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small-logo-luckyfitTeodor Kordev

/Kinesitherapist /

Teodor Kordev is a kinesitherapist (physiotherapist) who applies conventional and unconventional methods to benefit general health.

He has a bachelor’s degree in kinesitherapy from RU “Angel Kanchev” (2004) and a master’s degree with a specialization in the “Therapeutic effects of kinesitherapy in metabolic syndromes”, which he acquired from NSA “Vasil Levski” (2004 – 2005).

He is a member of the Bulgarian Society of Nutrition and Dietetics.

He has completed courses in Su Jok, Thai massage, Yumeiho therapy, Pilates reformer, yoga with mantra practices. He has also undertaken many other training courses.

Teodor Kordev began his practice as a physiotherapist in Spain (2005).

He hastaught at the International School of Yoga and Energy Healing in Dharamshala, Himalayas, India (2005).

He chose to return to Bulgaria to work as a rehabilitator in the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at MOBAL “Dr. Stefan Cherkezov” AD, Veliko Tarnovo.

He continued his practice as a therapist and fitness instructor in the spa center of the Grand Hotel “Yantra”, Veliko Tarnovo(2006).

He was the head of the Dieli Weight Optimization Center in Balchik (2006) and Bansko (2007).

He also assisted in the creation of the LuckyFit Healthy Lifestyle Program (2008) and was thisinitiative’s manager until the end of 2016.

Teodor Kordev was one of theAyurveda Clinic’s founders – Bansko (2015), the first Indian centerapplying the healing methods of Ayurveda in Bulgaria, and he was the center’s manager until 2017.

He helped establish the Ayurveda Clinic – Sofia (2017) and was its manageruntil December 2017, while being an associate of Indian doctors (2017 – 2021).

He has been a lecturer in numerous seminars and is still training on healthy living practices, health optimization, and how to keepthe work environment in the office safe.

Throughout his career, he has been engaged in stimulating physical activity for many individuals of various ages, ranging from early childhood to adulthood. He is currently working to prevent chronic hemodynamics in adults.

Д-р Дани | LuckyFit

small-logo-luckyfitDr. Daniel Dimitrov

/Manager of the programme LuckyFit FULL DETOX/

Dr. Daniel Dimitrov is a highly qualified specialist in the field of nutrition and preventive medicine, who successfully combines conventional and non-conventional methods of diagnostics and treatment.

In 2001, he graduates a programme of Medicine at the Medical University of Sofia.

In a period of eight years, he raises his professional qualification taking several specialized courses of training: “Nutrition and Dietetics” (2002 – 2006), Medical University of Sofia; “Food Intolerance and the Related Conditions” (2007), Yorktest  Laboratories; „Обществено здраве и здравен мениджмънт“ “Public Health and Health Management” (2014 – 2016), Medical University of Sofia.

Doctor Dimitrov’s professional interests do not end with his classical education. Lead by the desire to be of maximum use to his patients and confident that conventional medicine excludes some essential elements of the general picture of diseases, he directs his searches toward non-conventional methods of treatment and diagnostics.

He completes three levels in the course “Diagnostic by Dr. Voll’s Method”  (2012) of Dr. N. Grigorova, the first level of the course of IAHDT – Antonius Jansen “Homeopathic Detox Therapy” (2015); the first level in the course of Dr. Makaveev “Homotoxicology” (2017); he also takes the basic course of training “ Dr. Bach’s Therapy” (2017), organized by Edicta Health and Education Centre.

Dr. Daniel Dimitrov’s scientific interests are of a wide range and encompass: nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics; sports nutrition and rehabilitation; obesity and related metabolic conditions; anti-aging and preventive medicine; food allergy and intolerances; emotional nutrition.

Since 2006, Dr. Dimitrov has been chief dietologist and lecturer in the weight-loss programme LuckyFit FULL DETOX of Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax Aparthotel.


small-logo-luckyfitRadoslav Pramatarov


Employee at Lucky Bansko Apparthotel since the beginning. Guide at Luckyfit for two years. He loves mountain hiking and sport.


small-logo-luckyfitBoyan Chelenkov


He has finished Professional Tourism High School with specialty mountain guide. He is well known to the participants in the LuckyFit programme from the beginning.

He likes mountain hiking, sport and walking in Nature. He guides groups of children in International LuckyKids camp as well.


small-logo-luckyfitRaina Asseva

/Instructor – Bulgarian folk dances/

She has finished the specialty “Bulgarian folk choreography” in South West University “Neophite Rilski”, Blagoevgrad.

She started teaching right after her finishing university in 1997. She is a part-time lecturer in the popular community centre “N.Vapzarov 1894”, Bansko.

She is a leader of Dance formation “Banski Fukli”, as well as to a couple of children’s formations for modern and typical folk dances. Choreographer of folk assembly “Razlojki meratzi”, Razlog. She has been working with LuckyFit programme from the beginning in 2008.

Dancing and teaching are her true calling, and inspiring through Bulgarian folklore is her true and everlasting passion.


small-logo-luckyfitSilvana Handjiiska

/Instructor – Latino dancing/

Qualification: Coach of Sport Dances at National Sport Academy “Vassil Levsky”. Main choreographer of “Silvana Dance” club.

National judge at the Bulgarian Sport Dancing Federation.

Choreographer and producer of plays in Dramatic theatre “Nikola Vaparov” and Camera Opera, Blagoevgrad. Оrganiser of the festival “Dancing World” Razlog.

She has been choreographer of latino and oriental dances in LuckyFit programme from the beginning in 2008.

Kamal Kishor

small-logo-luckyfitKamal Kishor

/Instructor – Yoga/

Kamal Kishor began practising yoga at the age of 12 under the guidance of Swami Saraswati in the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India.

In August 2007, he participated in a 21-day yoga course to maintain good general health, organized by the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger (Bihar), India.

For three years in a row, 2012-2015, Kamal Kishor studied different types of yoga such as: Satyananda Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Nada Yoga, yoga for children, Vedic rituals to harmonize chakras and life, Sanyasa Yoga which was created by Swami Saraswati.

In 2013, he participated in the preparation of the World Yoga Convention which was held in Bihar, India.

Between 15 and 29 March 2015, he held yoga courses and thematic concerts in Timisoara and Bucharest (Romania) for Rabindranath Tagore Cultural Centre.

From May 2015 to January 2016, he visited various spiritual leaders and yogi in the Himalayas who help him deepen his knowledge and improve his skills in practising yoga.