Въпроси и отговори за Лъкифит

small-logo-luckyfitHow can I sign up for the LuckyFit program?

You can sign up in several ways:

small-logo-luckyfitWhen will the program start?

The program runs for 2 weeks every month (with the exception of January and February) as the lunar calendar is being taken into account for better results.
Please get familiar with the listed prices and periods by clicking the following link: https://luckyfit.eu/en/prices/

small-logo-luckyfitWhat kind of activities are planned during the program?

The program is very interesting and intensive and it includes:

  • A medical check-up by a general practitioner – blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar check;
  • A check -up by a cardiologist which includes a cardiogram and an echography of the heart;
  • Analysis of the body indexes (including water content in tissues) with the professional Tanita apparatus;
  • Colon hydrotherapy;
  • Daily mountain hikes in groups divided into three levels according to the physical training;
  • Daily mountain hikes and one excursion in the 7-day package;
  • Horseback riding;
  • Folk and modern dances;
  • Zumba or aerobics;
  • Chinese Breathing Gymnastics;
  • Combined gymnastics — with elements of aerobics, functional training, pilates and yoga;
  • Use of swimming pool, steam bath, sauna and gym without limitation.

The example program for one day is described on the website: https://luckyfit.eu/en/program-without-diet/

small-logo-luckyfitShould I bring special clothing and items during my stay?

Yes, for your convenience, we have compiled a detailed list of clothes and items which we will send you upon confirmation of the reservation.
Please check the recommended list: https://luckyfit.eu/en/zdravoslovna-pochivka/

small-logo-luckyfitShould I have any analysis done before the program?

Yes, it is desirable to bring your last analysis which will help to determine more exactly the reason for your overweight.
Upon confirmation of your reservation, you will receive a form for health state in which the required analysis are described. https://luckyfit.eu/en/izsledvaniq/

It is desirable that participants who do not have up-to-date analysis, present us with previous ones, or accurately and faithfully describe their state of health in the health state form.

Because you may experience discomfort during the program, we will find it difficult to determine the cause of the discomfort in the absence of any previously submitted information.

For program participants who were unable to have their analysis done, we are able to do blood and hormonal tests at the hotel for a fee.

small-logo-luckyfitHow much in advance do I need to make the reservation?

We recommend you to sign up for the program at least a month earlier since the spots are filled up quite quickly.

This will give you security that there are free spots and you can plan your holiday without pressure.

Please keep in mind that the month of August is usually quite busy. Therefore, we recommend you to make a reservation for this month as soon as possible.

After the spots for a shift are filled up, the signing up for the specific dates is finished.

small-logo-luckyfitShould I prepare for the program beforehand?

It would be a good idea if 1 or 2 weeks before the beginning of the program you started to increase your physical activity, for example by practicing walking every day.
If you do not manage to get ready, don’t worry: the mountain hikes within the program are planned in terms of duration and the load is done gradually.
In case of bigger groups, the participants are divided into subgroups according to their physical training.

A week of preparation with a special food regime and a considerable increasing of vegetable food is foreseen for the FULL DETOX program.
Each participant will receive a scheme with the regimen which they will apply separately before the actual detoxification.

small-logo-luckyfitMay I have a consultation for a personal health problem?

Yes, the program provides free of charge consultations and check-ups with experienced specialists in the very first days — with a general practitioner or a cardiologist.

If needed, we can organize a paid consultation with a endocrinologist.

small-logo-luckyfitMay I have my organism detoxified during the program?

Yes, this is one of the effects received during the program which is a result from: the increased physical activity, the food regimen (you can choose from 2 menus –1,100 kcal and 1,400 kcal), the daily consumption of zeolite and energized water, balanced nutrition.

Optionally, you can also do a 30-hour controlled starving with detoxifying broths.

LyckyFit FULL DETOX is a program aimed at powerful detoxification of the organism. https://luckyfit.eu/en/luckyfit-detox/

small-logo-luckyfitHow will zeolite and energized water help me?

Please read more about the effect of these powerful natural means at the following link: https://luckyfit.eu/en/alive-and-energized-water/

small-logo-luckyfitMay I be accompanied by a relative during my participation in the LuckyFit program?

Yes, in this case the person accompanying you will be accommodated at a special price.
For more information, please contact us by e-mail at: info@luckyfit.eu

small-logo-luckyfitIf I wish to lose more weight, how long a stay should I plan for?

For 7 nights/8 days the weight loss effect is 4 – 6%.

For a 2-week stay – the weight loss effect is 6 – 8%.

Before you decide to lose weight, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the principles of healthy weight loss because the goal of the program is to achieve a lasting effect without stressing your body.

small-logo-luckyfitIf I am healthy, I have a normal weight and I do not want to lose weight, which program do you recommend for me?

For healthy participants who are not overweight, we recommend the ANTISTRESS program, which has normal nutrition.

small-logo-luckyfitHow does the program go?

Please check the example program uploaded on our website: https://luckyfit.eu/en/program-without-diet/

We would like to draw your attention to the presentation made for Saturday arrivals of the LuckyFit program, where you will receive full information on the schedule of events during the week.
Presence is a must.

small-logo-luckyfitHow should I inform myself on the daily schedule of the program?

Everyday, during the evening hours, at the reception of the hotel you can receive information for the upcoming events on the following day.

small-logo-luckyfitWhat is the food during the course?

The food is balanced and delicious.
Daily intake of fresh juices, zeolite and energized water is also included.
Please check our example menu: https://luckyfit.eu/en/nutrition/

small-logo-luckyfitOnce I have lost weight, will I be able to eat as in the past?

During the program you will learn how to treat your body and will build your own regimen based on the new knowledge obtained and the practice.

small-logo-luckyfitAre there any specific requirements for the life style I will have to follow during the program?

It is desirable to stop thinking about your everyday life and to indulge into the relaxing and incredibly positive atmosphere of the program.

There are several effects from the program: weight loss, raised tone and complete refreshment, familiarization with good practices that ensure lasting weight loss and maintaining the weight; activation of metabolic processes; improved physical endurance; wonderful memories and positive emotions.

Just try it!

small-logo-luckyfitWhat is the difference between the 5 programs of LuckyFit and how do I choose the most suitable one for me?

If you do not have experience in weight loss programs, we recommend that you join our base program LuckyFit STANDARD or in her “mini” test version – LuckyFit WEEKEND.

If your goal is not as much a weight loss as relaxation and active rest, you can choose LuckyFit ANTISTRESS.

Our new programs, LuckyFit FULL DETOX and LuckyFit YOGA, are oriented towards comprehensive body cleansing and harmonious body, psyche and mind in a natural way.

In the LuckyFit FULL DETECT program, the diet is specially prepared by a dietologiest and 3 colon hydrotherapies are foreseen within 1 week.

In order to obtain optimal results, you’ll get instructions 1 week before the start of the program and 1 week after it ends.

The LuckyFit YOGA diet was prepared by an Indian doctor and is based on the Ayurveda system. LuckyFit YOGA also differs in that it includes daily 3 sessions of yoga exercises and practices.

For more detailed information, do not hesitate to visit the Types of Programs section of our web site.

small-logo-luckyfitIf I do not feel well in the program I chose, can I switch to another one?

Yes, switching is possible, but it will be related to a re-calculation of the price conditions so that they would match the other program.

small-logo-luckyfitUp until when can I cancel a reservation already made to participate in the program?

You can cancel your reservation without penalty for at least 10 days before the start date of the program.

If you cancel in a period shorter than 10 days, the deposit of 100 BGN/50 € will be retained as a penalty.

small-logo-luckyfitWhat can I expect if I’m not satisfied with the results?

There are cases where program participants are not fully satisfied with the results achieved at the end of the program.
Afterwards, however, they get in touch with us to say that the weight loss process has been activated as soon as they came back home.

The reason for this “delayed start” of weight loss has its explanation.
In some people, the change in the daily regimen and the new setting lead to a stress-like reaction that leads to a slowing down of the body’s processes (for example, the ones related to the urinary system).

But when these people return to familiar conditions, their body goes into their usual rhythm and the results of the program start to show.

For this reason, we recommend LuckyFit’s two-week option for better adaptation of the body to the new regime and more sustainable integration of the beneficial habits acquired during the program.