Smoothies for detoxification
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Why we are not able to deal with toxins 

Nature has created man so that his organism can cleanse itself from toxins. They are a natural product of metabolism. Not all substances that we take through food are good for us – there are free radicals, pesticides, heavy metals and so on, that should be eliminated from the body after processing. These processes are set in the body so that it can self-regulate and develop.

With the development of industrial production, however, the scope of toxic environment has increased dramatically in the heavy industry, agriculture, food products. The air we breathe is polluted, as well as waters and soil; the foods are processed in order to have longer shelf life and better taste, and people overload their digestion with overeating, heavy foods that are difficult to degrade, often combining incompatible foods, etc. 

Household pollution is less than the industrial – from cars, solid fuel heating, unregulated landfills, etc., but its share is significant, as it includes non-degraded residues from medications in the organism, cosmetics and detergents.

All this goes beyond the natural abilities of the organism to self-cleanse from toxins, so we should help it. The liver can’t cope with the entire processing and neutralization, and the subsequent elimination through the kidney and colon. Thus, toxins enter the blood and lymph and reach the tissues where they affect the cells and all this leads to self-intoxication. Lead, for example, damages the blood cells; alcohol affects liver cells; cigarette smoke damages the lung cells and biochemically leads to mutations and so on. 

In fact, the accumulation of toxins in the organism itself is not yet a disease, but it leads to many ailments: cardiovascular, skin, diabetes, obesity, cancer and so on. In addition, this affects the general health and tone: people feel weak, sleepy, or they suffer from insomnia, headache, gastrointestinal problems, bad taste in mouth, darken skin, allergic reactions, dry mucosa, and many other. Of course, all these symptoms may be related to already existing disease, so you should consult with a specialist. 

Blended fruits and vegetables for detoxification 

Fruit for detoxification | LuckyFit

Fruits and vegetables, blended to a thick drink /smoothie/, are very important part of detox diets. They are low-calorie, while at the same time they are very satiating and provide the organism with valuable substances such as minerals and vitamins. The smoothies completely preserve the properties of fruits and vegetables, because they are freshly prepared, they haven’t undergone any processing and thermal treatments that can destroy the substances, as well as they don’t contain preservatives, flavors, etc.

Moreover, their preparation is so easy – just blend the fruits and vegetables, and if the drink is too thick, add some water. You can also add some ginger, parsley, pepper, yoghurt and so on. These drinks are used not only for detox and weight loss, but in everyday life as a part of the menu of all people who are living a healthy life. You can consume smoothies in the morning, lunch and dinner, and for many people they are the substitute for breakfast. 

There are different types of detox smoothies – entirely vegetable, entirely fruit or combined, as the options for combinations are many. The choice depends on the personal taste preferences and the goal of the detox: whether to completely cleanse the body or to remove toxins from a specific organ – kidneys, thyroid, colon, liver, etc. 

All types of detox smoothies improve metabolism. Avocado-based smoothies are often consumed – these drinks are very nutritional due to its properties. The avocado contains many monounsaturated fats and it can  even compete with products of animal origin. Apple and cuccumber are added to the avocado for freshness, as well as some ginger because it is very good for digestion and it provides an incredible taste to the smoothie. 

Such smoothie have satiating effect that lasts for hours, while at the same time it boosts timmunity. Avocado and apple can be combined with kiwi and lettuce. The salad supports metabolism and the cleansing process. The kiwi has a number of antimicrobial properties, it strengthens immunity, activates the absorption of iron. 

Another type of a detox smoothie is a combination of spinach, kiwi and banana. It has refreshing effect that is long-lasting and at the same time it activates the metabolism. A good idea is to combine broccoli and apple. Broccoli contain a lot of protein and it can replace meat, without being a heavy food. Its cleansing effect is focused on salts and heavy metals. Apples have antioxidant effect, which helps to neutralize free radicals. Bananas, peach and green leafy vegetables, pear and mint can also be combined, and many more.

Benefits of detoxification 

Benefits of detoxification | LuckyFit

When the body is released from toxins, the complete nourishment of cells is possible, organs start to function properly, which allows the body generally to improve its health condition. The boosted metabolism supports healthy weight loss, skin gets healthier, elastic and soft, and pores open due to the nourished cells. 

At the same time the senses sharpen – hearing, smell, taste. The levels of sugar and blood pressure are normalized, and the edemas, headaches, allergies, even tumors reduce if a person suffers from such a disease. 

The memory also improves, as well as digestion and bowel movement, good intestinal flora is boosted; the function of the liver, gallblader, kidneys, pancreas and lymph circulation becomes better; and the mucus from the lungs is eliminated. Generally, the result is increased energy and tone. 

All this cannot happen very quickly because it is related to changes in complex processes of the body, of transformations of substances and absorption of the useful and neutralization and removal of waste substances. Therefore, the detoxification has a preparatory phase, as the essential part /the subsequent part of the detox/ should me supervised by a physician, followed by the re-feeding process and the final period of one-two months. 

In more severe cases, the total duration of the cleansing can continue six months or even a year. Of course, it should be carried out after a medical consultation, because some diets are contraindicated for specific diseases – gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

During the detox, especially in the beginning, symptoms of a disease may occur that are similar to pain:

  • nausea
  • bloated stomach
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • muscle or joint pain
  • headache
  • skin rashes and so on. 

This is not unknown, these exacerbations are well known to medicine as body’s reactions to changes that have occurred and they can even be predicted. Smokers and people who drink a lot of alcohol suffer from headaches that occur on the third day, and people who previously had skin problems experience exacerbations of these problems such as intense skin rashes, and so on.