Weight loss and high blood pressure

Blood is the body’s driving force with its constant circulation throughout the body, and the heart functions as a powerful, continuous pump. With her help, the blood passes through the lungs to enrich the oxygen she needs.

The work of the heart as a pump creates pressure in the blood vessels. If it is excessively high, then we are talking about high blood pressure, which in spoken language people usually call the phrase “I have blood”.

The disease of people who constantly or most of the time maintain their “blood” high is called hypertension. Of course, after sports, exercise or eating, the blood can increase instantly, but then there is no talk of illness.

Hypertension is a diagnosis made by a doctor, a specialist in the field. He also prescribes pressure-reducing treatments. Usually these are medicines that are taken daily. Her most common symptoms are:

  • headache
  • frequent fatigue and palpitations
  • drowsiness
  • black spots under the eyes
  • irritability
  • blurred vision
  • sweating
  • swelling of the face
  • chills, swelling, etc.

According to statistics, more than two-thirds of people who already have the disease are not really aware that they are ill.

Hypertension leads to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, heart attack, kidney failure, and may lead to blindness. Reducing and maintaining a healthy weight is recommended as one of the basic steps for blood control.

It is common knowledge that many obese people have problems with their blood. As the weight increases, so does the length of the vessels through which the blood passes. The extra vessels that the heart must nourish require more kilograms.

Thus, it is exerted to expel blood into these vessels, and therefore the pressure rises. Therefore, when weight is normalized, it will also have a beneficial effect on blood.

Weight loss

Specialists are advised to consume more fruits and vegetables at least three times a day. This will help to lower and normalize blood pressure. The adoption of low-fat dairy is also recommended.

In addition to eating healthily, you also need zealous exercise. Daily exercise of at least 30 minutes will reduce episodes of a sharp rise in blood. It is best for people with high blood pressure to choose moderate exercise such as walking, cycling and running.

Another thing that would have a beneficial effect on hypertensive patients is to stop cigarettes if they are smokers to minimize salt and alcohol. Yoga and meditation would also help a lot in this direction.

Many people who are high in weight and have high blood pressure are prone to sleep apnea

This is a condition in which the breathing flow stops or decreases during sleep. Most often, the problem is not realized, but in more severe cases, people are awakened by the inability to breathe. Patients with these complaints are most often men who are quite full, snore, and do not have enough movement.

If it decreases by about 10%, it can affect the sleep apnea by 26%. This was commented in his interview by Assoc. – Head of the Neurology Clinic at Tokuda Hospital Sofia.

The safest cure for reducing both weight and blood is food. With proper nutrition we can cope with health problems. There is a list of 20 foods that should be consumed against high blood.

Among them are many fruits and vegetables such as carrots, avocados, bananas, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, garlic and more. Black chocolate with over 60% cocoa is very useful. More raw sunflower seeds, spinach, soy, saffron, various spices, salmon, oat bran and green tea are recommended.  A study in Taiwan shows that drinking 600 ml of green tea a day for one year reduces the risk of high blood pressure by 65 %.

Weight loss is one of the ways to reduce blood pressure and weight loss would not adversely affect hypertension. If the body is stressed for a long time, it can unlock the disease even if it is not genetically engineered.


The only way to control your bloodstream is to achieve a balance in your lifestyle and especially in nutrition

A valuable source of cellulose is raw, unprocessed foods like salad. It helps to reduce excess weight. Sugar and sugar products that lead to addiction are good to replace with fresh and dried fruits. It is very important to avoid all artificial sweeteners, especially L-aspartame, which leads to addiction, being overweight and even damaging the brain.

Among the causes of weight gain is fatigue. Late bedtime and insufficient sleep make the body want more food. A back pain is a symptom of both overweight and fatigue. The most sinister approach to appearing is to guard ourselves and to become more immobile.

There is a special diet called DASH. It is specifically designed to deal with blood and for years has been considered by nutritionists to be the best for the purpose. Complying with it even normalizes cholesterol and affects high sugar.

This diet requires no more than 2000 calories a day, and if you want to lose weight, you should aim for a reduction. The regimen relies on low sodium levels, which affect blood and fluid retention.

Use no more than ½  Teaspoon salt daily. Emphasize vegetables and fruits, whole grains. Fish, nuts, beans, legumes and low-fat dairy products are especially helpful.

Weight loss

According to this diet, you can eat  sweet but without desserts in which sugar and fat were added. Because alcohol also affects blood pressure, nutritionists require men to afford a maximum of two glasses, and women one.

There are some diets, regimens, exercises on the internet, but not all are suitable for hypertension

It is a good idea to consult a doctor before a person with such a diagnosis takes action. In general, there are a few rules that must be followed if we are to maintain a good and healthy shape. This can be done without sports and strict diets.

Breakfast is a must, but it can be something small and not heavy and plentiful. A large serving of salad should be present at every meal. However, it should not contain meat and cheese, but at least 3 types of vegetables.

Whole grains can replace bread. We must forget about white sauces and mayonnaise. And if we eat outside, it is good to choose red sauces based on tomatoes.

A useful trick is to replace the big plate with a small one while leaving little food in it. Most sleep is very helpful. When we are asleep, we eat more calorie foods which is bad. It is good to set real goals and be rewarded for achieving them. This will give us an incentive to respect our principles.

A helpful nutritionist publishes a British nutritionist who advises eating eggs to control sugar levels and blood pressure, as well as to combat pounds. In patients with diabetes, 2 eggs a day are recommended to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Eggs may be said to be the most beneficial dietary food – heme are poor in carbohydrates and fats, and heme are known as a good source of protein.


Weight loss

In general, experts advise to lose weight by about 10 kg to lower the upper blood pressure limit by 20 mm / Hg. This change will cause the body to take better medication.

Lowering the lower limit prevents one out of every 10 patients with this problem from lethal end. Every second man and every third woman in Bulgaria over the age of 30 is overweight.

Even more worrying is that quite a few of the children between the ages of five and the end of puberty also suffer from obesity. Bulgaria is in the top spot in this category. About  30% of girls have a weight problem and only 13% of boys.

According to pediatricians, these children very often begin to suffer from diabetes mellitus and even hypertension, and the problems continue to continue. Kids just love packaged foods, burgers, fries, sweets, and any kind of pest. Therefore, they should be in the habit of eating healthy food from a small age and avoiding further problems.

According to studies, high blood levels reach 6x more often obese people than normal people. In Bulgaria hypertensives are about 15-20% more than in the European Union. Overweight is associated with a lifestyle in which you eat more than is necessary for the body, immobilization, stress.

All this leads to a chronic state of accumulation of excess calories and from there leads to the accumulation of fat. However, it is not only formed in the usual depots under the skin, but it also covers such important organs as the heart, pimples, and especially blood vessels.  Therefore, losing weight is an initial step towards improving health. As with women, the waist is a neuralgic spot that is good not to cross the required limits: below 90 cm for women and about 100 cm for men.

Weight loss


Hypertension is extremely dangerous and is not accidentally called the ‘silent killer.’ Therefore, along with medication, weight must also be taken into consideration.  Almost 70% of deaths worldwide are caused by these two diseases. Therefore, along with medication, weight must also be taken into consideration.

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