Weight gain in the summer – reasons and how to react
Напълняване през лятото – причини и как да реагираме

Summer – a season that everyone is looking forward to. We welcome warm weather with high expectations for  variety and new experiences.  Thoughts of rest and travel overwhelm us. We prepare early, as  the most important part of the preparation is to get in shape.

In the spring we try all sorts of diets, the gyms are full and a healthy lifestyle is relied on. Many people  achieve the desired results.  As a result of their success, some have unrealistic notions that things will stay the same in the summer, but without effort.

Напълняване през лятото – причини и как да реагираме

Whether due to the warm weather or for other reasons,  many people expect to lose more weight in the summer  without doing anything about it. This is not only impossible, but also has the opposite effect.  In the summer it is most possible to fill up.

With the arrival of warm weather  our appetite decreases . This does not mean that we eat healthier or in small amounts. Most often  we replace large meals with small and high-calorie ones . Instead of relying on fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, we look for something cooling like ice cream and various desserts or nuts.

We do not starve, as can be concluded, and we do not lose weight in this way. The calories we eat are more than usual and recommended and  this affects our bodies.

Another reason for summer weight gain are  the drinks we drink . Instead of betting on food, in warm weather we are always looking for something to drink. We take all kinds of shakes, juices, carbonated drinks and others that  accumulate so-called “liquid” calories.

They also contain  large amounts of sugars, which are easily absorbed by the body . As a result, our bodies get used to large amounts of sugar and our appetite increases.

In order not to  cause weight gain,  it is good to stick to healthy alternatives to favorite sweet temptations. Ice cream and chocolate can be  replaced with different types of fruit . An option is to prefer wholemeal bread and dairy drinks.

Напълняване през лятото – причини и как да реагираме

A factor that also plays an important role is  the human psyche.  In the spring, many people feel that they do not like themselves enough and want to change something in themselves. They often panic that  they must achieve almost instantaneous effects, which is impossible and harmful.

There are ways to lose weight quickly and harmlessly, but most people do not go that route. They undergo grueling diets and starvation. this  torments the body and causes the opposite effect.

Instead of changing their bad eating habits, people build worse ones. This situation is also known as the  “yo-yo effect” . Most often it ends with being overweight and no effect from earlier actions.

Stress also plays a role . Whether it is warm or not, people who fail to combine work with complete rest  suffer from weight gain . At this point, the body becomes stressed and begins to store substances from which to draw energy.

As a result,  these people are looking for more food because they don’t have enough . They are tired and dropped out. They unknowingly turn to sweet foods because they are a source of more energy. Thus, in their bodies  many more calories are stored than necessary.  Metabolism slows down and gaining weight is a fact.

Напълняване през лятото – причини и как да реагираме

In such a situation, it is important  to focus on a healthy solution to the problem and to be consistent.  There are different options for dealing with gaining weight in the summer.

Bet on seasonal fruits and vegetables

In summer, the choice among them is the largest. They are fresh and energizing. They are also  low in calories, which means that you can take them in larger quantities.

Eat fresh salads, snacks or other dishes with tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, black pepper, zucchini, lettuce, onions and green beans.  You can eat for dessert or as a snack fruits such as blackcurrants, melons, watermelons, apricots, peaches, raspberries, nectarines and blueberries.

Reduce your intake of ice cream or replace it with healthy but still delicious alternatives

Recently, the icy lollipops, which are  made from fresh juice of various fruits.  It has been poured into the appropriate molds and stored in the freezer until firm. They are very refreshing.

Another option is  making homemade ice cream . The task is easy and the result is very tasty. For this purpose, you need yogurt or strained milk, maybe skir, which is skim milk, as well as various fruits.

They can be  placed in a special ice cream maker  or a homogeneous mixture can be prepared by beating with a machine and freezing. It is not necessary to completely write off Kupeshki ice cream.  Treat yourself to small amounts and rarely.

Напълняване през лятото – причини и как да реагираме

Refresh yourself with low-calorie drinks

 In summer, the most commonly chosen drinks are shakes,  which are sources of many sugars and calories. Instead, focus on fresh homemade lemonades, oranges, fresh juices and smoothies. All of them are  prepared with fruits and most often water.

In addition, you can choose  different teas, vegetable juices, etc.  When it comes to food, the above-mentioned salads are a great choice, as well as delicious creams, whether they are  made from fruits or vegetables.

You can enjoy sugar-free cakes and  be sure to eat fruit salads . The choice is great and you can always prepare your food in different ways so that you can enjoy not only the taste but also its appearance.

Напълняване през лятото – причини и как да реагираме

Do not relax in front of the free buffets on holidays and at various events

A trade trick is to offer delicious but harmful foods. Their taste is memorable and then it is  quite possible to look for them constantly.

These foods are often high in calories and have little nutritional value. Their content of vitamins is almost zero and they do not saturate. Often  after taking them it is hard for us, which is also not a pleasant moment.

At such a time it is good to indulge in small and acceptable quantities. Then it is not hunger and need for energy that leads you, but greed, which is a great enemy. Beware of it and  give yourself a clear idea of ​​whether you are really hungry and need to eat well.

The last piece of advice is not about nutrition, but about exercise

No matter what the season, it’s good to  find more opportunities to be active.  In summer, the weather is more conducive to walking as well as sports. Take time for useful  activities that give you pleasure.

Exercise brings us many benefits and  must be part of your daily routine.  Summer is very suitable for hiking, swimming, various beach sports, running and all sorts of other things. The choice is again very diverse, and the results are great.  Sport affects both the body and the psyche.

It helps us clear our heads of unnecessary and negative thoughts and  focus on the really important and good moments.  Maintains our good shape by moving and tensing every muscle group.

Exercise is the best way to lose weight  and lead a full and healthy life. In addition, with its help you can find friends and have real fun.

Напълняване през лятото – причини и как да реагираме

These tips are  extremely helpful and it’s a good idea to think about each one individually.  Change your lifestyle and don’t worry about gaining weight in the summer. Combine work with rest and  don’t forget to fall asleep.

However, if  your weight gain problem  is more serious and such methods do not help you, it is good to consult a specialist who will determine which foods have a beneficial effect on your body and which you should exclude from your menu. It will also  choose the most suitable activity for you  and will guide you towards healthy weight loss.

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