The most common mistakes made when wanting to lose weight
Най-често допусканите грешки при желание за намаляване на теглото

Whether we want to lose 2 or 20 pounds, effort can are equally large. The positive result depends not so much on the percentage of body weight we need to part with, but on the weight correction approach.

Най-често допусканите грешки при желание за намаляване на теглото

Weight loss mistakes

Weight loss is a mission possible when a few basic rules are followed so that our body can get rid of the accumulation of extra pounds. First of all, everyone should take the process seriously and set realistic goals.

When the scale measures higher values, it is probably obesity. In itself, it is a disease state when the body mass index / BMI / exceeds 30. BMI is calculated at most easily by dividing your weight by your height squared.

The World Health Organization assumes that BMI is normal at values ​​between 18 and 25. Of course, how much our weight is within the generally accepted limits also depends on age, gender and personal characteristics.

Therefore, one should not dramatize the values, but take into account the health status and individual condition of a person.

It is true, however, that excess weight is not useful for the proper functioning of the body and often lead to various diseases. Being overweight is a prerequisite for diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, back and lower back discomfort, bile problems, etc.

It is best to switch to a diet after establishing health at the moment, you can also consult a nutritionist or visit a weight loss clinic. 

Very often weight gain is due to:

  • disease
  • hormonal imbalance
  • stress
  • sleep problems
  • depressive states or a person is prone to accumulating fat deposits

Determining the reasons for filling is the first step towards solving the problem with the harmonious figure. If we are healthy, then the fight against weight will be focused mainly on our own perseverance and will. Because obviously their accumulation is not related with an environmentally friendly diet.

Fast food, fried, predominantly pasta products, carbonated drinks, too frequent consumption of confectionery are one part of the harmful habits that should be refuse, if we want to lose weight.

Top 10 Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

1. Too short deadlines and unrealistic goals

There is no way to lose too much weight in a few days or weeks. Nutritionists are adamant that such goals are neither healthy nor easy to achieve.

Most importantly, however, such an approach poses serious risks to the body and can lead to problems with the stomach, heart, tone, etc. The most optimal weight loss is up to 1-2 kg per week. Above these values, the situation can trigger crisis states, but it is and a prerequisite for the so-called yo-yo effect.

2. Fasting

In recent years hunger has been denied by all nutritionists in the process of permanent weight loss. That doesn’t mean, of course, that I can go on eating anything and everything anytime.

But it definitely means that not eating will only make things worse. Most current regimes rely on smaller portions of certain products at fixed intervals.

3. Reduce the number of meals during the day

There is a claim that if you do not have breakfast or dinner, it would lead to a correction in body weight. Nutritionists are also arguing on the issue.

However, practice shows that healthy weight loss requires fewer calories, but distributed at a sufficient number of intervals during the light part of the day.

There is no doubt that late dinner is not a good option for proper metabolism, but not to be present at all. The best option is for breakfast to be invigorating and at the same time to speed up the metabolism, to eat lightly at dinner and at least 4 hours before bedtime.

4. Lack of physical activity

Whatever diet you apply, isn’t it combined with sport or more movement, the desired result will be difficult and insignificant.

Even if you don’t have the opportunity for weekly visits to the gym, swimming, cycling or running, at least do gymnastics at home.  It’s good to walk, climb stairs, even 15 minutes of morning exercise at home is more useful, than no activity.

5. Incorrect determination of required calories

Most often it falls from one extreme to the other. Sometimes in the quest for fast results, many ladies and gentlemen are subjected to drastic calorie regimens, which does not lead to a good effect, but rather, it leaves them without the energy they need to be dynamic enough.

The other case is the delusion that the body needs more calories than it needs. Then each amount on top is a prerequisite for additional accumulation of fat. A specialist can prepare the most correct regime. Food calorie calculators are also helpful. .


Най-често допусканите грешки при желание за намаляване на теглото

6. Misconception about calories burned

We often decide that if we just start climbing the stairs every day, it will be enough to lose a few pounds . The idea of ​​more movement is really good, but it is not enough if our problem is not a kilo or two. Fighting overweight requires effort, perseverance and proper judgment.

Good results bring the alternation of different loads such as fast and slow walking, cardio workouts with pilates, etc. The best option is intense physical effort for a short period of time , followed by less strenuous exercise, but for a longer period .

7. Prefer ready meals

Eating out while losing weight is acceptable , but it’s not a very good idea. That doesn’t mean you have to finish dinners or lunches outside, or meet friends at a restaurant, but be careful what you order.

Sometimes even appetizers or salads can contain almost the entire amount of calories we need for the day. It is better to prepare smoothies, fresh juices, salads and other suitable food at home to be confident in calories and portions.

Най-често допусканите грешки при желание за намаляване на теглото

8. Insufficient hydration

Body weight correction goes hand in hand with enough water to take daily . Without it there is no way to function It stimulates the metabolism well, the metabolism is accelerated and the body is able to be able to get rid of the harmful substances that we have accumulated.

According to medical recommendations an adult needs at least eight glasses of water a day. It is wrong to think that juices, fresh juices and other drinks are a substitute for water.

9. Insufficient rest

Lack of sleep, fatigue, insufficient rest are among the reasons for gaining weight. Under stress the body needs more calories and then come the hunger pangs. Unable to get the necessary energy, the body accumulates more fat stores, and food is a substitute for the necessary rest.

10. Perseverance and faith in the good result

Intrinsic motivation is a mandatory part of success. Not every new diet can be easily imposed on the body, which so far has been accustomed to a different way of eating and activity. So the will and conviction to achieve the ultimate goal are a powerful weapon in the fight against weight gain.

What practices should we follow for excellent physical shape?

If you are convinced of the need to adjust your figure , prepare your body at least a few days in advance to switch to a new diet. In parallel, distribute your responsibilities in a way that allows training during the week and more walking.

Many people find it difficult to cope with such a challenge on their own, so you can join your healthy eating partner or train with a friend. You will quickly and efficiently switch to the right eating habits if you take at least a week to visit a weight loss clinic.

Under the guidance of specialists, you can apply the learned correct approach later and at home. In this way, weight loss is guaranteed in a healthy way and with a lasting effect over time.

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