The harms of drinking fruit smoothie
Вредите от пиенето на плодово смути

Fruit smoothie is a modern drink,  to some extent gained widespread popularity along with the development of technology. It originated in the  second half of the last century  and was first offered together with ice cream on street stalls or in large retail chains.

Gradually, however, with the widespread use of blenders in the household,  pressing fruits and vegetables in the form of a drink,  imposes in the daily menu of young and old drinking smoothies.

The name of the drink translated from English literally  means a thick liquid , which is prepared from ground fruits and vegetables. As it is extremely  easy and quick to prepare,  this feature is probably one of its biggest advantages, even more so in  life at fast speeds.

When and why can embarrassment be harmful?

Consumption of smoothies is widespread nowadays. It is present in many diets, detox courses and is recommended due to  the ability to gather many vitamins and minerals in one glass.  That is why taking these fruit juices is increasingly overused, which can lead to adverse effects on  healthy condition of a person.

This is mostly due to the stomach getting used to only liquid foods. On the other hand, when  pressing some fruits , they lose much of the useful structure of their fiber.

The reason is that  there are soluble and insoluble fibers . The former are more easily absorbed, for example pectin in apples, which has the ability to convert to a gel state. The second type, as the name suggests, are  insoluble fibers.

Such is cellulose and others, which  help to facilitate the cleansing of the intestines  and for the overall improvement of the digestive process. For these reasons, nutritionists are increasingly advising  fruits to be eaten without any thermal or mechanical processing.

A healthy lifestyle  requires the body to get both types of fiber , and when you overdo the blended intake of fruits, they begin to lose much of their positive properties.

Вредите от пиенето на плодово смути

Except for fiber,  drinking smoothies should not replace solid foods,  which one also needs. Chewing is extremely useful for the body, because it can  feel all the tastes and aromas of food,  to activate the senses.

It has been proven that  slow feeding is more beneficial,  and increases the period of satiety. Myth is that liquid food is better absorbed by the stomach. On the contrary, it is increasingly commented that this way it passes faster and if it is completely ground, the opportunity is missed  to absorb all the useful ingredients to the maximum.

Why is fruit smoothie not recommended for weight loss and detox?

There is almost no diet for weight correction or for detox, which does not include fruit and vegetable drinks. To some extent this is useful, but when in one smoothie  green leafy vegetables predominate.

However, if it is made mainly from fresh or dried fruit, it is very possible that it is more caloric than necessary. This  does not have a good effect on blood sugar,  respectively is not an option for weight loss or detox.

 The combination of several juicy fruits or dried  those with added sugar can not help but increase the glycemic index, which in turn suggests that blood sugar levels jump, more calories are taken and, accordingly, all the prerequisites for  extra weight gain are available.

Unfortunately,  fructose is not a friend of purification and is not a helper in getting in shape.  Fruits are very useful food, but the calories, carbohydrates and sugars they contain should not be controlled in the diet menu.

We have already talked about satiety. The more we chew, the more we feel full.  Fruit juice will quickly satisfy hunger  after a short time again a person will need more calories. To avoid this vicious circle,  salvation is to drink smoothies,  in which raw low-calorie vegetables predominate.

Not to be underestimated is the energy needed to  digest solid food . This is a process of speeding up the metabolism, which in turn leads to burning  more calories.

Ready-made food, which is in the form of a drink, can  contain useful vitamins and minerals,  but they pass through the stomach and urinary system without activating their function to the max.

Saliva also plays an  important role in breaking down the products  that are ingested. It contains the enzyme amylase, which is characterized by its benefits and breakdown of some pathogenic bacteria.

Вредите от пиенето на плодово смути

When and how to consume smoothies?

The short answer to this question is when it is not overdone. Yes, it is necessary to talk about  the proper use of fruit smoothie.

The drink really seems to be an ideal option to provide the body with all those nutrients that  could hardly be taken at one meal during the day.  However, this does not mean that such a drink can replace the classic form of the food.

If you like smoothies, then rely on ingredients such as spinach, cucumber, parsley, aloe vera, carrots, green apples, mint, flaxseed, chia, pumpkin seeds in combination with a little water or yogurt.  Green smoothie is a healthier option.

You can start your day with this vitamin bomb or it can be a  snack in the afternoon . Combinations with lots of sweet fruits plus chocolate, sugar, ready-made syrups and other high-calorie supplements will only do more harm than good to get the body working at the right pace.

The recommended ratio if you mix the products is at least  70 percent  to be useful vegetables and seeds against  30%  fruits, water or milk. This way you will get fast food, but  useful and tailored to the needs of your body.

Вредите от пиенето на плодово смути

A day of trouble

With proper preparation of the drink and following the correct proportions and ingredients, you can make a  detox day with liquid food.  It is good for the body to be hydrated well enough with clean water and to emphasize low-calorie smoothies with  predominant fresh and green products  .

Good combinations are:

  • spinach with mint and coconut milk
  • parsley plus cucumber, spinach and a little water
  • avocado, chia seeds and yogurt
  • mix of green leafy vegetables with mint, green apple and coconut water

The options are numerous and are more a matter of taste. During the unloading day  breakfast may be richer in vitamins and minerals,  and other meals may contain vegetables and seeds, which improve metabolism and  help eliminate toxins from the body.

Useful supplements in such a situation are:

  • cocoa beans
  • flaxseed
  • pumpkin seeds
  • coconut
  • oatmeal
  • the yoghurt
  • raw almonds and the like

Sample recipes

Spinach embarrassed

A handful of baby spinach plus 2 green apples are blended with a little water and raw pumpkin seeds are added. To taste you can  dilute with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Nettles in a cup

To a bowl of nettle add a bunch of parsley and some well-ripened avocado.  When pressing, you can add a little water or almond milk,  enough to grind the products.

Cale was embarrassed

Two glasses of frozen kale (maybe fresh leaves) plus a tablespoon of flaxseed are  blended with a glass of coconut milk and a banana.  Instead of milk you can combine it with orange juice or lemon with water.

Вредите от пиенето на плодово смути

Red and green

The main ingredients of this smoothie are the juice of a pomegranate and two bowls of green leafy plants. To them are added  a few mint leaves and a bana  if you want more density. It can be replaced with avocado. A spoonful of oatmeal will also  add density.

Green freshness

Mix different green leafy vegetables with a little water, half a cucumber and an apple. Suitable mix are spinach, lettuce, cabbage, celery or broccoli. They  go well with yogurt, flaxseed or chia.  Mint helps to taste better, which gives extra freshness and unique taste.

Cinnamon, turmeric, ginger are also  useful and flavoring ingredients.  In terms of fruit, there are those that are proven antioxidants and are useful. For example,  blueberries, blackcurrants, pomegranates are suitable

When to forget about the fruit smoothie

People with chronic diseases of the stomach and urinary system is better  not to use fruit smoothies . It is possible for this liquid food to exacerbate colic, cramps and other similar conditions. This often happens in the presence of gastritis or ulcers.

It is especially risky when  consuming smoothies on an empty stomach.  In addition, the drink should not be considered a substitute for vitamins and other nutrients in another form or with other foods.

When a  smoothie is fruit-based,  it contains many carbohydrates that are not helpful in overweight, diabetes, heart disease or metabolic disorders. Drink smoothies, but in moderation and judge which ingredients inside are  useful for a natural lifestyle.

 Vegetable smoothies have at least 40% fewer calories  than armored fruit juices. In addition, do not resort to additives such as ready-made syrups, chocolate or white sugar-treated products. Fresh and raw vegetables will  help you feel toned and healthy.

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