Why is dancing so effective for body and mind?
Защо танците са толкова ефективни за тялото и ума?

There are all kinds of sports that help us to be active to move our bodies constantly. They maintain our good figure, but at the same time they take care of other things – for our good mental state and for building a healthy and fighting spirit.

Apart from practicing sports, such an effect and many other benefits can be achieved and derived with the help of dances.

Защо танците са толкова ефективни за тялото и ума?

Dancing is an art form

Dancing is not a sport, but rather a kind of art that tells whole stories through the human body and its movements. It always goes hand in hand with the music and only then it has a complete and complete look. 

There is no precise definition, but it is determined by different criteria – historical, cultural, moral and aesthetic traditions in different societies. There are all kinds of dances, that it is difficult to gather and list all at once.

Popular types and styles are:

  • Salsa – a Spanish dance that is dynamic and played in pairs, but it is possible to dance alone. Salsa music is danced. She is cheerful and charges both dancers and spectators with positive energy

Literally, salsa is a sauce, and dances are named because their music includes all kinds of instruments and sounds. Salsa is extremely popular and many people like it.

  • Cha-cha-cha – this Latin American dance is a variety of mambo and has Cuban origins. As a result, it combines Latin American sounds and melodies, as well as Cuban rhythms. Again, people dance in pairs, and it is typical for the dancers to count their steps, pronouncing the name of the dance.
  • Merengue – a traditional Dominican dance that is danced in pairs. It features small steps in different directions, with the requirement that the couple not let go of their hands for a moment. Beautiful figures are obtained in the different movements of the dancers. 
  • Hip-hop – these dances, also called breakdance, originate among African Americans and Latinos. These include improvisation, acrobatic movements, robotic movements and strange facial expressions.

 They are performed against the background of hip-hop and rap music. This direction also includes the relevant music, graffiti and DJing. The style is extremely popular and practiced to this day in all parts of the world. 

Защо танците са толкова ефективни за тялото и ума?

  • Ballet – it is exquisite stage art , which originated during the Renaissance. He was influenced by the then ballroom and folk dances. Its emergence is based on a combination of drama, pantomime, choreography, scenography, performed against the background of classical music.

In ballet the plot is told with a dance. The movements include rhythmic plastic dance, free sculpture, modern dance and jazz ballet. Ballet is directly related to music and literature and often genres are determined on the basis of theirs. 

The following types of ballet are distinguished – ballet-tragedy / comedy, ballet-play and ballet-symphony, plot or non-plot, one-act and multi-act, ballet-interlude, choreographic miniature and classical ballet. 

  • Tango – this captivating and passionate dance originates among the common people in Argentina and Uruguay. It is performed in pairs of music of the same name. It changes and popularizes over time. Today it is extremely famous and there are many schools around the world where tango is played. 

Защо танците са толкова ефективни за тялото и ума?

  • Samba – a type of Latin American dance that is performed to music with a specific rhythm. Dynamic and cheerful dance, which is very popular in Brazil and is performed annually at their carnivals. It is usually performed by women who are dressed in interesting costumes with colorful feathers. They are also popular in other parts of the world. 
  • Rumba – also called “dance of love”, rumba is considered the slowest Latin American dance. It is played in pairs. They perform gentle but complex movements that look very nice from the side and captivate the audience. This dance is always played third in a row and is considered a “break” between other dynamic Latin American dances.
  • Paso Doble – Spanish folk dance, which is dedicated to bullfighting. The dancers present the matador as the role of his cloak is played by a woman. The nature of the music corresponds to the procession before the bullfight. 
  • Jive – another Latin American dance, which is considered the most attractive and rhythmic. Attracts the eyes of the audience when played with energy and elated feeling.
  • Folk dances – traditional Bulgarian dances, which most often include people and handkerchief. People are collective dances that can be played by an indefinite number of people in different figures. There are all kinds of people whose rhythm varies from slow to very fast.

The way the dancers cling to each other depends on the type of dance. The handkerchief can be danced both individually and in pairs or even in groups. Dancers do not have to hold hands unless it is choreographed. 

Защо танците са толкова ефективни за тялото и ума?

Why is dancing so effective for body and mind?

The dances can be performed on different occasions – in front of an audience or at rituals, as well as for personal pleasure. A dance consists of a certain number of movements that are repeated a certain number of times. They can be performed at different tempos, depending on the musical accompaniment. 

We can also convey a different emotion with them. Some people show their pain and sadness in this way, while others – their joy, others – their rage … With dance we can convey any emotion. It will even be enhanced with the right selection of music, movements, costumes , makeup, hairstyle, stage sets and stage lighting.

This is one of the reasons dancing is so important to us and our well-being. It is an amazing way to shake off our problems or even think about them and solve them while keeping our body in good shape. 

In addition, dances build important features and qualities in our country. When we dance in a group we learn team play and synchrony, while when we dance alone we develop our independence and improve our own skills. In both cases we become more disciplined and responsible. We develop our common culture and become dedicated to success.

 Dancing builds a fighting spirit. One who does not despair of failure, but continues forward with a scientific lesson. Dancers really appreciate the important thing in life – the good moments and emotions. 

Dances are designed for everyone who wants to be mobile and maintain the good shape of their body and spirit. They develop important traits of individuals and help them to be in good health.

They reflect well on the mind because they maintain active thinking and concentration. They can affect a bad mood and fight depression because they alleviate stress and lift the spirits of dancers. They play an important role in building self-confidence. They are great for those who want to lose weight and burn calories.

 Dancing loads all muscle groups and develops them, unlike training in the gym or running. There are many benefits to the bones and joints from practicing dance, no matter what style they are.

Last but not least – dancing is a great way to meet new people with whom to share the same or similar interests.

Which dances can cause injuries?

It turns out that there is a dance that can be defined as “dangerous” and this is zumba. It is becoming increasingly popular as a way to lose weight. According to a study, her practice causes more injuries than other dances.

Another type of dance that is also considered dangerous due to the possibility of injuries is aerobics. This ranking also includes flamenco. People who are prone to developing injuries are good to avoid these styles.

 Salsa and ballroom dancing are considered to be the safest. They are from the ones listed above – captivating and influential. There are many styles of dance, and the benefits of them – even more. Choose your favorite and maintain a good mood and a nice figure with his practice.

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