You want to lose weight effectively – see this!
[:bg]Отслабване с танци и усмивки[:en]Weight loss with dances and smiles[:]

Weight loss with dances and smiles | LuckyFit

If someone tells you that you can lose weight with pleasure – believe them. They apparently mean the weight loss clinic LuckyFit. Losing weight with pleasure is the motto of this five-star clinic in Bansko and this motto is really true.

LuckyFit is based in the luxury hotel Lucky Bansko, so  all the comfort, luxury, conveniences, which can be found in a five-star hotel responding to all international requirements, are available for you .

The programs in the clinic include endless entertainment. Therefore, you will spend in LuckyFit enjoyable, restorative and relaxing holiday during which you will achieve visible weight loss results. Besides, we are talking about a weight loss without dieting –  with a delicious and healthy menu! If this sounds unbelievable to you, then we will add something specific in numbers: with LuckyFit you will reduce your weight by 6% for one week, and for two weeks – by 8%!

And this won’t be a fast weight loss, but most importantly – healthy weight loss. It can help you cleanse your body from the toxins and strengthen your immune system, increase your tonus and vitality. Activities included in the program will help you make your muscles strong, rejuvenate and beautify yourself. And as an addition to this – LuckyFit will help you  achieve the desirable weight and keep it in the future.

How all this will happen?

With the exact combination between balanced and healthy diet and physical activity suited to your capabilities. Of course,  this is done under the surveillance of a medical staff with the corresponding examinations. We should note that you shouldn’t suffer from serious health problems because this is weight loss center, not a hospital. So, if you suffer from chronic diseases, consult beforehand with the program’s staff. Of course, during your stay everyone can and should share if they are worried about something concerning their health.

Dinner at „Leonardo“ restaurant

Therefore, you are in the weight loss clinic LuckyFit. You are accommodated in some of the newly equipped and fitted out studios in Aparthotel Lucky Bansko. You have all the necessary things available – internet, TV, telephone, luxury bath, etc. You have the opportunity to choose from 5 programs in LuckyFit.

The main program is LuckyFit Standard. The other programs are based on it with additional accents – cosmetic effect for skin cleanse and tightening and  celullite reduction; for muscle relax; anti-stress effect and others.

The meals are three times per day in LuckyFit and they follow  the clinic’s special healthy menu without excess calories which can be made suitable according to your preferences – for example vegeterianism. But you have to request for this beforehand in order to be considered while your program menu is being made. The menu includes the daily intake of energized life-giving water, fresh juice and zeolite.

The balanced diet is carried out under the supervision of Prof. Bozhidar Popov. At the same time you will do physical exercises which are indeed entertaining – folklore and modern dancing, gymnastics, yoga, daily  swimming in the pool /with jakuzzi, sauna, steam bath/, mountain walks and hikes, horse ride. You will not only spend a fantastic holiday and lose weight, but also LuckyFit will teach you how to change your habits and create a regime that will help you keep your desirable weight.

This is it – lose weight with pleasure and be energetic!

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