What to do during a detox program?
Spa massage for detox program

Our daily lives undoubtedly put a strain on our body’s ability to function in the best possible way. Everyday stressful situations , poor air quality, our sedentary lifestyles and inappropriate eating habits essentially make our bodies a dumping ground for toxic substances and waste materials . These factors dramatically reduce our energy levels, cause serious digestive problems, and put us at increased risk of chronic diseases. This is why detox programs are designed to wash away these harmful materials while recharging the body with the nutrients it needs for good health.

Detoxification spa massage

What is detoxification?

Detoxification begins in the liver . Although it is a complex process, your liver essentially does it in two phases. First, it converts toxic substances into highly reactive metabolites and then releases them. Your kidneys, lungs, and even the gut also play an important role in detoxifying your body .

Get the right amount of nutrients

Certain nutrients are required for the effective elimination of toxic substances from the body. Most people, even on a healthy diet, to some extent live with nutritional deficiency . Detoxification is limited by the low amount of nutrients consumed during the day.

Therefore, it is essential to get a good amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats , as well as vitamins and minerals, without neglecting the protective antioxidants. To avoid essential nutrient deficiencies , it is advisable to take appropriate supplements in combination with a vitamin-rich diet not only during detoxification but also in your normal daily routine.

Eat local seasonal fruits and vegetables


  • salads with seasonal vegetables
  • Whole (not processed or preserved) fruits
  • lemon water (squeezed lemon, supplemented with water)
  • Troubles
  • beet, carrot, apple and / or ginger juices

Enjoy a balanced meal

Each food should ideally include protein, healthy fats such as avocado, raw seeds and nuts, high in fiber , fruits and vegetables, and whole grains of carbohydrates.

Choose recipes for detox procedures

Choose recipes with a variety of products

One of the main foods in your diet should be:

  • Dark green leafy vegetables
  • beets
  • artichoke
  • onions
  • carrots
  • lemon
  • onions
  • garlic
  • cucumbers
  • chickpeas
  • Avocados
  • brown rice
  • baked sweet potatoes
  • hemp seeds
  • Olive oil – extra virgin
  • Other foods rich in protein, fiber and fat

It’s even better if you search for recipes on the Internet that combine different herbal ingredients until you start to have fun experimenting with improvised combinations of new healthy eating ingredients .


To avoid eating the same thing for breakfast every morning, try (for variety) oatmeal, smoothies, fresh berries or chia pudding , which only consists of soaking the seeds for about half an hour, stirring them from time to time. and add more water. Then you can Add raw seeds of your choice, raw cocoa powder and sweetener such as molasses ( molasses ), quality maple syrup or honey.

Hydration before detox program for the body


Drinking lots of water is especially helpful for washing away toxins. During a detox diet, you should aim to drink eight glasses of filtered or distilled water a day . This includes a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Ideally, it should be cool or at room temperature.

We open the bracket to say that your day should start with brushing your teeth before even water is consumed to kill the bacteria in the oral cavity that have emerged during the night.

Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and heavy meals in the evening

Alcohol, cigarettes, sugar and caffeine prevent successful detoxification .

Exercise and exercise

Physical activity enhances blood circulation and helps the body eliminate toxins. To speed your circulation , during detox, include light exercises in your daily routine . You can take a walk during your lunch break or take a yoga class .

Since your energy may fall behind in the first few days of your detox diet, it may be a good idea to divide your exercises into short intervals.

Take care of yourself and your detox diet

The detox diet is not about depriving yourself of food or activities, it is about taking better care of your body and mind than ever before in order to feel great in your daily routine. Use this time for enhanced self-care, such as improving your sleep routine . Include going to massage therapy to encourage the excretion of toxins.

Your seven-day detox diet is also a great opportunity to try new stress management techniques in your daily routine. To ease it and find a way to greater peace of mind, practice deep breathing , gradual muscle relaxation, meditation, or yoga . Even simple things like listening to music, walking, relaxing in the tub or reading a favorite book can help calm your mind and improve your health .

Digestive problems

If you are not used to eating a lot of fiber , it may take a few days for your body to adjust to their high content during a detox diet. To stimulate your digestive system , drink ginger, mint, cumin or cinnamon tea.

Keep in mind that on the fourth or fifth day of the detox program, many people begin to feel more energetic and their digestion improves. It’s normal before you felt worse. This is because of the toxic substances released into the blood. Therefore, in such cases, consume more water to make it easier to remove toxins from your body.

Rest and sleep during detox program


Sleep is a powerful regenerator . By giving yourself high quality rest, you will improve all the functions of your body, including its ability to detox .

A few years ago, scientists discovered a brain detoxification process called the Glyphat system, which happens when you sleep. According to Andy R. Eugene and Jolanta Masiak, sleep deprivation damages the glyphate system, causing toxins to accumulate. Without quality sleep in sufficient quantities, constantly, your body cannot effectively detox.

Stay away from toxic substances

Make sure your body care products do not bring new synthetic chemicals into your system through your skin. Use natural detergents such as bicarbonate of soda and oils such as olive oil, coconut, castor and essential oils.

Dry skin brushing

Dry brushing of the skin on a daily basis will help blood circulation and increase skin detoxification. Using a brush body made of natural filament, scrub the skin with a circular motion prior to bathe.

Start from the hands and feet, moving up the legs and shoulders, avoiding the delicate area of ​​the throat, face and any rashes or sore spots. Then enter the shower and finish with a one-minute coat of cold water, which will complete the process.

Do this at least twice a year

Your body is always detoxifying – nonstop, 24/7 – but may not do it in the most effective way due to nutrient deficiency, stress and even genetic causes. Take advantage of the seasons to cleanse your body of toxins twice a year – usually in March, April and September, October .

These detoxifications for 10 days for relatively healthy people or 28 days for those who need a deeper internal “renewal” will be slightly more serious than gentle daily detox and should include dietary changes and the adoption of specific supplements.

Every person with a plan in life should also include a detox in their body .

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