The most valuable weight loss tips from the best experts in the field
Най-ценните съвети в отслабването от най-добрите специалисти в областта

Weight loss can be a mission possible if you follow some rules and advice from nutritionists and experts in this field. Losing weight is a serious challenge and when it is not only caused by vanity, but is related to the health and quality of life, the success of the endeavor must be guaranteed.

The severity of the problem comes more from the time it takes for the change to take place and exactly how much weight to lose.

There are various methods, diets, exercises and tips for figure correction. However, it is certain that regardless of them, one of the most important things is the will and individual mobilization, with which the change is approached.

The most valuable weight loss tips from the best specialists in the field of

General LuckyFit Expert Weight Loss Tips

In recent years, it has become increasingly convincing that hunger is not a good advisor to a person who wants to correct their forms . In this regard, nutritionists agree that calories should really be reduced, but also diet should be consistent with individual health.

The other important focus is increasing motor activity . Without more exercise, sports or other types of gymnastics there is no way to burn calories in a balanced way. And with exercises the body is structured, the tone of the muscle mass is maintained.

Imposing a new approach to nutrition is most difficult in the beginning. It is even more difficult to get rid of some harmful habits, including overeating.

The tendency to eat sweets, overdo it with pasta snacks, consumption of more salt and crystal sugar, carbonated drinks with sweeteners, packaged harmful foods are sometimes so fused with everyday life, with the desire to quickly deceive hunger whatever we come across, that these dependencies are big “pitfalls”.

Overeating has its own logical explanation, which leads to emotional deficits that sometimes we need to fill in with food that calms us down, gives us pleasure, or is just a harmful and hard to eradicate habit.

One of the most unacceptable solutions may be to resort to various “magic” medications , pills or decoctions, which are supposed to achieve fast and lasting weight correction. Practice shows that in such situations the yo-yo effect plays a subsequent bad joke.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises and to make things as gentle as possible for the body, it is best to seek the opinion of a specialist in nutrition and problems with overweight.

He can order individual tests, and then refine there you have a health problem about gaining weight and how best to get rid of them.

It is obligatory for the specialist to recommend a type of sports. Be it gymnastics or running, swimming, cycling, because without such efforts there is no way to speed up the metabolism and make it happen the desired calorie burning.

The most valuable weight loss tips from the best specialists in the field

The ideal option for switching to weight loss mode is for the process to happen under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist. There are different weight loss groups for this purpose. It is more difficult to deal with the change of the completely new daily routine on your own.

Among other people in a similar situation, motivation is more stable. There are various multi-day specialized groups for weight correction. LuckyFit offers a wide variety of tried and tested programs for complete relaxation, recovery, weight loss and detoxification of the body.

The advantage is the presence of qualified specialists who take care of the participants in the group. The course itself is accompanied by a special regime, detox, therapeutic gymnastics and various sports.

Last but not least, a modern spa complex is available to everyone in the luxurious atmosphere of aparthotel Lucky Bansko, which is located among the beautiful nature of Pirin Mountain.

LuckyFit weight loss program is balanced and guarantees maximum effect and weight loss. In the complex in Bansko therapies are applied, after which a person can continue to maintain a healthy figure.

The five-star clinic for weight loss, detox and anti-stress gives the opportunity to apply useful approaches and learn habits that will help after leaving the program . LuckyFit specialists rely on a low-calorie diet that includes 4 meals a day.

The new diet is applied by the participants after an individual analysis of their health . Every day the program includes a variety of activities such as hiking, swimming, horseback riding, cycling, gymnastics, yoga, zumba, dancing. The goal is weight loss to be accompanied by a lot of positive emotions and a balanced mode of activity and rest.

 The most valuable weight loss tips from the best specialists in the field

The daily menu can be within 1100 or 1400 calories . The process of proper hydration of the body is also important for weight loss. Participants receive the so-called living water, zeolite, fresh fruit.

Along with sports, there are lecture courses. Their role is to realize a healthy lifestyle that excludes the dominance of bad habits and foods.

The goal of the program specialists is to build in each mode. It should be tailored to the characteristics and capabilities of the individual, but the main task is to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body even without the supervision of nutritionists or doctors.

In fact, to join such a program, it is not necessary to lose a certain number of pounds. The philosophy of the environmentally friendly way of life is much more essential.

In LuckyFit not only does he lose weight, The regime helps the body get rid of harmful toxins that each of us accumulates in his body. This is the only way to fundamentally change the tone, vitality and activate the functions to maintain a healthy and beautiful body.

 The most valuable weight loss tips from the best specialists in the field

To lose weight it is appropriate to alternate cardio with lighter gymnastics The stay in Lucky Bansko is accompanied by various activities. Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc. are played. Because when the heartbeat is done and fat breakdown is activated. This improves blood circulation, increases metabolism.

The more we sweat in the gym, the more we lose weight as toxins are expelled. But instructors advise to have a balanced transition from one to another load regime with a combination of different sports or workouts.

Food should not be neglected, so by participating in a weight correction program, nutritionists take care of what and when to eat. Any specialist will tell you that the idea of ​​total starvation is harmful and dangerous because it can trigger various diseases. The offered menu is balanced with more low-fat and low-calorie products.

How does a standard program day go?

The morning starts with zeolite intake, followed by Chinese gymnastics for proper breathing. At the right time, it is performed outdoors to wake up and move the body. With the morning gymnastics we prepare for the day, we help the body to be concentrated and in good condition for the dynamic hours until the evening.

Between eight and a half and nine o’clock in the morning is breakfast. Before noon, the group makes a mountain hike in the mountains with a guide. The goal is moving fresh air and recharging with positive emotions among the picturesque nature of the mountain, Physical activity in mixed terrain is tailored to the participants and their preparation.

The load increases gradually, but for the more experienced the transition can be continued in terms of duration and difficulty.

The most valuable weight loss tips from the best specialists in the field of

Walking in the mountains has only positive effects on the body . In the fresh air, the lungs fill up and breathing improves. This is important for people who are daily exposed to urban polluted air from various industries, automotive gases and garbage.

The mountain trek is an excellent training for the lower limbs and shaping the muscles of the legs . Last but not least, the charging force with positive thoughts and emotions of nature is a way to cleanse oneself from anxious thoughts, stress, problems.

And it is they who sometimes make us overeat, not control our weight and gain unnecessary weight in the critical areas around the hips, abdomen and thighs. Active movement is the most useful way to speed up metabolism and get rid of harmful pollutants from our body.

Between thirteen and fourteen hours is the second meal of the day, which is prepared according to the requirements of nutritionists. In the afternoon there is a two and a half hour opportunity for rest and spa treatments . Aerobics or zumba classes start at 4.30 pm and usually last about an hour.

After the workout there is a snack followed again by free time or procedures in the modern spa of the hotel complex. Between 19 and 20 hours is dinner, and after that there is an opportunity to spend more calories with Latin dances or with folk dances.

The standard schedule may change according to the type of recovery program that applies. The complex offers different options such as workload and according to the duration of therapy. In addition in the complex there is a possibility for a great variety of physical activity.

Mountain bikes are available to participants. Horseback riding and outdoor sports are provided. Pools are also a way to actively train muscle groups in the water.

The area also offers a number of historical and cultural landmarks that are not great distance from the hotel and can be visited during your stay in Lucky Bansko .

The most valuable weight loss tips from the best specialists in the field of You can read more about the various programs and a variety of opportunities to combine the holiday with useful activities on the LuckyFit website. There you will also find useful advice from specialists for maintaining a healthy body, applying environmentally friendly methods and therapies.

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