Type of food for detoxification
Type of food for detoxification

Over the last few years, the benefits of the detoxification of the organism have been intensively discussed,and most probably you are aware of how to take care ofthe detox of the liver, kidneys and gallbladder.

So now we want to introduce you to some types of detoxifying foods that will make you look at least a few years younger.

Type of food for detoxification

However, in order the beautifying detox to have some effect, first of all you have to remove all the foods that make you feel older. Such foods are the processed and refined foods, dairy products, foods with artificial sweetenerss and foods that contain gluten.

Once you remove these types of food, you are ready to start eating the detox foods that will help you cope with the wrinkles and will improve the look of your hair, as it will be again thick, strong and shiny.

Types of food for detoxification of the skin and hair


Dulse is a type ofred seaweed, which can be a great solution if you have dark circles under your eyes and you want to remove them. Dark circles and deep shadows are usually a sign that your body retains water or that your kidneys don’t function properly.

Dulse has high content of vitaminВ and helps to balance of electrolytes that maintain the liquids in your body under control.


Type of food for detoxification

Watercress is a detox food that can deal with the uneven skin complexion, which is a sign that theskin is not supplied with enough blood, oxygen and nutrients. Poor circulation or deficiency of any of these important elements can cause hair loss or pigment spots on the skin.

Watercress has the ability to cleanse and oxidize the tissues for better blood flow. This type of detox food has high content of iron, which helps the red blood cells carry more blood and nutrients to the skin. Furthermore, it is rich in calcium and iodine, which can help you get rid of theunhealthy and sick appearance of your skin.


Cabbage is one of the most beneficial foods not only for liver cleansing but also if you retain water. Water retention is an indication that most probably the cortisol levels in your organismare high, and the high cortisol have bad effect on the skin and forms wrinkles. Cabbage has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and contains high levels of vitamins А, С, В and Е, which makes it a perfect food for detoxification that can keep under control the cortisol levels and prevent new wrinkles from appearing.

For detox, better choose purple instead of regular cabbage, because purple cabbage has 6 to 8 times more vitamin С than the white. In fact, one glass of purple cabbage juice contains 80% of the required daily dose of vitamin С.


Beet can help you detoxify your lymphatic system.This vegetable has high content of iron and betacyanin, and is a powerful antioxidant, which helps for the detoxification of the liver and the lymphatic system.


This spice helps to remove the heavy metals and toxins, which are accumulated in the body and that are the main reason forfats and cellulite.

Coriander has purifying properties and you can easily add it in your daily beautifying menu.

If you don’t like its taste, then you can replace it with parsley, because parsley has detoxifying properties that are similar to those of the coriander.

Oat flakes

Oat flakes have high content of fiber, which is of key importancewith regard to managing the cellulite.The fiber in oat flakes helpsto cleanse the organism from the toxins and toget rid of the fat cells, so that they can no longer reduce and connect and form cellulite.

Citrus fruits

Other type of detox food that also fight cellulite just like the oat flakes are the citrus fruits. Grapefruits, oranges, lemons provide the organism with high contents of vitamin С, which helps restore the freshness of the skin andprevents cellulite from appearing.


Walnuts are a great „cosmetic oil” that can help you make your skin  more elastic and shiny, as at the same time it will help you take care of your joints and willstrengthen your cellular membranes against oxidative damage. Walnuts containOmega 3 acids and they are able to effectively cope with pigmentary age spots, loose skin and thinning hair.

Sunflower seed

Type of food for detoxification

Sunflower seed is another „cosmetic oil” that helps to eliminate free radicals, which cause cellular damage, which in turn can cause age spots. This detoxification food is one of the best sources of Vitamin Е, which can help you eliminate the existing age spots and to prevent their formation.


Tahini contains sesame seeds that have a high content of proteins, olive oil, as well as zinc, potassium and other beneficial for the beauty nutrients. This detoxification food helps you to nourish your hair follicles and prevents thinning of the hair.