Which fruits are recommended for weight loss?
Боровинки и къпини за отслабване

One of the most important things when trying to lose weight is to make sure that we will not deprive the body of the most important nutrients. The only way to get rid of our worries and the annoying counting of calories and vitamins, is to try to keep this process as natural as possible. That’s why fruits as part of a well-balanced diet are a great way to lose weight and keep our body fresh and toned.

Blueberries and blackberries for slimming

Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and grapefruit

Almost all fruits share two great benefits: they are sweet and low in calories. Strawberries and blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are like small vitamin bombs. In addition, their compact size makes them extremely easy for consumption – they can be added to breakfast cereal, yoghurt or the smoothie in the morning, both fresh and dried, and they are also a great filling for wholegrain cookies.

In addition to boosting metabolism, these fruits give a very strong muscle charge and regain the tone, making them really good for the start of the day.

If you have followed diets in the past, you’ve probably noticed that grapefruit is doing a great job against the extra pounds. Half a grapefruit contains about 20 calories. In addition, it is very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, as shortly after the end of dinner it affects positively the metabolism and bad cholesterol levels. On the other hand, if consumed before the main meals during the day it help us to reduce the overall calorie intake.

For those who have sensitive teeth, the direct consumption of grapefruit or other citruses can be a real challenge as the acid in them softens the tooth enamel.

Keep in mind that it is not good to brush the teeth  half an hour after eating sour fruits. And those who have a particularly sharp sensitivity should consume grapefruit juice with a straw in order to limit the contact of the acid with the enamel as much as possible.

Kiwi and apples

Although when it is not well ripened, it also can be quite sour and cause unpleasant sensations in the teeth, contrary to the general opinion, kiwi is not a citrus fruit. It grows on the nodes along something like tree lianas, which once could be seen mostly in China.

Nowadays kiwi trees can be grown in most warm countries, including in southern Bulgaria. The fruit contains minimum amounts of calories and sugar, but it is extremely rich in beneficial substances such as vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin В9.

We have all heard about the diet „… and apples“ – everyone can finish the sentence. In fact, whatever we put on the dots, we will not be wrong! They also do not contain lots of calories, but are very rich in fiber and also activate the burning of the accumulated fats in the cells. It is proven that the intake of enough amount of apples help us to lose the extra pounds.

Peaches and other stone fruits can also be effective allies in the fight against the overweight.

Eating kiwi for slimming and weight loss


For people who are physically active there is no better choice than bananas. With their high nutrient content, they are irreplaceable for the effective regimen, supplying us with magnesium, potassium, manganese, as well as with vitamins A, C and B6, and with fiber.

At the same time, they do not contain many calories, so they are ideal before physical activity, and as a bonus they help us deal with the stress and insomnia. Their texture and „individual package“make them suitable as for on-the-go snack and as an ingredient to smoothies, muesli breakfast, and so on.  

Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits are very beneficial for the fans of sweet taste who are looking for a way to replace the harmful foods several times a day. The passion fruit is an edible fruit of some representatives of the Passiflora family.

It is also particularly effective for weight loss, and is also rich in vitamin C and folic acid. Depending on the variety of passion fruit, they can be purple and yellow, as well as green.

Pineapple is also a vitamin bomb that charges us with the necessary dose of a number of beneficial substances every day, it acts prophylactically against diabetes, cardiac diseases and asthma. In addition, the consumption of pineapple gives a great look to the skin and hair and keeps us always toned. As we already know from the famous Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, Mexican cuisine and modern fusion cuisine, this fruit is far from reserved exclusively for dessert recipes.

Eating watermelon for losing weight

Fruits with high water content

Fruits with high water content help us on the way to weight loss, for example, watermelon. Although sweet, it can be used for the preparation of salads and even of some main dishes.

In Asian cuisine and in the traditions of a number of tribes all over the world there are recipes for dishes, resembling a stew, cooked in a large carved watermelon instead of a pot, as part of the fruit is used for the filing.

The variations of the Italian salad Caprese with mozzarella, balsamic vinegar and watermelon, with or without tomatoes, are somewhat the sophisticated equivalent of our favorite Bulgarian dish from the childhood – watermelon with cheese. Moreover, when consumed in this way, the watermelon is much more satiating, which is an easy and convenient option for light intermediate meal during the hot days.

If you are not a fan of the fancy recipes, just cut a thin slice of the watermelon, even with the rind, so you can hold it in your hand and eat it like a pizza, and you can stay well hydrated and fresh throughout the day in the hottest days. In fact, during the summer, it is advisable to consume watermelon almost every day, and even every day in the hottest days, when we can become dehydrated. However, we should not forget that watermelon has a relatively high glycemic index, so we should not indulge in its consumption.

However, not always the decision to lose weight is based on eating fruit salad at every meal, even without adding any calorific or harmful substances and products to it. We need to inform ourselves and consciously decide which fruits would be most beneficial to us, depending on what we would like to achieve – in view of in which area of the body we have accumulated more fat, it is good to know which fruit groups are best for us.

If our dream is to lose a few pounds in the abdomen and hips, for example, bananas can be beneficial to us, as well as citrus fruits. We can gain an even greater benefit from the fruit regime if we combine it with green tea or yoghurt.

Another fruit that is effective against accumulated fat in the abdominal area is the avocado. If watermelon and pineapple, although used in many „salty“recipes, are still considered an exotic and eccentric choice, avocado is a vegetable and most of us are accustomed to see it mostly in our salads.  

In fact, avocado can be used for the preparation of a great bio slimming vegan ice cream,  various puddings, cheesecake fillings in combination with lime and orange peels, and also for dough for the healthy cupcakes with a light cream of lime and blueberries. Peaches and guava are perfect and can help us get rid of the fats in the abdominal area.

If the area in which we aim to lose weight is our thighs and legs, then we should consume mostly citrus fruits because they contain plenty of polyphenols.

If you prefer to drink your super foods, you can make a smoothie of your favorite fruits. If you add some ginger and parsley in it, your morning refreshing drink will become a real feast for the senses. If the smoothies seems too vegan for you and this is not your thing, then you can prepare yourself a home-made cold tea, flavored with citruses, peaches (or any other fruits to taste!), honey, cinnamon and some nutmeg, served with stick of mint.

As already mentioned, our refreshing home-made drinks for weight loss should be based on the green tea. These drinks are not only refreshing, but also very beneficial compared to all products that we can buy ready and packaged from the stores.

There are a few things to look out when we choose our daily dose of fruits in the form of a fresh. First of all, the fresh is a freshly squeezed fruit juice. This is no just a precise translation of the word, this is the fresh as it should be in order to be beneficial to us. Moreover, these juices should not be additionaly sweetened and should be consumed within 20 minutes of their preparation.

Also, when we decide to follow a diet based on the increased intake of fruits, as with any diet, we need to keep in mind the possible side effects and measures that we can take in order to prevent them.

Many people worry that with their high potassium content bananas can cause them a mineral imbalance known as hyperkaliemia. For sure we should not overdo it, as with the consumption of any other type of food, but for a healthy man it is practically impossible to eat too many bananas. However, people who should limit the consumption of foods with high potassium content due to medical reasons, should avoid the consumption of oranges, avocado and other fruits.