Spices for detox
Подправки при детокс

Even if you lead a  healthy and fulfilling lifestyle , detox is also recommended for you. This is a method of clearing the body of all accumulated toxins,  which make us sick and interfere with the normal functioning of the body.

There are  different ways and methods of detoxification,  which are both universal and tailored to the individual characteristics and diseases of each individual. Detoxification is useful  when it is approached correctly and certain rules are followed.

Sometimes  no special training or consultation is required,  but it is still best when you decide to undergo a detox to be aware of your health status and to follow  the recommendations of experts in this field first.

Of course, there are also  very easy and quick ways  that help in the dynamic daily life to rid the body of those harmful toxins that we want or do not have a part of life, especially in big cities and as a consequence of industry, without which is  the unthinkable modernity of mankind .

Then come to the aid of  natural and tried recipes, suitable for everyone.

Подправки при детокс

In the first steps to detox  one can adhere to five basic steps.

And they are:

  • good enough hydration of the body
  • herbal or green tea instead of more than one coffee
  • Ginger and lemon are excellent partners in the fight against toxins in the body
  • mandatory physical activity and sports

not semi-finished products, fatty and other unhealthy foods (which are better to replace with more fresh fruits and vegetables)

Detoxification can be  achieved with a series of therapies,  but it turns out the most affordable and easy way are products that are on every table every day. These are  the spices without which no table and dish can do.

Подправки при детокс

Types of spices


There are spices that have been found to  purify the body . They can have extremely useful properties, but it is good to remember that it is still necessary how and with what foods to use to get the full effect of them.

In other words  just consuming these spices will not help,  if it is not a process of proper nutrition, cooking and knowledge of the plants and herbs that enter the kitchen. Here are some of the  most common and extremely useful spices.


Its useful qualities are being written about more and more often. The reason is that  turmeric has a proven positive effect  on one of the most important organs with which many diseases are associated. This is the  liver.

In fact  this spice helps with good digestion, speeds up metabolism and peristalsis.  It is for these reasons that turmeric is said to be suitable for cancer prevention.

It contains  vitamin B6, vitamin C,  iron, potassium, magnesium and other useful substances that determine its positive characteristics when consumed. It is suitable for  cooking various dishes.


The  properties of cinnamon for improving a person’s health are comprehensive,  which makes it an increasingly preferred ingredient in the menu. Many people use it as a spice for cakes, but it is also consumed in the preparation of meat or even coffee.

Cinnamon is suitable for people with high blood sugar,  because it lowers it. Except for diabetics, it can soothe a sore stomach, which makes it recommended for detox. It works well on  blood circulation and a bunch of other pains.


It turns out that  cumin is underestimated in some kitchens, but it has strong antioxidant properties.  Its useful properties are related to food processing, ie. quality absorption of useful substances and disposal of unnecessary ones.

Cumin is very suitable for cooking meat  and for seasoning vegetarian dishes. Studies show that cumin even helps with harmful  accumulation of mercury in the body.


The taste of this plant can hardly be mistaken for another. Perhaps  it is mostly used in Indian cuisine,  but Europeans also prefer it at their table.

 Coriander is one of the best spices for detox , because of its ability to “cleanse” the metals that are somehow accumulated in the human body. It also  has antibacterial properties.


Garlic is a  favorite “of chefs around the world . Most world-famous recipes can not do without this spice, despite its specific taste and smell. It is loved in  raw form and in powder form.

Definitely  helps in detoxifying the body,  as well as serves to strengthen the immune system. Garlic successfully removes harmful bacteria in the stomach, helps  the good functioning of the liver and other major organs in the body.

This plant contains sulfur compounds and vitamin C, which help it to  remove harmful substances from us.


It is no coincidence that a pot without black pepper is not possible. If a spice can be called universal, only salt can compete with pepper. Because  pepper speeds up metabolism, it helps  for cleansing the stomach.

It is rich in vitamins and carotene, and improves the taste of any dish. It is also related to weight loss and is recommended for  various diets to normalize body weight.  Pepper has a healing effect on nasal congestion, cough or throat problems.


Perhaps  the first association when it comes to basil is Italy . Mediterranean cuisine has long discovered the benefits of this spice. Basil significantly improves digestion. But his qualities do not end there.

The green plant has  antioxidant properties . It is recommended for normalizing the functions of the kidneys and the excretory system, which is important in a quality detox. Basil is also useful for coughs.


 Water with freshly squeezed lemon juice is the easiest and fastest way to detoxify.  The good thing is that lemon is a favorite and refreshing ingredient in the daily menu of young and old.

For a better effect, it is recommended  to take the juice of the fruit on an empty stomach in the morning,  to expel the accumulated toxins in the body.

It is even better to  add grated ginger inside , which has an excellent digestive effect. This is the best combination for home detoxification without much effort and special preparations of the body.

Bay leaf

The ancient Greeks and Romans  revered the bay leaf as a sacred plant . Even then, its healing properties were known and applied. In addition to cooking, bay leaf can be used for detox by taking it as a decoction. Ie to  make tea from scalded leaves.

It is suitable for the kidneys, stomach, refreshing the skin and increasing the overall tone of the body. You can make  a series of several days with tea within a week . And the therapy to be repeated next month.


The herb is often consumed with fish . It is known for its good effects on the urinary system, kidneys, intestines. For purification it can also be  taken in the form of tea . For this purpose, a few leaves are boiled with hot water – maybe fresh or dry.

It is best to  drink before meals . The only drawback is that it should be avoided by women during their pregnancy. In all other cases there are no contraindications.


There is more and more comment on how useful the spice is for the human body, which has the fastest beneficial effect in the form of tea in the evening. It  speeds up the metabolism and this is definitely a good option  to achieve optimal cleansing of harmful substances and accumulated toxins.


This is the  king of spices . Quality saffron is extremely expensive, but also a very useful plant. It also helps maintain the well-being of an extremely slow organ such as the liver.  Saffron has a detox effect,  which is expressed in its beneficial properties on the excretory system.

Подправки при детокс

In fact, the plants that help with detox turn out to be quite a lot. It is good to  take  in combination with each other in the form of decoctions . More common and preferred are rose, nettle, dandelion, milk thistle, hawthorn and others.

Unwanted products that accumulate in the body of every person interfere and therefore  it is necessary to periodically cleanse the body.  This is the main function of detox. Free of toxins, the body is charged with energy,  feels fresher and younger, strengthens the immune system.

All this protects against diseases or helps not to exacerbate certain conditions. Not every detox  requires special care and knowledge .

It is enough to start with the easy and affordable ingredients and approaches.  Diversify your diet with more spices, which, in addition to being useful, will improve the taste  of everything on the table.

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