Types of food for detoxification – part 2
Types of food for detoxification

Before we talk about foods that have the ability to detoxify our bodies in a completely natural way,we want to open a little bracket with regard to the detoxification programs (diets).

This seems to be necessary because a lot of people who decide to make a detox do it because they believe it is an easy and super fast way to lose weight within only a few days. And when this doesn’t happen within such a short period, they are very surprised.

Types of food for detoxification – part 2

Therefore, it is important to note that the main goal of the detoxification programs is to relieve the organs from the burdenand to improve their effectiveness, as they take care of the cleansing of the organsm.

In other words, the detoxification of the organism leads to support of the function of the „cleansing system of the body” (kidneys, liver, gallbladder), to improvement of the digestion, increase in energy levels and YES, to weight loss.However, this doesn’t mean that you will lose weight immediately with the help of detoxification.

It is important to say that detox programs are not weight loss programs, and reduction of weight comes as a result from following a regimen of cleansing, as well as from consumption of foods that have the ability to detoxify the organism.

Types of food for detoxification

Foods that have the ability to cleanse the organism are many, but we’ve selected five of themto start your detoxification at home.


These delicious and very accessible fruits are rich inmalic acid, tartaric acid, magnesium, zinc, niacin, vitamin С, as all these elements support the cleansing process of the organism. Apples also containpectin, which protects the arteries and reduces the cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, these fruits stimulate the liver functions, improve digestion and help to boost metabolism as this leads to weight loss.

Types of food for detoxification – part 2

How to consume apples for detox?

These fruits are ideal for breakfast and you can consume them alone or make fruit salads, or to add them to your oatmeal.

You can also eat them as a salad for lunch or dinner by preparing a rocket salad or lettuce salad, then you can add grated carrot and apples cut into cubes.


Lemons are one of the most effective types of detox foods because they contain citric acid, vitamin С and Р, calcium and other vitamins and microelements. This makes them very effective for the elimination of toxins from the organism and for lowering the cholesterol levels.

In addition, these citrus fruits improve the appearance of the skin, help to normalize weight, improve digestive processes and boost immunity of the organism.

How to consume lemons?

Every morning drink a glass of hot water with squeezed fresh lemon in it.


Sprouts contain man vitamins and minerals, which makes them a real vitamin bomb, but… with very low calories. All types of sprouts are rapidly assimilated by the organism, they are satiating and take care for the cleansing of the organism.

How to consume the sprouts?

Sprouts are best absorbed by the organism if added to fresh salads. You can add them to rocket salad, lettuce salads, baby spinach salads or to other freshsalads that you like. Just prepare yourself your favorite salad, flavor it with fresh lemon juice and high-quality olive oil, and finally add the raw sprouts.


Chickpeas is rich in tryptophan, arginine and other aminoacids that are directly related to the production of serotonin, which in turn affects the mood and energy.

How to consume the chickpeas?

To strengthen and cleanse the organism is recommended to consume the chickpeas at least three times a week. You can eat it both raw and cooked, or you can add it as garnish torice, soups and salads.


Oats is a cereal food that is the richest in oleic acid and it has a high content of citric acid, which is one of the most important essential fatty acids from a nutritional point of view. In addition, oats isrich in proteins (10-16%) andlysine, which is an organic compound with powerful detoxifying effect and powerful booster of metabolism.

Another valuable component that is contained in oats is avenin, which stimulates the liver function and has positive effect on the intestinal flora.

How to consume oats for detox?

The most popular way to consume this cereal is as breakfast. Just add some milk and eat it at breakfast. If you don’t like this option, then you can add oats to a soup or to make with it a cream with milk or eat it with vegetable broth.

Types of food for detoxification – part 2

We promised to introduce you to five types of detox foods, but we will add one moreto them, because it is the most important.

We are talking about the water, of course!

You know that water is of great importance for the purification of the organism, as well as for weight loss.

So don’t forget to drink at least 2 – 3 liters of water per day. During detox, it is best to drink water that is rich in salts such as magnesium and calcium, because these elements stimulate the cleansing of the gallbladder and help for the fast elimination of the toxins accumulated in the organism.