What are the most valuable foods during pregnancy
Кои са най-ценните храни по време на бременност

Can we be pregnant without gaining weight?

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages of a woman’s life. But many women worry that they will lose their good figure. Pregnancy and diet , however, are not compatible concepts, without meaning that the expectant mother should not be careful about what she eats .

Often the first months of pregnancy are not associated with increased appetite woman, but that changed quickly in the second trimester. Then, quite naturally, with the growth of the fetus, the body weight begins to change . There are women who are prone to gaining more weight, while in others the change is barely noticeable.

Who are the most valuable foods during pregnancy

However, there can be no changes in the figure until birth. Restricting certain foods is still not the best option because it can lead to anemia and lack of nutrients for baby and mother.

The expectant mother should never starve or overeat at every meal. I need to take fresh products that are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Adherence to environmentally friendly , which is good for her and the growing fruit, is a guarantee for a normal pregnancy and for gaining a moderate amount of weight.

When is it necessary to specify the diet of a pregnant woman?

Pregnancy can be conditionally divided into several main stages , directly related to the baby. They are also a guide for physiological changes with the mother, which doctors characterize with certain permissible values.

It is assumed that until the birth itself lifting up to 14-15 kg is within the allowable, as their growth is monitored at each stage of the nine months.

Statistics show that in the first three months after pregnancy, the usual change is from half to two kilograms. By the sixth month, the woman is already a maximum of seven kilograms heavier, and in recent months the pregnant woman is allowed to gain up to half a kilogram per week.

These norms may require adjustment in the intake of high-calorie food or, if possible, recommend moderate exercise with more walks.

It is also a problem when the future mother loses weight or does not change her weight at all. Then there is a danger to her health and that of the baby, which is why nutritious food is recommended to the mother.

 What are the most valuable foods during pregnancy

Is a special diet needed, as well as turning off or on certain products in the daily menu is the responsibility of the specialist doctor who monitors the woman’s pregnancy.

Another reason for switching to a diet is the presence of diseases that a pregnant woman has and they are related to the contraindication of certain products and ingredients in food. For example, diabetics should not consume sugar and sweets, for which it is again necessary to consult a specialist.

In the case of a smooth pregnancy, the classic recommendation of doctors is reduced to daily intake of about 2000 kcal until the fourth month . Then it is advisable to increase your intake by another 400 kcal per day. In the last three months before birth it is permissible for the expectant mother to take 2500 kcal.

Which foods are suitable and which are not for pregnant women?

Proper fetal development suggests that the mother eat enough folic acid, iron, zinc, vitamins, calcium, protein, unsaturated fatty acids. This is achievable with a varied and balanced menu , which is dominated by fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy products and other useful natural ingredients.

Fish products rich in omega 3 fats, pure and hormone-free meat should not be excluded.

What are the most valuable foods in pregnancy time

Accordingly, in the list of so-called forbidden foods include alcoholic beverages, heavy fatty products, overly spicy spices and some not recommended for pregnant women such as devisil , for example. Chips, sweeteners, artificial colors and preservatives should also be avoided.

Approximate daily menu

It is recommended that the breakfast be nutritious and energizing. It can to include wholegrain saji tea with yellow cheese and ham. In addition you can eat fresh fruits or vegetables with a bowl of yogurt.

The snack can be fresh fruit or nuts.

Lunch also needs to be varied to saturate. Vegetable or cream soup is suitable to be combined with fresh lettuce to which is added portion of fish or grilled or fat-free meat.

Dessert, if it is more caloric, can be eaten in the afternoon. A bowl of cream, compote or again seasonal fruits are suitable for pregnant women.

It’s good to make dinner lighter, like a salad with meat or a casserole, an omelet. If lunch was more plentiful, you can choose yogurt with wholemeal biscuits before bed.

The body must be well hydrated, which means enough water . It also helps digestion, which is especially important at the end of pregnancy, when the woman is less physically active.

Who are the most valuable foods during pregnancy

Good maternal health is a prerequisite for a healthy baby . In order for the mother to be reassured that the fetus is developing well, the monthly consultations for the future mothers are helpful. After the birth of the child, the quality of the food intake is also important , because of breastfeeding the newborn.

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