Rules that we must follow after reaching the desired weight
Правила, които трябва да спазваме след достигане на желаното тегло

We’re done with the diet, what do we do now?

Losing weight is a serious challenge, even more so if the process is accompanied by a complete change in diet and physical activity. However, change is always possible, even more so with strong motivation and perseverance. And here that at some point the desired form is a reality.

Then on the agenda is the question of maintaining the new measures and preventing the yo-yo effect . The good news is that there is a solution, but it also involves a great deal of willpower and following some “golden rules”. These include proper nutrition and daily exercise, which are the necessary “price” for a healthy and beautiful body.

 we must observe after reaching the desired weight

Why are the pounds coming back?

The problem of “regaining the old weight” is faced by many people who undergo various diets on the way to dealing with excess weight.

The unpleasant effect is extremely worrying for anyone who wants to permanently lose a certain number of pounds . The bitter truth is that in most cases we are to blame for such a turnaround.

The reason is that it is not impossible after the end of a certain diet to return to the old bad habits, fatty foods, too many carbohydrates and all other unnatural lifestyles.

 we must observe after reaching the desired weight

If the approach to the process of intake and calorie burning is not permanently replaced, then the body passes to the so-called “Stockpiling” . And this immediately affects the increase in centimeters in problem areas, such as the thighs, waist, arms and more.

Weight is returned when the body has been subjected to a strict diet within a diet, and then repeats the familiar old pattern of large amounts of food which generate a lot calories. It is for this reason that more and more nutritionists are denying fasting as a method of permanent weight loss.

Consistent results can be the result of a balanced diet only, in which fresh fruits and vegetables, natural products and variety predominate, and this at the expense of packaged and high-calorie foods.

Good practices for achieving the desired weight?

Nutrition, sports, good hydration, balancing between work and rest, enough hours of sleep, relaxation after stress and meditation after a great mental load are basic rules, to prevent going out of good shape.

If we were to distinguish two general practices , one would be – responsible an attitude towards food that provides mainly energy and pleasure, not fat around the waist and heartburn from overeating.

The other pillar of success is movement . It can be in the form of a favorite sport at least 2-3 times a week. Walking , climbing stairs, and nature walks also help.

 we must observe after reaching the desired weight

Do we need iron rules or can we afford to pamper ourselves?

The answer to this question is strictly individual. A number of factors determine. Among them is health status, because in some diseases, gaining weight is a side effect of the disease or the medications you are taking.

Next, it can be noted that some people are genetically predisposed to round shapes. Third – disturbed sleep, stress, tension unlock the so-called In lustful appetites and if it cannot be controlled, the consequences are unfavorable in the fight against overweight.

Therefore, the rules that we have found useful and effective for us must be followed. However, extremes are not recommended at all. Therefore, iron approaches are not needed, and some very small weaknesses are welcome if they are in small quantities and rarely.

 we must observe after reaching the desired weight

Tricks for a slim waist

Once you’ve worn jeans at least two sizes down, you shouldn’t give up on the result easily. And so you don’t starve, blaming yourself for some pampering with a piece of cake or a favorite cream, there are some little tricks to “get back in rhythm”.

The most common way to deal with this problem is detoxification . The only condition is that the detox is performed without risk to health. It’s a good idea to take a day off during the week.

Get restorative therapy with herbal tea or green smoothies. 24 -houring fruit or natural drinks helps the body to purify, restart and put the metabolism in rhythm.

Detox should not be understood as total starvation. This is a time for lighter foods for at least a day, and these can be – embarrassed, watermelon, cherries or vegetable soup.

Such foods and beverages help the body deal with harmful substances by expelling them . Detoxification cleans toxins that are a prerequisite for disease.

Regardless of the diet the only thing we should not deprive ourselves of is water. Table, mineral, tap or filtered, in any form it is vital for the proper functioning of the whole body , of any organ and system.

Dehydration can even be a factor in gaining fat and gaining new weight. This is the situation in the absence of enough sleep. Contrary to claims that fatigue melts away from us, it is often the cause of the yo-yo effect.

The benefits of spices, herbs and other plants are not to be underestimated. Black pepper, rosemary, turmeric, saffron, parsley, ginger, cloves, white and green tea are some of the most recommended for detox because they speed up metabolism.

Herbal teas are an excellent option, both for the beginning of the day and before bedtime, because many of them have healing and restorative effect.

You can drink a decoction of only one plant or combine a few. In our latitudes, chamomile, linden, dandelion, thyme, nettle, raspberry leaves, St. John’s wort and many other well-known herbs are they cleanse the liver, urinary tract, stomach, kidneys.

Like it or not, the truth is that a good figure in few people is genetically set. For this reason, maintaining physical activity is proving to be the popular recipe for women and men.

It could be riding a bike, swimming, workout at home or in the gym, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, folk dances and many other possibilities, but still absolutely necessary for the general movement of the body and the burning of calories. Even if you are not athletic or do not find time to train, take a few minutes for basic warm-up of muscle groups at home. Exercise saturates the body with oxygen, and purification also takes place during sweating.

Regular gymnastics tones muscle groups, and problem areas around the waist, hips and thighs are increasingly tightening and shaping well.

It’s easiest to climb stairs every day and walk a few miles . Yoga and daily meditation have an excellent effect, calming, controlling blood sugar, the urge to cram in carbohydrates, etc.

Another valuable trick is regular visits to water therapies . Aqua treatments have a magical effect on the body to look firm and harmoniously developed. The steam bath cleanses , and water massages are recommended to deal with the areas where it is most full. Mineral baths, on the other hand, help with good metabolism.

Weight Loss Mistakes

Making real demands and perseverance in the chosen approach are inevitable conditions for good results. But above all, the condition of the scales must be monitored.

If the scale shows higher values, it is probably obesity. It can be talked about when the Body Mass Index / BMI / exceeds 30. BMI is most easily calculated as divisible its weight at its height squared. The WHO determines that BMI is normal at values ​​between 18 and 25.

Whether the weight is within the generally accepted limits also depends on age, gender and personal characteristics. This means that one should not take an extreme approach and dramatize with the values.

A good figure is not only aesthetically pleasing. It is mostly a sign of health. Overweight is a prerequisite for diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, back discomfort and low back, bile problems and a bunch of other conditions.

Proper weight loss must go through a consultation with a personal physician, nutritionist or specialist to have an overall, positive effect.

Weight Loss Clinics

When things are out of control, counseling and therapy in a weight loss clinic come to the rescue. Very often weight gain is due to illness, hormonal imbalance, stress, sleep problems, depression or a person is predisposed to the accumulation of fat deposits.

Determining the reasons for filling is the first step towards solving the problem with the harmonious figure . Dedicated weight loss sites are the right choice for people who want to be monitored during the process and have extra motivation among people with similar problems.

Sometimes only in the clinic can be learned and then continue at home, useful models for proper nutrition, load, relax and stop addictions to unhealthy products on the table.

Therapies are usually balanced and varied because they apply more than just diets and gymnastics. Modern clinics offer invigorating nature trips, outdoor sports, dance coaches, yoga, Pilates, Zumba and more.

Spa therapists, doctors for individual monitoring of blood sugar levels, blood pressure, hormonal problems, etc. There are also lecture courses on the secrets of the harmonious body.

Depending on age and weight different procedures and therapies can be applied, to adjust and maintain the aesthetically desired weight. Groups can include men and women, programs are also developed for children’s groups when specialists need to intervene.

One of the most important conditions for success in the endeavor is intrinsic motivation, desire for change and perseverance. on the way to a quality result over time.

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