Pregnancy and diet – an important rule or mutually exclusive activities
Бременност и диета - важно правило или взаимноизключващи се дейности

Diet is a diet that is resorted to not only by overweight people. Sometimes when and what we put on our table is determined by various health conditions , allergies, intolerance to certain ingredients, diseases, etc. n.

Therefore, the definition of diet should not be confused with reduced calories or starvation. For this reason, pregnancy and diet are not incompatible concepts.

When can a pregnant woman not follow a diet and why?

Pregnancy is an extremely important period in every woman’s life. However, the expectant mother must also be prepared for the transformation of her body. Very often in the first months after conception pregnant women complain of discomfort, morning sickness and intolerance to certain foods.

Pregnancy and diet - an important rule or mutually exclusive activities

After the trimester appetite increases in most mothers, and quite naturally as the fetus grows, body weight also changes.

During this period, there are ladies who are prone to gaining more weight, while in others the increase is minimal. However, there is no way to change the figure until birth, but this in no way does not mean that a woman should limit her food intake.

The expectant mother should not starve and try to lose weight. The development of the fetus is directly related to the healthy lifestyle of the mother. It is therefore essential that she eats quality food rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Pregnancy and diet - important rule or mutually exclusive activities

Food restriction is contraindicated in pregnant women , those who are anemic, and those with low blood pressure or a tendency to lose weight drastically.

When is diet mandatory and why?

Is it necessary during pregnancy to switch to a certain diet, can only be assessed by the woman’s supervising doctor or specialist after examination, consultation and appointed medical examinations.

Often diet is recommended for expectant mothers who suffer from chronic or hereditary diseases related to the contraindication of certain products and ingredients in food.

Diet is also necessary in cases when the woman had extremely unhealthy habits before conception. Because of the baby, the correct regime of every pregnant woman requires intake of vitamins and minerals, mostly through fresh fruits and vegetables, a balanced amount of meat, dairy products, legumes, carbohydrates and protein in the daily routine.

Pregnancy and diet - important rule or mutually exclusive activities

According to the doctor’s recommendations in the first trimester during pregnancy the required calories per day are about 2000 kcal.

In the second quarter, it is good to increase by another 400 kcal per day, and in the last third trimester it is assumed that the expectant mother will take 2500 kcal within 24 hours.

Diets that can be followed during pregnancy?

One of the biggest mistakes during pregnancy is that women fail to take some of the mandatory ingredients that are essential for the development of fetus.

Basically, these are:

  • folic acid
  • zinc
  • iron
  • iodine
  • unsaturated fatty acids

If they are not present in the lady’s menu , it is imperative that change your diet. Every day requires consumption of a variety of natural foods.

These can be seasonal vegetables and fruits that have enough vitamins and are good for a pregnant woman’s digestion.

Meat should not be excluded, especially fish products, which contain the beneficial omega 3 acids. Dairy products are also suitable because of the protein, calcium and vitamins in them.

The banned list includes alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. They can cause harm to the baby, and are therefore harmful to take not only until birth, but also when breastfeeding the newborn. .

Sample daily diet for expectant mothers

Breakfast may include tea and whole grains , such as bread with ham and yellow cheese, plus cucumber or tomato.

Between breakfast and lunch it is appropriate to consume a glass of yogurt with fruit.

For lunch, a combination of cream soup with croutons, fresh green salad with fish or chicken, cooked in a cooking device without fat or steamed, is suitable. .

Afternoon snack can be fruit, a bowl of compote or a piece of fresh cake.

 Pregnancy and diet - an important rule or mutually exclusive activities

It’s good for dinner to be lighter – a bowl of yogurt and fruit salad. If you haven’t had breakfast in the afternoon, treat yourself to grilled meat with your favorite fresh salad.

Getting enough water is also important for pregnant women. It is useful for good digestion and proper organ function.

What should a pregnant woman who is on a diet know?

The most important thing is to monitor your health and attend regular consultations for pregnant women. If it is necessary to follow a certain diet, let it be in accordance with the necessary useful substances for both the mother and her baby.

A good guide for those who follow a certain diet is the recommendation of doctors that Pregnant women should not gain more than 15 pounds before giving birth.

According to statistics, in the first three months after pregnancy, the ideal weight will increase between half and 2 kilograms. Between the third and sixth month you will have gained another 5 kilograms.

And in recent months, it’s perfectly normal to grow a pound up a week, which means about 7 pounds for the entire period.

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