Soups for detoxification
Soups for detoxification of the body

How toxins build up in the organism and their negative effect

In the process of internal metabolism of substances, toxins are constantly formed in the body. The organism processes them in order to neutralize and eliminate them through the sweat, kidneys, lungs and colon.

Harmful effects of toxins in the body

Processing is performed in the liver, which makes it the busiest organ with regard to toxins. This is a complex but natural process, set by nature. When it runs normally, the body is not subjected to over-attacks by toxins, as the organism is able to deal on its own and the person is in good condition, healthy and vital.

For a number of reasons, however, this process is too often disturbed. This is mainly due to the consumption of improper foods and the way of eating that are inconsistent with the natural biological activity of the organism and its needs. Some people eat too salty, too sweet, fatty, fried, semi-prepared or preserved foods with different artificial ingredients and so on.  

Especially very harmful is the “fast” eating. Then the digestion is suddenly attacked by foods with different degradation time, as each one of them is “waiting” for the other, so decay begins as well as toxin release. Toxins in turn spread through blood in the entire body. Here we should also mentioned the toxins that we receive through the polluted air, with water, from agricultural production due to use of pesticides and fertilizers, etc.

Cadmium, for example, is contained in many agricultural fertilizers and we consume it on a daily basis with fruits and vegetables. Generally, it is consumed in small quantities, but in the long run it may be dangerous.

Ultimately, the natural abilities of the organism to self-purify are disturbed and the body needs help. This is the meaning of detoxification – to restore the abilities of the body to control toxins on its own, because they can stay for years in the fat tissues and in different organs. In this way they can do damage on all levels – from the cells, through tissues, to organs and various systems.

Since it is a problem that affects the entire organism, the detox is performed according programs that are carried out under medical supervision. This includes a healthy diet, procedures and exercises, herbs without side effects, sauna. In this way, it is a safe and painless method.  

How to prepare soups for detoxification

Liquid soups, as well as cream soups, are regularly present in detox diets. They are healthy for cleansing toxins and slags, for improvement of metabolism and overall increase of immunity. Variety is sought in their preparation with regard to supply of different nutrients and avoidance of monotony during detox.

Soups for detoxification of the body

The options are numerous, but we can mention two of the most popular. The common thing about detox soups is that they are easily digestible, they are not fatty, also don‘t contain harmful substances and don’t burden the processing in the digestive tract and the liver.

Broccoli soup

Among the popular detox soups is the broccoli soup. For its preparation you will need extra virgin olive oil – a tablespoon; an onion; garlic clove; broccoli – half a kilo;  rocket; pepper and salt to taste, 750 ml of water. Cut the garlic and onion, broccoli are removed from the stem, then washed.

Pour the olive oil into a pot with thick bottom and wait until the oil becomes hot, then put the garlic and the onion. Wait until they are ready, until they get the specific smell and color, then add the broccoli and stew to bright green. Add water and wait to boil, finally add to the broth pepper and salt to taste.

Cover the dish with the lid, leave it for 10 minutes but on slow fire. When it is ready, pour the soup into the blender and add the rocket. Blend the ingredients to puree and serve the soup.

Carrot soup

Another popular detox soup is the carrot soup prepared with ginger. You will need 500 grams of carrots, one onion, ginger, 700 ml of chicken broth, three tablespoons of olive oil, 100 grams of cream, salt and pepper to taste. Cut the onion, grate the ginger and stew the mixture for about 5 minutes in the olive oil.

Then add the cut carrots, pour the broth, leave it to boil for 30 minutes on slow fire. When the carrots get softer, remove the pot from the hot plate and blend the ingredients to puree, then add the cream, black pepper and salt to taste. The puree must boil again for another 5 minutes.

How does detoxification help the body

In general, detoxification helps the organism to restore its normal functions. This helps us stay healthy and prevents ailments of specific organs – liver, stomach and intestines, kidneys, glands and so on, as well as it is good for the overall health.

Benefits of the body from the soup

Due to the modern way of life – contamination of food that we consume without proper selection and regimen, pollution of the air that we breathe, pollution of the water, it is recommended to perform a detox twice a year. We should mention that the benefit from elimination of toxins from the body is not a “modern” discovery, but is practiced since ancient times, for example, in the Ayurveda medicine in India and in Chinese medicine. The cleansing of toxins accumulated in the organism prevents their harmful effect on the cells, as well as damage of the tissues and various organs.

It is especially important to cleanse the liver, where toxins are processed and neutralized. If this organ is not supported, the neutralization of poisonings can‘t be properly performed and the blood spreads them in the entire body. Of course, this doesn’t minimize the need to support the rest of the organs in the human body, through which it gets purrified – intestines, kidneys, skin, lungs. If they are not able to filter properly, the toxins build up in the organism and become harmful to the metabolism and cells.

And vice versa – the correct functioning of the systems strengthens the immunity, regulates digestion, improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, purifies and renews the skin, reduces stress, improves the overall tone and vitality, so the person feels more comfortable in physical and mental aspect.

However, before starting a detox it is recommended to consult with a physician. In some cases, detoxification may be contraindicated: pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases – gastritis, ulcer, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on.

The first steps in the preparation for the detox is to eliminate from your menu caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, refined sugar – they have toxic effect and prevent the cleansing process. Smokers should avoid cigarettes. Furthermore, chemical household cleaners should be replaced with natural ones. Relaxing massages and yoga, especially meditation, release the tension and help the process of detoxification of the body.