Which foods contain more vitamin C?
Кои храни съдържат повече витамин C?

Our body  needs certain substances to function properly.  This means that we need to choose the right foods that contain them in order to be  healthy and energetic.

In addition to food, of course, in order to feel good, we also need to  practice activities that we love.  Sport is definitely of great benefit to our general condition – mental and physical.

However, it is extremely important to  take foods that are high in vitamins and minerals.  These are, for example, those from which we can get the famous vitamin C.

What is it and what do we need it for?

 Vitamin C,  also called ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin that has a very  beneficial effect on the human body.  Participates in the growth and maintenance of tissues and blood vessels, in the synthesis of enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters.

In addition, it helps to heal wounds quickly, strengthens the immune system, has a  powerful antioxidant effect  and helps the body absorb iron better.

In the interest of truth  our bodies need it very much,  but they cannot synthesize and store it. The daily intake is different for each group according to age. Mature people  need about 90 milligrams  of it a day and need to get it from eating fruits and vegetables.

If we fail to  cover the daily dose for a long period of time,  this will lead to an unfavorable condition of the body –  the immune system will begin to weaken, the gums may begin to bleed, infections may occur, often forming bruises, anemia, slow wound healing and others.

Vitamin C has many functions.  It is involved in the formation and maintenance of collagen, skin, teeth, cartilage, tendons and blood vessels. It also  plays a role in the synthesis of many hormones,  enzymes and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, tyrosine, peptide hormones and adenosine triphosphate.

Strengthens our immune system  and protects us from various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, infections and even cancer. This vitamin is a  powerful antioxidant.

Protects the body from the development of scurvy. Helps to  better absorb the mineral iron.  And last but not least – protects the body from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

For general relief, this vitamin is also widespread and  we can get it from any food.  It is important to keep in mind, however, that it is not durable when subjected to heat treatment.

So, in addition to  consuming foods that contain vitamin C,  we need to eat them raw. It is also allowed to have a light treatment.

What are foods high in Vitamin C?

Cockatoo plum

In the first place is a very interesting fruit, which in the interest of truth is not the most popular. This is the cockatoo plum that grows in the continent  Australia.

It is yellow-green in color and is extremely small. Contrary to its size, however, it is a  great source of vitamin C,  because only  per 100 grams it contains 5300 mg  of vitamin C. This is in percentage terms about  500%  of the daily recommended dose that we should take from the vitamin .

To whom To

The fruits of the Kamu Kamu shrub,  originating from the Amazon jungle , are another source of vitamin C. They are small and painted yellow-red. At  100 grams  they contain about  2800 mg  of vitamin C, which makes them a good choice.

In addition, the Kamu Kamu fruit is  extremely rich in other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  This great fruit is extremely useful, which is causing great demand in the market. This has led to  endangerment of the species.

Кои храни съдържат повече витамин C?


Acerola is a tree whose small red fruits are also an  excellent source of the important vitamin  and are famous for it. Per  100 grams contain 1650 mg.

South and Central America are considered to be their homeland.  The average weight of this fruit is only  5 grams,  but it is enough to meet the needs of ascorbic acid for a whole day.

In addition, Acerola  contains large amounts of fiber, other vitamins and minerals . It is also known as the fruit with the most powerful antioxidant properties. It contains so much ascorbic acid that it is used to  make a vitamin C concentrate .

Sea buckthorn

Another plant that falls into this list of foods is sea buckthorn. It is a  shrubby tree  that grows in  East Asia.  Its fruits are small and have a special orange color.

Sea buckthorn is also  very rich in various nutrients , from which come its useful properties, which resemble those of the fruit goji berry. Intake of only  15 grams  is enough to absorb what is needed for the day amount of vitamin C, and per  100 grams contain 700 mg  of the vitamin.


Amla, also called  Indian grape,  is a tree fruit of  India  origin. It is also one of the fruits with the highest content of vitamin C. At  100 grams it contains 445 mg  of vitamin C. In addition has other beneficial properties for the body –  antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Fights cancer. Consumption of amla fruit  helps to strengthen the human immune system . It also improves the symptoms of diabetics and may even help slow aging. Eating just a few fruits a day is  enough to provide a person with the necessary doses of vitamin C.

Кои храни съдържат повече витамин C?


You can also bet on the rose hip. Little is known that it is a  wild rose,  but it is well known in our country. It turns out to be a great source of ascorbic acid even after processing to make jam or marmalade.

Per  100 grams there are 425 mg  of vitamin C. It is also an  excellent antioxidant.  It is used a lot in diseases and that is why it is called the “Queen of Herbs”.

Rosehip is a very useful fruit,  which helps stimulate the immune system. It also reduces the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, promotes the formation of red blood cells and  increases a person’s energy . It brings many benefits to its consumers.

Кои храни съдържат повече витамин C?


If you like the spicy taste, bet on hot peppers, but be careful. Spicy has benefits, but also harms. Peppers can be in different shades of yellow, red, green, purple and black and in different sizes. They are widespread throughout the world because of their  spicy taste and high content of ascorbic acid.

Most of this vitamin is found in green peppers, but yellow and red do not give up. At  100 grams  they contain about  240 mg.  The intake of even just one pepper is enough to get  the required daily amount of vitamin C.


An interesting fruit also plays a big role when it comes to a high content of vitamin C. It is the  tropical fruit guava.  It originates from  Central America , more precisely –  Mexico.

This fruit is extremely useful because it is  rich in fiber and many vitamins.  With a medium-sized guava fruit, we can get  4 times  more vitamin C than an orange.

Per  100 grams  contains  230 mg  of ascorbic acid. Guava is also rich in substances such as carotenoids and phytochemicals, which  contribute to the power of its antioxidant properties.

Кои храни съдържат повече витамин C?

Blackcurrant – a great and very tasty fruit

Its fruits without processing are  extremely rich in vitamin C and polyphenols . Per  100 grams contain 200 mg  of the vitamin.

Due to its chemical composition,  blackcurrant has strong antioxidant properties . In addition to raw, it can be consumed as jam, nectar and juices.

The pepper

It can be found in all shapes and colors –  red, green, orange or yellow.  Depending on the color, the content of ascorbic acid is  determined,  because each type has a different amount.

The fruits of yellow color are considered to be the richest in this vitamin. The content of vitamin C in them can reach  185 mg per 100 grams.


Kiwi may not be to everyone’s taste because of its  intrusive sour taste,  but its fans definitely get enough doses of vitamin C. It also has many beneficial properties because it is  rich in nutrients.


Strawberries also  give our bodies large amounts of the vitamin,  which makes them not only delicious but also very useful. Apart from its vitamin content, it is also rich in  vitamin A, vitamin E and B-complex , as well as iodine and fluorine.

They are  a source of fiber.  These small fruits are not accidentally loved by all people.

Кои храни съдържат повече витамин C?


Broccoli is exceptional, very tasty and  contains a relatively large amount of vitamin C.  In one serving of them there are about 90 milligrams of vitamin.

They are very useful because they are  one of the best detox foods we can consume. During cooking, they should not be subjected to long heat treatment, because they will  lose their useful and valuable substances.

There are countless other foods that are delicious and very useful because of their  high content of vitamin C  and other vitamins and minerals. These are also fruits and vegetables, so you can  easily alternate your sources  of substances so important for the body.

Prepare your favorite foods with their help and be sure that you  give the best to your body and soul.

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