The most valuable spices in the process of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight
Най-ценните подправки в процеса на отслабване и поддържане на здравословно тегло

Losing weight and maintaining a good figure require proper attitude to food and overcoming immobility, which is a scourge for modern people. To be healthy and fit you don’t need to starve or overload yourself in the gym.

The secret is in the good balance, the natural menu, the daily movement and compliance with the individual physiological peculiarities.

Most valuable spices in the process of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight

Weight correction is unthinkable without a change in diet, but not replacing it with a total restriction of everything, because it carries a risk of short-term and  yo-yo effect. If fresh and healthy foods have been absent from the table so far, it’s time for a quick change.

With the help of a nutritionist it can be easier and flawless , sometimes we can deal with the available public information on our own. A good option is a visit to a specialized clinic to make it easier to get through a difficult start, as with any novelty.

Overcoming obesity or harmful eating habits that lead to healthy problems is always associated with rethinking the list of necessary products for a new and useful menu.

Along with the increase in fresh fruits and vegetables, the selection of low-calorie products and the restriction of carbohydrates, the spices used in the kitchen are also important.

It has been found that a number of well-known and widely used spices every day can become the most valuable friend during weight loss.

The explanation is that many of the plants and herbs directly help for better digestion, the removal of unnecessary body fat.

In addition to the benefits listed so far, most of the detoxifying spices are widely used and suitable for use by everyone. It is enough to apply them correctly in order to preserve their useful properties.

Spices – a weight loss aid

Yes, there are such spices and they are the ones that have been proven to help cleanse the body.

In most cases, it is necessary to know how to combine them with other foods

Most valuable spices in the process of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight


This is not among the common spices on the Bulgarian traditional table, but lately it has been entering the native cuisine en masse. The reason is that more and more is known about the beneficial properties of turmeric and its beneficial effects on the body.

This is due to the presence of vitamins C and B6 and magnesium, iron, potassium and other useful elements for the organism.

Widely used in Eastern cuisine, it is suitable for flavoring meat and vegetarian dishes. Its beneficial effect is mostly on the digestive system. It has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on the liver , on the functioning of which the general health of a person greatly depends.


Improves blood circulation, regulates blood sugar and helps eliminate toxins from the body. Fully suitable for use without heat treatment or when cooking. Gives an amazing aroma and taste to sweet and salty foods . Extremely useful for people who lose or maintain certain weight.


The taste of this spice is specific and easily recognizable. It is often used for flavoring meat products. Cumin has strong antioxidant properties. It is useful in excretion of accumulated harmful substances in the body . Helps the stomach process food and extract beneficial ingredients from it.

Black and colored pepper

Probably one of the most popular spices in the world and familiar in different cuisines, along with salt. In the process of losing weight it is mandatory because it promotes better metabolism. Pepper contains many vitamins and carotene, and definitely has a detoxifying effect. Enhances the taste of food and is part of almost every cooked dish.


Many people avoid garlic because of its specific smell. But it is one of the most useful plants for humans . The beneficial effects are related to its antibacterial properties, its sulfur content and vitamins.

Garlic is eaten raw and dried and its effect is stronger when fresh. Helps excrete harmful substances and accumulations in the body.


Lemon falls into this ranking with the beneficial properties of its juice and due to the properties of the peel of the fruit. Lemon juice is one of the best helpers in losing weight. Due to the acid, it is recommended to dilute it with water at direct consumption.

It is best to take in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps to detoxify the body. Lemon juice is suitable in combination with tea, fruit juices or added to meat. The bark also has a beneficial effect on digestion.


This root spice is among the most popular in terms of its use for weight control. Ginger water is widely known. It is prepared by boiling a few slices of ginger, freshly squeezed lemon juice can be added before consumption.

Ginger also has antibacterial action and is applied fresh and dried. It is used equally successfully both raw and after various heat treatments.

The most valuable spices in the process of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight


The spice is known for its effect on improving metabolism. This is what makes it suitable for taking care of the waist. It is used in cooking and is suitable for flavoring legumes and meats. In most cases it is combined with turmeric and green spices.


The beneficial properties of coriander are neglected, and it is known as the best spice to cleanse the body of accumulated metals as a result of environmental pollution.


The plant is among the most used spices in Mediterranean cuisine, but in in recent decades it has been widely used all over the world. Its aroma is extremely strong and specific, and its wide application is due to its excellent effect on digestion.

It also helps the proper functioning of the urinary system, urinary tract and kidneys. This is important for overall health and for the weight correction process.

Bay leaf

The spice is used in cooking, but from bay leaves can also be prepared herbal decoction . Tea is used for problems with the skin, stomach, kidneys. In addition to the detoxifying effect, the leaves have an antibacterial effect. When losing weight, it is recommended to take the decoction along with other herbal drinks.


In our latitudes, devisil is a well-known and liked spice, but it is not widely recognized as useful for cleansing the body. It is used mainly in the preparation of fish, but also in other cooked foods. The only contraindication not to be consumed by pregnant women.

In all other cases, the spice is good for the kidneys, urinary tract, intestines and the digestive tract in general. To speed up the effect you can drink on an empty stomach a decoction of several leaves boiled in hot water.


It turns out that this is one of the metabolism-boosting ingredients on our table. In addition to flavoring, it is appropriate to drink herbal tea in the evening. In addition to removing toxic deposits in the body , it helps break down fat.

The role of spices should not be underestimated. They not only flavor food, complete it and improve its appearance. In many cases, their use in certain combinations or with certain foods has been preserved as an experience over the years, because their value and usefulness has been realized.

Today, new properties are being rediscovered for some of the spices that are also used for treatment. They strengthen health , basically making sure that the useful ingredients of other foods are easier to digest, and unnecessary substances to be eliminated from the body.

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