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In recent years the detoxification of the organism has become very popular all over the world. It is enough just to go online and to write in the search engines „detox of the body” and you will find many articles detailing why the detoxification is so important.

Detox is not only popular because it helps the organism to get rid of the harmful toxins that are accumulated in our bodies with food, water and air, but also because of the weight loss effect, which it provides, and it is especially desired by the women.

There are many cleansing methods, the duration of the detox is different, and the goals – completely clear. And because we speak of the modern lifestyle and diet, and the pollution, as all these have impact on us, many people believe that the concept of detoxification and way of detoxification are product of modern society.

The truth, however, is quite different, and in order to find out when humanity has realized that, to take care of its health, it has to get rid of toxins, accumulated in the body, we have to go back in history.

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But before we do that… where does the concept of detoxification come from?

„Poison” in Latin is a „toxin”, and the concept „detoxification” means „removing toxins (poisons)”.

It is known that „detoxification” as a concept has begun to be imposed since the middle of the last century, but initially it was used with regard to the treatment of people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Later on, the concept begins to be used in connection with other addictions requiring detoxicate (application of a remedy for a poison or elimination of the harmful effects of the poision on a patient).

Since the dawn of civilization to the present day

We don’t know how our ancestors have called the detoxification process, but one thing is clear – all ancient nations have performed cleansing by using different detox procedures in their religious rituals.

Ancient Greece

Philosophers in ancient Greece have used a cleansing practice of the organism in their rituals, which was later included in the medical practice as a method of elimination of toxins from the body. One of the detox techniques that was used by the ancient Greeks and by the ancient Egyptians was the enema, because the belief was that cleansing of intestine was the fastest way for the body to deal with toxins.

Another popular detox method that was applied by the ancient Greeks and by the ancient Romans was the so-called „sweathy baths”. They entered the hot baths (similar to today’s saunas) and stayed there for a certain period of time, as they believed that through sweat the toxins came out quickly and easily.

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians also applied enema as a detoxification technique. They believed that the cause of the fever lies in the toxins formed by the degradation of food in the intestines. This method of detoxification is also used today and ensures that harmful substances are indeed completely eliminated from the digestive system.

The Indians

The Indians have also been practicing detoxification for centuries, and for them the cleansing was based on three components:

The local American residents entered small tents, as inside the tents there were previously heated stones. During the ritual, the hot stones were watered, so the tent turned into something like a sauna. The heat helped the body to sweat and to throw the poison away.

Fasting is a common practice in all ancient cultures (including the Bulgarian) and it helps the degradation of the accumulated fat. During the fast, the body burns glucose and then starts burning fat, and finally with them the toxins also burn. This leads to detoxification of the body and endorphins release.

Indians performed cleansing with herbs by burning herbs in a bowl, such as sage, in a room in which the person who has to be cleansed is present. By the burning process, the herbs released negative ions that act purifying on both the body and spirit.


Chinese medicine also can claim that it knew the concept of detoxification and it applied the cleansing methods since 2700 B.C. The methods of detoxification in Chinese medicine are applied until the present day, and some of the most popular detox methods for cleansing of the organism in this ancient holistic medicine are the acupuncture, acupressure and enema for colon cleansing.

Another interesting detox method, which has been used by the Chinese medicine for centuries, and nowadays we still apply it, are the detox pads. Ancient Chinese believed that the body sends the most harmful substances as far as possible from the heart, and that’s why they stuck the pads, soaked with vinegar on the feet at night. The function of these pads was to act by stimulating pressure on the feet to extract the toxins.


In Thailand, the ancient forms of yoga included the use of a juice for detoxification and internal cleansing, which was considered an essential element of the spiritual journey towards achievement of self-realization.

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India is the birth place of the oldest holistic medicine Ayurveda, and we cannot miss to point out that detoxification is a key element in its treatment methods. This only reminds us that toxins have not only been known to man since ancient times, but people have been looking for a way to deal with them.

In Ayurveda, the methods for detoxification are many, and they include the use of herbs, the application of therapies such as Panchakarma, aromatherapy, massages and diets, as well as other methods, which are known and used to the present day.

Brushing the skin with a dry brush for a few minutes a day and then using the sauna is a detox method that has been applied in Europe for centuries. This method eliminates dead cells, unclogs the pores of skin, boosts the immune system and improves blood circulation.

The brief review of the detox methods, which have been applied by our ancestors, show that, regardless of whether they are developed in the eastern or western parts of the world, all nations knew what was the concept of detoxification and they used very similar methods for detox, which have included use of herbs and consumption of fruit and vegetable juices that have cleansing properties. They have also applied cleansing therapies to remove the harmful chemicals and toxins such as enema, Panchakarma, sauna and so on.

Detoxification today

Nowadays you can remove toxins from your body using various methods, as most of them are coming from our ancestors, so we won’t list them again, but we will give you some tips for cleansing, which will help you to feel lighter, happier and definitely healthier.

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6 easy methods for cleansing the body from toxins

Include more green leafy vegetables, herbs and algae in your detox diet

Parsley, alfalfa, chlorella are very powerful means of removing chemicals and heavy metals from the organism. Dark green vegetables and herbs alkalize and cleanse the blood, which makes it easier for the organism to get rid of the toxins and with less discomfort.

You can consume them as salad, juice and in powder form, and the algae, for example, you can dissolve in water or juice.

Detox with lemon water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup

This is a pretty drastic cleansing method, but if you think that you can water fast for a day or two, this will give the necessary rest to your digestive system. It is important to mention that this is very strict fast and you shouldn’t overdo it.

Cleansing with fresh juices

Detoxification with fresh juices is very popular at the moment and most probably you are familiar with it, but we also should describe it here. You can cleanse your body with juices for 3 to 14 days, during which time you have to consume only freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

Juice of celery, cucumber, beet, carrots, lettuce, ginger and lemon are the perfect choice for neutralizing the acidity in the organism and for elimination of toxic waste that has accumulated in it. Only don’t forget that the juices have to be freshly squeezed, not juices from the market.

  • Series of enemas for cleansing of the colon

Every food we eat goes into the stomach and the waste moves to the colon to be removed naturally. However, when there are toxins accumulated in our bodies, they can prevent the proper elimination of the waste and they can form slags.  The enemas may not be the best and most comfortable way for detoxification, but according to some of the experts, their regular application is considered to be one of the main actions, which have to be undertaken to maintain a clear organism, free of toxins. You can make the cleansing enemas at home on your own using Epsom salt, but it would be better if you visit a detox clinic.

  • Cleansing through the sweat

Through moderate exercises, if you visit the sauna or brush your skin to eliminate the deal cells, your pores will open and the toxins will be quickly removed.

  • Follow a diet with high water intake, and fruits and vegetables

This is perhaps the most pleasant and easy way to cleanse your organism and to lose weight. The sample menu that you can try is as follows:

*for breakfast eat fruits or drink vegetable juice;

*for lunch, also eat a fruit, include a big salad of green leafy vegetables and milky dressing;

*for dinner, first eat a fruit, then a salad with some vegetables that you like or you can bake one or two sweet potatoes.

You can follow the detox diet as long as you like, just don’t forget that after you finish it, the feeding process should be slow and gradual.

We have tried to describe the concept of detoxification and the cleansing methods, used through the centuries to the present day, and the conclusion we have reached is that although our ancestors have not lived in such a polluted and filled with stress world, they have found that in order to be healthy, they have to cleanse their bodies from toxins.