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If you feel constantly tired, if you cannot easily concentrate your attention for a long time, if you cannot sleep at night, if you cannot stop thinking about the piece of cake or candies in the fridge, you probably need detoxification of the organism.

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The body cleanse itself on its own, right? So, why it can’t deal with this problem, but you have to help in the process?

Yes, your body detoxifies naturally 24/7. The colon, lymph, liver, kidneys, gall-bladder, lungs and skin function constantly in order to deal with the toxins and remove them out of the body.

Unfortunately, however, we live in a world, which is so polluted that no matter how hard you try, you cannot protect yourself from the polluted air, pesticides and chemicals in food and water, the harmful substances in the household and cosmetic products, the stressful situations in the everyday life or from the negative emotions, which are present at your workplace or on the streets, even at your home.

Do you know, for example, that, according to a report of the World Health Organization in 2016, the air pollution has increased by 8% in just five years. Can you guess what the percentage of pollution is now in 2018?

And do you know that according to a publication of 2012 of the USA National Health Institute, due to the daily exposure to pesticides, every year children lose some IQ?

And what to say about the chemicals in water and food, which contain bacteria and substances that, according to the World Health Organization, are one of the major causes of more than 200 diseases?

Just think about the household products that you use for disinfection and cleaning or the cosmetic products, which you personally apply to your hair and skin? All the conditioners, creams, shampoos of the cosmetics industry penetrate the skin and go directly into your body, thus accumulating toxins and harmful substances in th body.

Think also about the daily stress that we experience and it is clear that regardless of all the efforts that your body makes to cope and cleanse itself from the harmful substances that are accumulated on a daily basis in it, if you don’t help in the process, your health can’t get better.

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When to perform a detoxification?

The signs showing that your body needs detoxification are various, but some of the most obvious are as follows:

Craving for something sweet

If you constantly desire something sweet and you feel bad if you don’t have a piece of cake on hand, this is a clear sign that you overdo with the processed foods. Without realizing, you have increased your blood sugar on a “fun roller coaster”, which makes your body pray for more and more sweets and processed foods (let’s just say it… junk foods).

Digestive problems have occurred

When there are toxins and slags in the intestines that the body can’t just throw away, one of the main symptoms that it needs cleansing is the occurrence ofconstipation, diarrhea, abdominal bloating and gas.

You often suffer from seasonal allergies or colds and viral diseases

The more your body needs cleansing, the more your immune system is weakened. That’s why you get sick more often during the winter and allergies “attack” you that haven’t bothered you until now. Symptoms of accumulated toxins in the organism may also be the chronic sinusitis, migraine and frequent headaches.

Pimples on the skin or unhealthy look

The accumulation of toxins can prevent proper liver function and reduce its detoxifying ability, and this directly affects your skin in the first place. So if you notice that your skin has unhealthy look or suddenly appear pimples, eczema and acne, then it is time for detoxification of the organism.

You are constantly tired

We are not talking about feeling tired for a day or two. We are talking about being tired every day without getting better, even if you rest and sleep enough.

Constant feeling of tiredness is an indication that you most probably have a problem called „adrenal fatigue”. This tiredness appears when your brain and adrenal glands do not communicate properly due to increased cortisol levels (in other words, you are under great stress) or when your body has accumulated harmful substances or toxins. 

Your mind is wandering

You try to concentrate, but you have the feeling that your mind is foggy and you can’t think clearly. You try to „get it together”, but instead you stare at one point and your thoughts are messy or wandering. You start to forget things that someone has just told you a few minutes ago or you don’t listen at all.

This happens when your body is not able to eliminate the toxins fast enough and they accumulate in your blood, which in turn cannot transport the necessary substances for the proper function of your brain.

Your body starts to have unpleasant and strange odor

Another unpleasant side effect of the accumulation of toxins in the organism is the increased body smell, including bad breath, strong fecal odor.

The main way your body eliminates toxins naturally out of the body is through sweat, urine and excrements. However, when these channels are blocked by too many toxins or they don’t function properly, the strong and intense odor of the body increases.

An indication that your liver can’t deal on its own is the white tongue and bad breath in the mouth.

You start to gain weight

Do you remember the first sign indicating that a detoxification is required? The refined and processed foods that you desire and you cannot resist the temptation? These foods not only accumulated toxins in your body and „play” with your blood sugar, but they also are the main cause of the varying weight problems that you have.

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We hope we brought some clarity on when detoxification is required, but why to do it?

The benefits of regular detoxification of the organism are many, but if you actually, after all that has been said, still ask yourself the question: „Why to perform a detox”…

Here are some specific benefits of the detoxification

You will lose weight

The cleansing of the organism from the accumulated toxins will not only improve the function of its “cleansing system”, but also will help you to lose weight. During the detox your desire for unhealthy and sweet foods will decrease, so you will start to eat more healthy and balanced, as all these changes can lead only to one – weight loss.

You will have more clear mind and will be able to concentrate easily

Following a good detox program will clear your thoughts and you won’’ be in a state of constant fog anymore. The limitation of sweet and fat foods that make you feel lethargic and unable to think clearly, will cause everything to fall into place again. And if you include some meditation in your detoxification program, you will be again the person with a sharp mind.

You will boost your immune system and you will have more energy

Once there are no toxins to clog the channels, your immune system will strengthen, the function of the bowels will be normalized and you will feel lighter and filled with much more energy.

The condition of your skin and hair will improve

After the detoxification your hair can grow without being prevented by the accumulated internal toxins and it will be much more shiny, soft and silky. And the skin of your face will again be smooth and beautiful.