How can I enroll in the LuckyFit program?

You can sign up in several ways:

When is the program held?

The program is held in the period May-October.
Detailed description of the different periods and prices can be found here

What activities are planned?

Depending on the chosen type, the program includes different daily activities:

  • Examination by a cardiologist –preparation of a cardiogram and ultrasound of the heart
  • Analysis of body parameters (including water content in tissues) with a professional TANITA device
  • Всекидневни планински/горски преходи в 2 групи според нивото на физическа подготовка на участниците
  • One or two excursions (depending on the program type)
  • Daily mountain/forest hikes
  • Unlimited use of swimming pool, steam bath, sauna and gym.


  • Bulgarian folk dances
  • Breathing gymnastics
  • Chinese breathing gymnastics;
  • Combined gymnastics – with elements of aerobics, functional training, Pilates and yoga.

You will find an example schedule of how a day of the program goes here.

Do I have to wear special clothes and belongings?

Yes, for your convenience we have prepared a detailed list of everything you need for your stay in the program,which we will send you when confirming the reservation.
You can read the recommended list here.

Do I have to do any research before joining the program?

Yes, it is advisable to have research that will help us find out what your current physical condition is as well as to determine the cause of a certain type of discomfort, in case it occurs during your participation in the program.
Upon confirmation of the reservation we will send you a list of recommended examinations that would be good to do.
It is desirable that participants that do not have up-to-date condition research, present us with one made earlier but not older than 3 months before the start of the program.
The list of recommended examinations is available here.

How long in advance do I have to make the reservation?

We recommend that you enroll in the program at least 1 month in advance, as places are running out quickly, and you will be sure there are vacancies in the chosen part of the program.
Please note that August is very busy, so it is a good idea to make a reservation as early as possible.
After filling the places for one shift, the registrations for the set dates end.

Do I need to prepare in advance for the program?

Yes, in terms of physical activity, it is important to have prior preparation.
Depending on the program type, it would be good to increase your physical activity for a period of 1-2 weeks before the start of the program (for example, walking for 1 hour every day or every other day for 1 hour and 30 minutes).
For the REDUCTION program –you can practice in urban environment (for example park).
For the ATHLETE program – it is desirable to have good physical preparation from hiking in the woods.
If yoy fail to prepare in advance, it is likely that in the first days of the program you will have muscle discomfort or slight tension, which gradually subside.
For the REDUCTION program– we will try to take into account your physical capabilities and include you in a group with light or moderate intensity.

Can I get advice on a personal health problem?

Yes, the program provides free consultations and examinations with a cardiologist and physiotherapist in the first days.

Can I detoxify my body during the program?

Yes, this is one of the effects of the REDUCTION program, which is achieved as a result of physical activity, the Mediterranean diet (choice of 2 menus– 1 250 kcal or 1 650 kcal), daily intake of zeolite, kangen and hydrogen water.

How zeolite and energized water will help me?

You will find more information about the effect of these powerful natural remedies here.

Can I have a partner during my participation in the program?

Yes, you can, and he/she will be accommodated at a preferencial price.
For more information write to

If I want to achieve significant weight loss how long should my stay be?

The weight reduction depending on the degree of obesity is as follows:
slimming effect for 7 nights/8 days: 4 – 6%.
Slimming effect for 14-day stay: 6 – 8%.
We advise you, before you decide to start your weight loss journey, to get acquainted with the principles of healthy weight loss , as the goal of the program is to achieve a lasting effect without stressing the body.

If I’m healthy, have a normal weight and do not want to lose weight, which program will you recommend for me?

For healthy participants without overweight or obesity, we recommend the RELAX program which has a normal diet and free physical activities (optional).

How the program goes?

Please see the sample schedule for one day of the program here.
We pay special attention to the fact that on the day of accommodation- Friday- there is a presentation on the LuckyFit program during which you will receive a detailed information about the schedule of the various daily and weekly activities.
Attendance at the presentation is mandatory.

How to find out about the daily activities on the program?

You can find information about the activities provided in the program for the next day, everyday in the evening at the hotel reception.

What is the food?

The food is different in the different program types.
The menus are prepared with the participation of a doctor, a specialized nutritionist and are enriched with the experience of the culinary experts of Lucky Bansko
You can see a sample menu here.

After losing weight, will I be able to eat as before?

During your participation in the LuckyFit program you will learn how to treat your body responsibly and you will build your own regime based on the newly acquired knowledge and practice.

Are there any special lifestyle requirements that I must follow while participating in the program?

It is advisable to stop thinking about everyday problems and immerse yourself in the relaxing and extremely positive atmosphere of the program.
The effects of your presence at LuckyFit are at least three: healthy weight loss, increased vitality and overall refreshment.
You will get acquainted with useful practices that guarantee permanent weight loss and preservation of the achieved result, activation of metabolic processes, increase of physical endurance, wonderful memories and positive emotions.
Let’s experience this together! We are expecting you!

How long can I cancel an already made reservation for participation in the program?

You can cancel the reservation without penalty at least 14 days before the start date of the program.
If you cancel within a period shorter than 14 days, the deposit of BGN 500/€250 will be withheld as a penalty.

What can I expect if I am not satisfied with the results achieved?

Sometimes, although rarely, participants in the program are not completely satisfied with the results achieved- they call us and tell us that the weight loss process was activated only after they returned home.
The reason for this “delayed start” of the weight loss has its own explanation.
Among some people, the change of daily rhythm and the new situation lead to reaction as in stress- the processes in the body slow down (for example the ones related to the urinary system) .
However, when these people return to familiar conditions, the body returns to its normal rhythm and the results are manifested.
For this reason, for better adaptation of the body to the new regime and more sustainable integration of useful habits acquired during the stay in the program, we recommend the 2-week option.
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