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Detoxification or purification of the body is a process in which we make some changes in our diet and way of eating and living to free our body from the waste materials and toxins that accumulate in it.

What are toxins?

Toxins are called all substances (of plant, animal or bacterial origin) that are poisonous or have a negative health effect.

Toxins in human body

The human body has the ability to purify and detox itself on its own. The main organs dealing with this difficult task are the liver, skin, kidneys and the large intestine. Despite the work they do, they cannot always cope with all of the accumulated toxins and slags because we are in constant contact with harmful pollutants.

In practice, there is no way to get rid of the toxins completely, but there is a way to minimize them by purifying the body at home or in specialized detox clinics.

What are the benefits of purifying the body?

  • The disposal of toxins greatly alleviates the work of the organs responsible for the processing and removal of accumulated harmful substances in the body.
  • The intestinal function is restored, and the defense functions of the immune system are also greatly improved. The close link between good bowel function and the immune system is explained by the fact that about 80% of all cells responsible for immunity are found in the intestinal mucosa.
  • Metabolic processes are normalized, helping to reduce weight.
  • The sensitivity of the skin to the aggressive influence of the external environment is reduced, its natural protection is increased and skin problems are reduced to a minimum.

Symptoms that signal for accumulated toxins in the body

The symptoms that show accumulation of toxins in the body are many, but the most commonly observed ones are fatigue, stomach and gastrointestinal problems, general immunosuppression, abdominal swelling and gas, skin problems, bad mood, chronic fatigue, and weakness, frequent headaches.

Detoxification of the body at home – is it possible and is it effective?

The best solution would be to go through a detoxification program at one of the detox centers because the whole process will be controlled, but if you are not ready to do this, you can handle the cleansing of the body at home.

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The important thing in detoxifying at home is before you start the process to visit a specialist who will give you guidance on the most appropriate detoxifying programyou can do yourself.

When can the body be detoxified?

Some experts recommend that the body should be cleaned once in each season (four times a year), others are in the opinion that even once a year is enough in order to have a positive effect.

Important steps for cleaning the body at home

Increase fluid consumption

Essential nutrients are distributed in the cells via water. Likewise, waste materials from cellular metabolism are discarded (via urine and sweat). Therefore, it is necessary to take fluids (0.3 – 0.4 liters per 10 kg body weight) during the cleaning (and not only) for proper colon cleansing.

It is recommended to drink filtered or soft water with a low mineral content. Fruit and vegetable juices can be taken, but they must be diluted with water.

During the detoxification, the consumption of carbonated beverages or beverages containing sugars or artificial sweeteners is not allowed.

Choose appropriate foods

The food you eat is very important for the process of purifying the body at home because, as it is true that we with it we take the majority of toxins, it is true that there are foods that have natural cleansing properties.

Foods that stimulate the intestines and restore the microflora

Products that are rich in fiber such as cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, apples, pears, and grains (legumes, buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice) handle this task.

The consumption of foods rich in fiber is a must, as they help for proper functioning, and their work is the basis of purification.

Foods that protect liver cells and have antitoxic effect

Oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, and it helps improve liver function. This is the vitamin that helps in the production of protein which is responsible for the purification of the blood. Besides citrus fruits, during the cleansing program it is good to consume beet, ginger, basil and garlic.


The most popular natural diuretics are watermelons, blueberries, cucumbers and parsley. Consumption of natural diuretics, apart from helping to eliminate toxins from the body, prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Increase tea consumption

Teas are recommended during the purification process as they are useful for the stomach and help detoxify the liver, intestines and kidneys. Chamomile, dandelion, mint, nettle, echinacea, burdock, elderberry, etc. are most useful for purification.

Pathogenic microorganisms and parasites can be eliminated by the use of herbs. Some of the most effective are black walnut rind, grapefruit extract, turmeric root, cloves.


In order to increase the elimination of harmful waste from the body, regular physical exercises, massages, contrast showers, sauna, acupuncture, relaxing spa procedures can be of great benefit.

Dry massages before bathing stimulate metabolism and regulate blood circulation, which favors the disposal of toxins. Likewise, contrast showers have an effect because changing the water temperature improves the circulation and movement of the lymph.

How do we know that the purification we have undergone has had an effect?

Observe your tongue! Why? Because the tongue is the most sensitive and tender organ and is like a mirror of the digestive system.

Human tongue symptoms

  • If the tongue is pink, it shows that all digestive organs are clean and functioning properly.
  • If you notice a reddish, greenish or yellow patina in your tongue, it means your metabolism is not working properly.
  • The blackish-brown color of the tongue indicates that you have a strong imbalance in the digestive system.
  • White patina is an indicator of the presence of toxins in the digestive tract. If the white color is concentrated at the base of the tongue, it indicates that you have a problem in the colon. If you notice patina in the central part of the tongue, it means that the toxicity is in the stomach, pancreas and small intestine, and if the whole tongue is white, then you probably have chronic digestive problems.