mood  and distract him or her and prevent him or her from “having” to eat because of boredom or nerves. And pre- and post-eating movement is beneficial for digestion.

After work, it is good to have an intensive workout or walk for at least an hour, because muscles should be maintained while weight is reduced. If for some reason a person does not want to go to the gym, say, they can alternate slow and fast walking, as if they were late for somewhere, or to do active gymnastics to lose weight at home.

Home workout is especially appropriate because a person is relaxed, without worries and can choose the appropriate exercise for themselves. In fact, it is enough to just dance energetically to music.

On the other hand, the exercises in front of public in the gym can discipline for the performance of the exercises and loading. It is recommended that these loads be increased gradually in order to avoid injuries. It is good to alternate exercises with different intensity and at different intervals. However, it is not advisable to “reward” yourselves after a workout with a sugar product.

Weight loss – according to the natural processes in the body

Lasting weight loss should be in line with the body’s natural needs and processes to avoid unnecessary stress on the body. The body receives food, processes it and transforms it into energy so it can carry out activities. How does this work? Why do bodybuilders eat a lot even when they are losing body weight, and others torture themselves with an insignificant “snack” and still cannot lose weight?

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The answer lies to a large extent in metabolism. There are two types of processes: synthesis /anabolism/ and break down/catabolism/. Synthesis is the absorption of nutrients with which the tissues are being built and renewed.

The break down releases energy that is consumed by the body but it can also accumulate in it as a reserve. About 30% of the energy is needed for movement, about 10 percent of it go for digestion, the rest of the energy is for the functions of organs and systems in the body. If the energy obtained from the food is consumed by the body, there is a balance and the weight does not increase. However, if we take more calories than we consume, they begin to accumulate in the body.

Therefore, when we lose weight, we need to combine a healthy diet with physical activity in the exact ratio. Here is the explanation of some “little secrets”.

Weight loss should not be caused by an unreasonable limitation of food intake – it must be varied and fulfilling, but by balancing it: there are no empty calories. Calorie reduction by 15 percent is acceptable; therefore, there should be three meals a day, plus snacks. Because metabolism increases after each meal and absorption is more complete, so we do not confuse the natural processes. While an irregular diet can slow metabolism.

Here it is added that metabolism is increased after every more active physical activity, and the training strengthens the muscles which are needed for the greater motor activity.