Weight loss despite Hashimoto – the path to the desired weight
Отслабване въпреки Хашимото - пътят до желаното тегло

What is Hashimoto?

Hashimoto is an autoimmune disease that is related to thyroid function. It manifests itself in a violation of hormone levels, which leads to some specific symptoms.

In the general case people with Hashimoto complain most often about seasickness, insomnia, nervousness, agitation, palpitations, hypersensitivity to cold, weight gain, depression.

Whether it is a disease condition can be determined by a specialist with the help of medical blood tests, to monitor for hormonal imbalance.

Weight loss despite Hashimoto - the path to the desired weight

The disease has been known since 1912 and is named after its Japanese discoverer . Women are more prone to Hashimoto, according to statistics.

The causes of the disease can be different, but often it is due to genetic predisposition. Experts believe it is possible to occur as a result of infection or improper lifestyle.

A lot of research has been done regarding higher iodine intake, which is also considered a prerequisite. But the causes can be complex or a prerequisite for the patient’s autoimmune diseases and insulin resistance.

Hashimoto and weight gain

Weight gain is one of the characteristic symptoms of people diagnosed with the disease. This is due to hormonal imbalances and some changes in the body due to Hashimoto.

Sometimes, despite therapy and prescribed medications, patients continue to report higher values ​​ and it is necessary to consider the food intake in order to deal with the problem.

 Weight loss despite Hashimoto - the path to the desired weight

Hashimoto’s diet

The thyroid gland has a decisive role in the proper functioning of metabolism. reason nutrition needs to be subordinated to stimulating good metabolism and preventing overweight.

With the right foods and diet, the results can be positive and one can feel healthy.

People with Hashimoto’s can eat a variety of meats and fish products , recommended is to eat eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables. Not all so-called harmful foods such as chips, semi-finished products, fried meats, etc. Adherence to a natural menu and natural products is possibly the best approach to eating.

 Weight loss despite Hashimoto - the path to the desired weight

Here’s what a daily menu might look like

Breakfast may include a bowl of yogurt with a banana. For them have a cup of herbal tea flavored with lemon and ginger.

Two hours before lunch it is appropriate to eat a handful of walnuts or seasonal fruit.

Lunch may contain fresh vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice, plus an omelet.

The afternoon breakfast should include a bowl of compote, green smoothie or again a fruit of your choice.

At dinner you can pamper yourself with grilled fish or grilled meat, to which you add fresh lemon juice. The right side dish is steamed vegetables or lettuce.

Before sleep drink a cup of herbal tea – chamomile, linden or antioxidant berries.

How to maintain a healthy weight?

Those diagnosed with Hashimoto should get enough sleep , which is also important so that they don’t gain a lot of weight. At least eight hours of sleep are required to rest the body and overcome daily tension and stress.

Slow metabolism also affects mood. Depressive states are often reported, which can be overcome not only with complete rest but also with a moderate dose of physical activity, yoga or Pilates.

Healing gymnastics, swimming are among the most common ways of weekly training, which have a beneficial effect on overcoming stress and daily care. They can be alternated with strength exercises, such as squats, push-ups or zumba to speed up metabolism and melt extra pounds.

Detoxification is another suitable method , which cleanses all harmful and unnecessary substances from the body. It can be applied daily with detox foods , such as ginger, lemon, olive oil, herbal teas.

Or at least one day a week to do fruit cleansing like cherries or watermelon, with green smoothies or teas. The result is disposal of slag, metabolic wastes and toxins that make the body sick.

 Weight loss despite Hashimoto - the path to the desired weight

Good hydration, i.e. Drinking enough water is extremely important. Many people make the mistake of believing that juices, coffees, and alcoholic beverages can replace the amounts of life-giving fluid we need.

Water should not be underestimated and at least eight glasses a day are needed, for the body to function properly. This protects against digestive problems, headaches and fatigue, diseases of the urinary system.

 Weight loss despite Hashimoto - the path to the desired weight

Positive mood and enough time to recharge in nature. This is among mandatory conditions for a healthy and full person. If the weekday is very busy, every weekend or day off can be used to recharge and restore the body and spirit.

Excessive stress and inability to relax can play a bad joke on everyone, leading to inability to rest, work hard and “unlock” disease states.

Also in a depressed state a person is more prone to overeating and increase your body weight. The best option is at least once a week to go hiking in nature or to recharge with long walks in the park.


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