When can we not detox ourselves?

What to look out for in detox


Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to explain for a long time why detox is needed periodically. In recent years, people have increased their health culture and are aware that toxins / poisons / impair metabolism  harm cells, respectively, in different organs.




Thus, these compounds confuse the functions of whole systems in the body and begin to develop disease. And the poisons are pesticides, free radicals, heavy metals, radioactive particles, drugs, nitrates and more. in excess quantities for the body enter the body through various foods we consume, water, air, polluted by industry and household / factories, car traffic, heating with solid fuel, etc. /.


Toxins can enter the body and through the skin, and their source may be intestinal parasites, viruses and pathogens.


In addition, detox naturally  helps the body get rid of toxins. This is done through a detox complex. It includes diet / selected foods, nutritional supplements, teas, etc. /, certain physical activities / gymnastics, walking, dancing, swimming, etc. / specialized exercises / eg breathing /, some practices yoga, meditation , massage procedures and more. Part of this detox complex we can take home alone. However, many things need to be considered beforehand, as a detox may be harmful.


When can we not detox ourselves?


It is especially important that detox is related to nutrition and metabolism. In practice, this affects all organs and systems as a whole. And if the body has some problem that we do not take into account, it can lead to complications rather than help.


There are situations where detoxification is not recommended. It is not suitable for children and adolescents because their body is still developing and has not strengthened. Not recommended in pregnant women, as it can affect the fetus. It should also be avoided in very stressful situations – exam session, serious professional or family changes etc. At the age of three, regimes must be relaxed according to their individual condition and capabilities.


There are also a number of conditions in which a possible detox should be consulted by a doctor. Such are gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, food allergies, cardiovascular problems, kidney disease, etc.


Types of detox

There are various types of detoxification. For example, a one-day practice that is practiced en masse in various variants after a heavy festive meal last night. This is actually a landing day that helps the body “come to its senses”.




Usually includes plenty of water throughout the day, yurts, fruits, juices, yogurt, teas, light vegetable soups, bath, can massage, light work as a stroll. There is also a three-day detox, one week, 10 days, three weeks.


In the case of longer ones, it is advisable to consult with a nutritionist who, by specialized methods, can determine the needs of the body and make a proper diet. Because even with a three-day detox diet, especially in the beginning, you may feel weak, fatigue increase, and what if the diet is inappropriate?


Specialists themselves recommend that this program run from Friday to Monday to include two days off. They can perform stretching exercises or enjoy some yoga exercises, visit the sauna.


Naturally, a three-day detox has more variety than a one-day detox. This usually includes vegetable salads, chicken, cooked fish. In addition to helping to eliminate toxins, the 7-day detox “restarts” the systems in the body. It extends the diet and if we want to be complete, we should consult a nutritionist.


For example, you can start the first day with odes, juices, detox cocktails, herbal teas, * then add fruits with very soft fibers (such as plums, apricots), and on the third day, supplement the menu with green vegetables, then rice, nuts, cereals until the last day added in some combination and fish. The portions should not be large, the interval between meals should be at least 3 hours and the dinner should be early at 18 hours. The effect will be enhanced with sports activities – if we are well, we can play, for example, basketball, driving wheel and more.


The 10-day nutrition program is even more versatile than combinations, so a specialist must do it. Moreover, more serious physical activities such as fitness training with an instructor, swimming and more are usually envisaged here. The three-week detox is professional and is performed in specialized clinics.

What’s the best?

In order for the detox to be complete and effective, it is best to trust a specialist clinic. There the diet is composed by professional nutritionists, physical activities are appointed by physiotherapists, and the course is under medical supervision. Of course, the necessary medical examinations and examinations are done first.


The options for detox in a specialist clinic are different – it can be complete for the body, and it can be targeted to specific organs – liver, thyroid, kidney, colon, circulatory system  and more. The best option is recommended by specialists after certain examinations.

The course itself is three weeks. The first is the preparatory period, which can be carried out at home as instructed by specialists. Through it, the body adapts for the second week when it is the active detox conducted in the clinic itself. The third week is for a sustained detoxification feed that can also flow home as directed.

A month or two after the third period, the intake of various Ayurvedic products continued to be used during the course. During the preparation period caloric intake is gradually reduced animal fats and proteins are reduced to facilitate metabolism, natural laxatives, herbal teas, nutritional supplements, etc. are taken. at the discretion of the specialists.

Some of the measures continue during the week of active detox in the blade -accepted herbal teas, nutritional supplements, laxatives, ayurvedic products. In the first 36 hours in the clinic calorie intake is below 600 cal. Various soups, smoothies, fresh vegetables are consumed.

Hydrocolonotherapy is used for  colon cleansing, specialized massages are prescribed. Feeding at home with ongoing detox is done on an individual basis, determining which foods are useful and which to avoid, listing nutritional supplements and teas. Foods of animal origin are included in the weekly menu in a specific order, gradually moving on to whole healthy eating

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