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Many people keep trying to lose some kilos by diets and starving, sometimes they achieve a temporary result but soon it’s all back there. That’s because they “attack” only the consequences instead of the real cause. Thanks to the LuckyFit program you don’t need any diets that disrupt your comfort and you will still achieve permanent results – in the course of an year you are going to lose 20-30 percent of your weight and manage to keep it that way in future.

In the very beginning – when you join a 7 or 14-days LuckyFit course – you are going to get rid of 4 to 6 percent useless weight in the first week alone, and 6 to 8 percent in the second week. All of this while relaxing in a luxury hotel!

For permanent results you must understand why you are gaining fat on the first place. Reasons begin with disturbance in your body’s natural needs and functions: disbalanced food diet, insufficient movement, stress, no vacations… the list goes on and on.

Knowing this matter, a team of professionals have found LuckyFit back in 2008

The program quickly earns trust and recognition by the people. LuckyFit Standard is a basic program to lose weight healthy, reduce stress and detox. LuckyFit Plus adds a treatment with classic massages which improves your health, relax your muscles and tones the body. LuckyFit Beauty includes the Standard program and adds SPA-procedures to tighten the skin, works anticelulite and helps rejuvenation. LuckyFit Antistress contains everything from the Standard program and classic massages but, as the name suggests, it prioritizes your body relaxation, peace and comfort over the speed of losing weight. LuckyFit Weekend on the other hand is a test package for overall movement improvements and feeling better. Besides the perfect relaxing vacation during the weekend you will also get to know the whole LuckyFit program.

Remember that LuckyFit focuses on permanent weight loss results, removes the daily stress, improves your health conditions and it’s the only program of its kind to help you reduce your body weight without starvation or hard workout routines.

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Thanks to the different types of the program every single person can take advantage of it, even people on average weight who want to clear their body from toxins, to improve their health or to increase their stamina.

Everyone who wants to join a program must be in a good health condition with no severe problems and complains. Certain deseases may require reduced physical activities in the program which – of course – will be performed under special medical supervision. LuckyFit combines two important things – healthy and diverse nutrition and physical activities in the form of entertainment.

The food intake in the Standard basic program includes 4 meals a day according to LuckyFit’s healthy menu, with the option to adjust it for vegetarians, vegans, etc. upon request in advance.

The menu is rich for the body and contains 1000 or 1300 calories per day. It’s created by professor Bozhidar Popov who’s the chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. All meals contain bio products only. Daily intake of live and energized water, and zeolite, is also included.

The physical activities come in the form of entertainment which is an antistress factor alone. It includes fitness, modern dances, folklore dances, daily gymnastics combined with fitness exercises, pilates and yoga as well as Tae Bo or mountain walks and hikes. We also offer special Chinese breathing exercises – daily techniques to control and keep in shape your respiratory system and blood pressure.

It’s important to note that the mestermind behind the program is Teodor Kordev who has a great experience in creating and managing programs for healthy life, being physiotherapist and fitness instructor in Bulgaria, Spain, India and Malaysia. He has a master’s degree in Physiotherapy by the National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” in Sofia and is also a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The program takes place in the exceptional comfort and 5-star luxury in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko. In this five star SPA and Family hotel we offer you a separate luxury studio with fully functional kitchen, satellite TV, safe box, phone, mini-bar, luxury bathroom, bathrobes, towels and cosmetics. All leading hotel extras will be at your disposal.

Besides the direct result – clear body, better tone and weight loss, Lucky Fit will also teach you how to maintain your body weight, how to create your own healthy and exciting lifestyle. And that’s the purpose, right? Just choose Lucky Fit!

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