What does a wrong diet mean?
Какво означава грешно спазван хранителен режим?

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, athletic and well-shaped body . It is accepted that it is a sign of good health, style and a good standard of living. Today many people spend enough time in the gym , sweat daily over the equipment or practice various sports.

There are few lucky people who can boast of genetically determined sculptures. It is clear to everyone that without physical activity, there is no way to keep a slim waist. And movement is health, it keeps diseases away.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard the training programs are followed , the results they are not completely satisfactory if one does not eat healthily. The argument and the products on the table are the important factors that determine what we will look like when we look in the mirror. That’s why you should follow a diet.

What does wrong mean diet followed?

What is a diet?

What and when to eat is probably the shortest definition of diet. There are different options, depending on the goals of the regime.

It is possible to follow the popular keto weight loss regimen or to follow a muscle mass gain regimen. As with the diet, there are different options, depending on the goal.

The most common are modes in which the daily amount of calories is calculated so that the body can enter the process of melting unnecessary fats.

Sometimes diabetes or intolerance to certain products are a reason to avoid certain food and following the recommendations of nutritionists and doctors.

In which situations can we be considered not following our regimen properly?

Strict adherence to certain regimes is essential if we want to achieve our goals. If, for example, we have been on a weight loss diet for a month and there is no visible result, then we are somewhere wrong in following it .

The other option is to change the mode, as it is simply not suitable for us.

Universal rules to make it easier to stick to any diet

  1. Whatever mode you choose for yourself, good hydration, ie. Drinking enough water is always helpful. The body needs life-giving fluid to function properly. And during physical activity, through sweating the body is cleansed of toxins and all harmful substances.
  2. Proper food selection will ensure more successful success in the endeavor. Whatever the diet, any recommended product in it is desirable to be environmentally friendly and not to contain additional sweeteners, flavors and colors.

If you don’t pay attention to such “extras”, you will unsuccessfully hope for fast results. prepare a useful green smoothie.

What does wrong mean diet followed?

  1. Follow the recommended dietary intervals. Small temptations like eating a waffle or chocolate bar between specified in calories lunch and dinner will completely upset the necessary balance.

In most weight loss regimens alcohol is not recommended , which means stop of late drinks (even if only one), because the effect will be the opposite.

  1. If the regime requires food at a specific time or nutrition immediately after a strenuous workout, do not underestimate the advice of The creators of the specific program have taken into account the effect on metabolism and when we are in a hurry to burn unnecessary calories. 
  2. Attract companions to get used to the diet faster and safer. It is not easy for others at the table at home to eat all the foods that are forbidden to you. When a person is surrounded by followers, it is best to resist the temptations in the refrigerator.
  3. Be patient and take the time to prepare your portions and product ratio . Only in this way will you be sure that everything is correct and you will not leave the mode. If you rely on getting the right amounts outside just before a meal, it will be much harder for you.
  4. If you do not have the opportunity to follow a diet at home, prepare food and calculate calories, then group therapy will be the most suitable for you .

Weight loss and detox clinics are a great option to get used to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, to permanently limit the use of certain harmful foods and to forget habits that do not help the desired result. There you will be under the supervision of a specialist and you will receive strong support and motivation.

  1. Before switching to a specific diet , discuss in advance your health with a specialist. Only after medical consultation and if necessary research, can you be sure that we do not want to change for the better, to hurt yourself.

A nutritionist can help with valuable advice how to prepare the body for a new type of diet and the overall change so that we do not experience severe discomfort.

When can we afford to exit mode?

We must exit each mode when we find that it does not work for us. Make sure first that you strictly follow the rules and that you are not the reason for the lack of a positive result with some “small transgressions” . If this is the case, just choose another diet.

Consultation with a nutritionist will be needed even if the diet has been very drastic. It is very likely that the body will be properly nourished in order to move smoothly to a new rhythm.

Another scenario is possible, which may be worse. The desired change to occur with a negative sign, ie. mode to backfire.

You want to lose weight and gain fat. You want to have more muscle mass, but on the contrary you lose weight exactly in the areas where you do not want to reduce the circumference.

You don’t need a clearer sign to take a quick change of tactics. Sometimes this happens due to an error in support of individual therapy, due to strict adherence to the instructions of the regime or purely and simply the specific diet is not recommended for you.

When can the mode become partially or completely ineffective and why?

We must always set realistic goals. If a low carb diet has a detrimental effect specifically on our body, there is no need to take a risk from developing a disease state. Such a diet will be ineffective due to the inability to achieve the desired result with us.

In fact, indiscriminate skipping from diet to diet is not so harmless. Without the necessary preparation, we can order and subject our body to unnecessary stress. In such a situation, it is quite risky to “close ”Your body for change.

The “golden rule” is that you need to eat the right nutrients in the right quantities. When combined with a natural dose of movement, physical activity and sports, success is inevitable.

Last but not least, inner conviction, strength of spirit and will are the elements without which any effort would fail.

You will get the right advice, procedures and therapies for achieving a healthy and sculpted body at the LuckyFit clinic in Bansko.

Highly qualified specialists, modern equipment, environmentally friendly products and many years of experience in the field of healthy weight loss and detoxification of the body help everyone who wants a new beginning and achieve harmony with themselves and the world around them.

The clinic offers a variety of packages for correcting overweight, rejuvenation and recovery, overcoming daily stress, giving up bad habits and complete relaxation. The procedures are tailored to personal requirements and individual needs.

Therapies are a combination of:

  • diets
  • purification
  • useful gymnastics
  • spa treatments
  • dance
  • meditation
  • nature walks
  • visiting historical and cultural attractions
  • loading with a lot of positivism and positive emotions

LuckyFit is located in the beautiful Pirin Mountains , which charges the guests in the area with its unique natural landmarks, allows for outdoor sports , for a complete break from the daily dynamics and care.

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