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You know that the cleansing of the organism is very important, but you don’t think that you can stand 3 or 5 days only drinking tea, eating fruits or only water fasting. And for this reason, every time you give up on the detoxification, promising yourself that next time you will be more persistent and strong-willed.

If only this troubles you, now we are glad to tell you that you can detoxify your organism without having to starve yourself. It is just enough to change your diet and include foods that are natural detoxifiers such as…

Detox food - grapefruit | LuckyFit


If you eat half a grapefruit before each meal, you will reduce your waist circumference by a few centimeters. Scientists think that the powerful slimming effects of the grapefruit are caused by the phytochemicals contained therein.

According to a Japanese study, the grapefruit scent has the ability to activate the calorie-burning fat cells, improving fat degradation and reducing appetite.


Known as the perfect means for blood purification, the beet produces nitric acid, which helps to increase the blood flow in the body. Consumption of beet salad or drinking beet juice will provide your organism with Vitamin E, catrotene, phenolic acids and antioxidants, which help to restore and regenerate the cells in the liver.

If you don’t like to consume only beet salad, you may combine it with lemon juice, apples, celery and a few twigs of fresh coriander, and you will have a delicious, satiating and detoxifying salad that you can eat whenever you get hungry.


You have probably heard that in order to have no intestinal problems, you should consume foods with more fiber, but maybe you don’t know that the kiwi is a very powerful fruit, which helps for the cleansing and regulation of the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

If you have sluggish bowel syndrome or you suffer from chronic constipation, then include kiwi in your diet and very soon you won’t have any problems. If you don’t like to eat only kiwi, you can add it to your oatmeal bowl and you will have a great breakfast.

Detox food - artichoke | LuckyFit


This type of detox food improves the function of the gall bladder, it contains high levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, as well as it provides the body with very useful fiber. Moreover, the artichoke is a low-calorie vegetable and is rich in antioxidants, as this means that it has not only detoxifying properties, but its regular consumption will reduce your weight.

The fastest and easiest way to prepare the artichoke is to put it on the grill. Eat it whole and prepare it using a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil.


Pineapples not only have more Vitamin C than oranges, but also contain the digestive enzyme Bromelain, which helps the colon cleansing and improves digestion. The studies on pineapple properties have also found that this type of detox food helps to reduce pain in the joints and minimizes the digestive disorders.

Cut slices of fresh pineapple and grill it gently, and as a result you will have a very tasteful, light and cleansing the organism dessert.

Wild salmon

Rich in Omega 3 acids, salmon improves the elasticity of the arteries and increases the blood flow, and removes accumulated slags.  

Consume the wild salmon grilled with fresh salad or with steamed vegetables.


One of the most nutritious, healthy and detoxifying foods that you can eat regularly is algae. This seafood is rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals such as polyphenols and Fucoxanthin.

Algae such as dulse, wakame, nori and kombu are an ancient source of food for the people living by the sea, and in Chinese medicine they are used to treat almost everything – from infections of the urinary tract to tumors.

The nutrients contained in algae help for detoxification of the blood and the kidneys, and the diuretic properties they have help to eliminate excess water from the body.

For detox use algae such as dulse, wakame, nori and kombu, but avoid hijiki, because it is possible to contain high levels of arsenic and mercury.


Lemons are very useful, but for detox you will have to prepare yourself a lemon water to drink every morning when you get up. The consumption of lemon water will provide you with extra Vitamin Сpotasssium, copper, magnesium nd it will help your body to absorb better the nutrients from the food you eat.

Moreover, lemon water stimulates the function of the liver, helps the elimination of toxins from the organism and acts as a diuretic, which helps to reduce weight.


Fat deposits that accumulate around the liver, for example if you have overeaten during the holidays, increase the risk of development of variety of ailments, including cancer.

Consume a few almonds every day and you will sleep well you will be calm with regard to the fact that you not only managed to deal with the accumulated fat deposits, but also that you won’t let this happen again.

Detox food - Matcha tea | LuckyFit

Matcha tea

Along with its numerous health benefits, the Matcha tea is also famous as powerful anti-carcinogen and effective means for weight loss. The Matcha leaves contain the substance Epigallocatechin (EGCG), which is able to transform fat into energy through a process called thermogenesis. This thermogenesis helps you to lose weight, something that is an extra bonus to the detoxifying effect of this product.

The cleansing properties of Matcha are due to the high content of chlorophyll, which helps the body to purify by removing toxins from the liver.

You can drink Matcha tea three times a day and as you like it – warm (with a slice of lemon) or cold (with lots of ice and a twig of fresh mint).


If there is such a thing as a magical plant, it would be the turmeric for sure. This plant is used from the ancient times to the present day in the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for treatment of a number of diseases, including liver and digestive disorders, as the turmeric helps for the detoxification of the liver through improvement of the gall-bladder function. The liver “uses” the gall-bladder to remove toxins and to process fat. 

Turmeric contains a substance known as Curcumin that is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. According to resent clinical studies, the curcumin can help with a number of ailments such as Alzheimer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, poisoning with heavy metals, liver diseases and so on.

Since turmeric is a spice, you can easily add it to any of the dishes you prepare, so you will provide yourself with the daily dose of this healing and detoxifying herb.