Why doesn’t local weight loss exist?
Защо локално отслабване не съществува?

Almost everyone has a problem area in your area that wants to change. The abdomen is one of them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have to be magnetically reduced to just one specific place from nothing. You have actions that will help you achieve this.


You probably think that a lot of squats a day will leave fat from your legs and abdomen, but you really can’t control where your fat is supposed to burn. You cannot otherwise control the place that will be present.


Fats are distributed and stored in your body based on your genes and hormones. Therefore, they are not always distributed evenly, and some people develop certain persistent ‘accumulation zones, at least visible to themselves.


Keep in mind the excess calories, the magnets turn into satisfy in an uneven way. It’s not just marking one or the other burn zone and offering results, but you have to wonder if that happens.

Why doesn't local weight loss exist?Why doesn’t local weight loss exist?



Much of the unwanted fat in the thighs and abdomen are subcutaneous fats that are difficult to cover. It really takes a lot of weight training to see the result.


For women, for example, a battle with a magnetic abdomen is even more advisable, given the area that must be used to potentially develop babies. Subcutaneous fat is also very stubborn, requiring a necessary layer of insulation for our organs.


A second type of belly-specific fat is visceral fat, which in presentation is an immediate health problem, gently turn over our internal organs and release harmful substances. If you lose weight, they are a must who are leaving.

Why doesn't local weight loss exist?

The best diet for fat loss and foods that should absolutely be avoided

Just look carefully at the excess of yours, it’s not that it’s worth it for a drastic diet, finding it only cucumbers and potatoes, after two weeks. See that these diets are sold by following the best thing, all you have to do is see for failure.


Even one day on a restricted diet is a waste of time, life, and health, there are many woods to avoid consuming vital nutrients and losing muscle mass. What will happen in a few weeks? You will go back to your old navigation, then you will return and your weight!


Two weeks is a long time to put in place a healthy eating plan to help you deal with fat properly. A sensible fluid was created deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day. That’s enough to lose 1 to 2 pounds in a week.


The first sources of empty calorie foods worthy of parting with are sugars and refining carbohydrates. Removing the storage that invited insulin can help your body to split fat in the abdomen and hips.


Why doesn't local weight loss exist?

Healthy diet


Exercises are only half of the refinement to stay abdominal fat; diet is just as important:

  • Stop consuming store with added sugar, stores that are toxic and find fat
  • Instead selected permanent proteins, mono- and polyunsaturated fats, leaving foods, fresh vegetables and fruits
  • You will further reduce calories by reducing your portion sizes and giving yourself time to digest so you do not overdo it
  • Follow what you need to lose an extra 1 or 2 pounds is reduce sun members. Recommend and consume that you hold fluids that will increase your weight recently, the weight of your


Cardio Exercise


Exactly so you can use exercises with an effective way to burn fat throughout your body, including your abdomen. Download at least 150 minutes of cardio per week, broken down into small pieces – 3 to 5. Running, biking, dancing, or aerobics will show you moving at a moderate to intense pace.

Why doesn't local weight loss exist?

Strength Training


Check out two to three workouts a week for permanent strengthening of your body, you can help build lean muscle mass and strengthen metabolic processes throughout the process. Include specific abdominal exercises to help tone it up. Manage should not be a special task for men.


Improve your diets and test for dramatic testing. Fitness Control and Prevention Centers for Recommended 150 Minutes Cardio Exercise  Moderate Weekly Intensity. This can only take a quick 20 minute walk a day.


Even stairs or submission exercises further help burn calories. If you have recommended that you use all the final programs and do all the exercises, but this should be done much more without results, you should keep their intensity.

Why doesn't local weight loss exist?

Your body burns fat more effectively when you do short high-intensity exercises followed by short periods of lower cardio intensity exercises. A paper published in Journal of Obesity’s 2011 showed that high-intensity, interval training is very effective for burning subcutaneous fat. Some of the exercises include the famous push-ups, squats, jumps and more.

Weight lifting also increases intensity. When you lose weight, you may lose a lot of muscle mass, especially if you are only on a diet without exercise. Muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain. Therefore, you may feel hungry after a workout and fruit or protein shakes would be great for satiating your hunger, boosting your calorie burn and energizing your muscles.

Why doesn't local weight loss exist?

Don’t be afraid of overall weight loss


The most successful weight loss plans are comprehensive, which include:

  • eating all the foods that are good for you
  • reducing calories
  • calculating your personal weight loss requirements


You can start this by using the  RMR Online Calculator to determine how many calories your body uses per day. This will also help you understand how many calories you are consuming per day. The RMR calculator includes gender, height, age and weight and will help you understand how many calories your body burns.


And as a last resort, we recommend that you not starve because you have read that you need to reduce calories! Women should not eat less than 1,200 calories and men 1,800 per day.

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