When the detoxification of the body is necessary?
Detox necessary for the human body

Detoxification is a cleansing process that helps us to eliminate the harmful toxins from our body, which have accumulated over time due to our lifestyle.

Typically, during the detox, we abstain from cigarettes, alcohol and all other types of sedative substances. It is essential to quit all kinds of medicines, as well as harmful foods and drinks, in order to improve our health tone and give the body a well-deserved rest from all the things that prevent the cleansing process.

Necessary detox for the body

Detoxification methods

There are different detoxification methods via herbal and electro/electro-magnetic therapies. Since many of the detox processes have a diuretic effect and carry a potential risk of dehydration, most cleansing regimes include also higher water intake – ranging from 8–10 glasses a day.

Any prolonged exposure to toxins requires subsequent detoxification measures. The important thing here is that under toxic substances we should understand not only the polluted air, harmful foods, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, which we consider most of the time as such.

In fact, we are constantly surrounded by many types of pollutants. Very often the pesticides and fertilizers that are used in the agriculture, are dangerous to our health, but we become aware of it when it is too late. The truth is that, because of the European Union’s management, Brussels has no right to ban certain chemicals just like that, because otherwise, chaos would occur.

Usually, when it becomes clear that a product has excessive side effects to rely on it in the production of our food, the European Union suggests its removal from the market, and first this recommendation is implemented by the countries in Western Europe, then by those from Central Europe, and so on. So, tons of pesticides and fertilizers that are already banned, remain unsold. That’s why their price decreases and they are traded in Eastern Europe in the following months and even years, until the ban has not entered into force in the region.

But it’s not just that. Regularly we are being informed by the media and social networks that there are heavy metals in the water we drink, as well as industrial waste in places where it should not be – and this is a problem not only of the former Eastern bloc, but of the entire industrial world.

Detoxification process for pregnant women

Pregnancy and detoxification

One of the cases when it is definitely necessary to undergo detoxification is when we plan to have a child. This applies not only to future mothers but also to the fathers. Some specialists recommended performing a detox even for the treatment of infertility. But even if we do not have problems with the fertility, it is especially important both parents to be in very good health condition at the moment of conception of the child. This includes not only the absence of traceable symptoms of a disease, but an organism that is 100% healthy – and for that purpose the body must be cleansed.

It is advisable for both ladies and their partners to undergo detoxification in several stages just prior to the conception. During the pregnancy and breastfeeding the mother should not perform any cleansing regimes, but the fathers can continue to follow the programs for periodical detoxification.

Detoxification can help us deal with hormonal problems and imbalances in the body. Some women, for example, suffer from excessive levels of the hormone estrogen, which is contained in the excess accumulated fat. Conventional medicine most often treats these conditions by prescribing synthetic hormones, contraceptive pills, etc.

This therapy is burdensome for our bodies and can cause other consequences and other future imbalances in the organism. Moreover, medication treatment sometimes leads to masking of symptoms and their development as a result. With the help of a carefully selected complex of cleansing herbs and a properly applied detox program, we can stimulate our endocrine system and help our body restore its biochemical harmony and normal rhythm.

Another time when it is absolutely necessary to perform a detoxification is precisely after a long-term use of medications – in general, of any type. There comes a time in our life when we have to use medications. This burdens the liver and kidneys, and this can lead to new health problems in the future due to the previous treatment.

Therefore, we need to take the necessary measures and perform a detoxification program, planned with the help of a specialist. This will stimulate blood circulation, as well as the regenerative and  purifying abilities of the liver, and the excretory functions of the stomach, kidneys and skin, as this will speed up the elimination of waste substances from medications out of our organism.

Unfortunately there are some professions where people are exposed to much greater contact with toxins and harmful substances than the average person. This is the case of miners, chemists, radiologists, and many more. These people need to make sure they cleanse their bodies regularly to overcome the harmful effects of their profession that they do every day for decades, so they can reduce the negative effects.

But in many cases it does not come to bad “chemicals” at all. Sometimes the food we eat is actually not good for us, and this is not because it contains something artificial or something that endangers our health. Even if it is made from organic potatoes and is home-made, fried chips, for example, will always be a food that burdens the organism if consumed regularly.

Too often we overdo the so-called harmful foods – which are in fact harmful only if their intake exceeds certain limits. This leads to the acute need for detoxification in some people, who at first sight may not be looking like someone who needs a cleansing procedure because they do not smoke, drink and do not use sedatives, and so on.

People who are overweight or obese need to cleanse thir organism regularly. For a greater effect, it is necessary, in addition to the detox programs, to include physical exercises as well as daily nutritional regimes when not undergoing a detox.

We need to put constant efforts and be focused with regard to nutrition and health if we want to achieve long-term results. Apart from the regular detoxification regimes, we also need to try to limit our exposure to harmful substances and influences every day of the year. Purification helps significantly to improve our quality of life and to raise our tone and self-esteem.

Nutrition diets for body detoxification

There is another reason people who are often struggling with their weight to perform detox regimes

Frequent dieting and starvation can be harmful to the body because it leads to drastic decrease in the sugar levels in our organism. This causes intense hunger, which in turn leads to occurrence of the so-called „yo-yo effect“, and we eventually end up failing and losing even the small achieved results in weight loss despite of the efforts. As they harmonize the organism, detox regimes make us a little bit more stable in terms of our eating habits.

Sometimes in our lives we notice that we have become much sicker and we often catch seasonal diseases such as colds, flu and other ailments, or we just cannot heal this stubborn runny nose for two months. This is due to the toxins accumulated in our organism, which may not be that intense to cause a serious symptom or specific disease, but they manifest their existence through various unpleasant manifestations.

Regular detoxification has a stimulating effect on our immune system. Even if you are healthy, it is recommended to perform seasonal cleansing regimes – they are a great prevention and a shield against all kinds of general ailments. So even without a specific diagnose, sometimes we feel that we need to perform a detoxification procedure. It will help our organs to rest and regenerate.

Thanks to its immunostimulating properties, the cleansing regimes can help us deal with allergies. The best way to reduce inflammation caused by activated allergies and to revitalize the organism that is tired as a result of the long intoxification, is to perform a specially selected detoxification therapy. Cleansing using the herb liquorice (also called sweet root) and  mung bean can have a very high degree of efficacy in various allergies.

Detoxification can help us overcome the often persistent feeling of fatigue and overall tiredness. Other symptoms that may be positively affected by the detoxification include:

  • acne
  • dry skin and inflammatory rashes
  • low libido
  • mucle, joint and other chronic pains  
  • hot and cold flushes
  • painful menstruation and so on.

Through the cleansing regimes, we can also get rid of a number of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, irritability and others. Therefore, people who live or work in a stressful environment need to perform regular detoxification to avoid the harmful effects of emotional stress they are subjected to.

One of the particularly pleasant „side effects“of the detoxification programs is that they help slow down the aging process both of the body and mind. With the help of the right detox and persistence, we will notice that the skin of our face, neck and body preserves to a much greater extent its elasticity and becomes more resistant to time. Hair and nails also retain their youthful appearance for longer, and bones do not lose of their strength.