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Lemon water is one of the most effective, easy to make and significantly accessible existing ways for weight loss Detox Methods. Therapy with lemon water became quite popular over the past years. Show – business stars, bloggers and gurus on Healthy diet recommend the daily intake of lemon water.

No matter whether we will have one cup in the morning or we will take a sip throughout the day, water with lemon bears a positive effect on all our health. The bottles for fruit water, also known under the name of infuser, give us a convenient way to carry the lemon water everywhere. But it is clinically proven that except its refreshing tastes, water with lemon has a number of other qualities for the health.

Here are a few of the main benefits of drinking water with a lemon:

Faster metabolism and weight loss

The water itself, in a natural way, speeds up the metabolic process in the body. But when it is combined with lemon juice, it is transformed into a powerful weapon against the fats. The lemon water is a low-calorie drink, that helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Studies show that regular drinking of a cup of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in the morning significantly contributes to the gradual reduction of weight.

Lemon water for good health

But the fact that the lemon water suppresses the appetite, definitely makes it the key to melting the unnecessary kilograms. To achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to drink it in the morning in empty stomach, or before each meal, because this way the digestive system is activated from the very beginning of the day and the burning of the accumulated fats is stimulated.

Of course, bear in mind, that the water with lemon by itself cannot help us to lose weight if we continue to eat unhealthily while we drink it.  The water with lemon rather accelerates the effect of the diet or training regime, that we already follow.

Protection of the Cells from the Aging

As the lemon is rich in flavonoids (plant pigments with powerful antioxidant properties which protect the cells from damaging), it slows down the aging process.  Antioxidants are not only contained inside the lemon, but they are also in its peel. Lemon peel is rich in valuable oils, one of which is a limonene.

Regulation of the blood pressure

Lemons contain important nutrients like vitamins, like potassium and vitamin C, and the latter is well-known as a powerful antioxidant. Food rich in potassium contribute to the reduction of the blood pressure and even improve the circulation.

The potassium contributes to the health of the cardiovascular system. Studies show that people who take a sufficient amount of potassium, have 27% less risk of heart attack or brain stroke.

Facilitated digestibility

The acids contained in the lemon, help for the good digestion and mostly,  for a slower and better digestion and absorption of the nutrients of the food, by the digestive system. They stimulate the stomach to start producing juices which help our body to get rid of the toxins.

Lemon water for immunity

The delayed absorption of nutrients helps in the regulation of the insulin levels in the blood. The lemon also acts as a light natural diuretic and prevents the unpleasant bloating of the abdomen after eating.

Detoxification of the liver

The lemon water contains enzymes which assist the function of the liver and contribute to the elimination of toxins from the body.  The lemon also has blood-cathartic properties.

Furthermore, the lemon has an alkalizing effect; in fact, it is in the list of the foods with the largest alkaline activity. Also, it helps to maintain the alkaline-acidic balance in the body.

Strong immunity

We all know that vitamin C strengthens the immunity. As the lemon is abundant in vitamin C, it is not accidental, that it is used in quite a lot of medicine supplements for cold and flu. But its intake, in its natural form, is the best variant for our body.

It is proven that even with the most persistent cold, the lemon reduces the duration of the symptoms. In the past, the lemon was an honoured remedy for scurvy (a type of avitaminosis). The lemon has a strong antioxidant effect and fights against infections. It neutralizes the free radicals, by which, it protects our cells from aging.

More energy

The lemon is really a bombshell of vitamins, as a whole lemon contains the whole dose of 187 % of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Because of the rich content of vitamins and valuable minerals, the lemon boosts the natural energy and tone, and also the mood.

The lemon not accidentally has been widely used by people who are subjected to excessive physical loads and workouts, like the athletes for example. Since exactly this type of people are quite prone to colds, the lemon strengthens their immunity when the body is under physical stress, in competitions, for example.


Daily drinking of water with lemon helps us to be well-hydrated during the whole day. The dehydration of our body makes us feel weak and lack tone.

Improves the condition of the skin

The lemon has a number of applications in the cosmetic industry and it is not accidental. The high quantity of antioxidants in the lemon juice is favourable for the health of the skin and is a real key to the achievement of the youth type, and the water increases the production of collagen in the skin.

Lemon water against aging

The lemon reduces the redness, the spots and at the same time prevents the occurrence of wrinkles. The lemon extract helps with marks and elderly spots, restores the natural skin radiance. It also firms up the skin and makes it hydrated and refreshed.

There is no wrong or right way of drinking lemon water. What quantity of lemon juice is necessary, it depends on our personal preferences and tolerance to its sour taste. There isn’t a specified period of activity either, as everybody’s body is different and the results in the weight loss come with a different speed.

The choice of, whether you will have lemon with warm or cold water is yours. You can flavour the lemon water at your desire, as subject to the weight loss regime, flavouring with honey is recommended. We can squeeze it in the cup with water or add whole slices inside. It is only important to use fresh lemon juice and not one from packed bottles.

If wе get tired of drinking water with lemon, we can add orange slices, peppermint, kiwi fruit or berries to the water. So we will be simultaneously well-hydrated and refreshed.

The lemon juice, in principle, does not have any negative side-effects, except only that when it is ingested in large quantities, it destroys the tooth enamel due to its high acidity.

A cunning way to overcome this problem is to drink by using a straw and to dilute the lemon juice with more water. Also, we can protect the tooth enamel by brushing our teeth after we have had water with lemon, as the rough tooth-brushes and strong tooth-pastes also lead to thinning of the enamel.

Drinking of lemon juice is not recommended to people suffering from acidic reflux and acids in the stomach, as the lemon can deteriorate these problems.