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Alive and energized water

Alive and energized water - luckyfit
Pollution with various chemicals and radionuclides have a serious impact on the water used in our daily life. Human body constitutes of 70% water. Our life, our health or our diseases depend on what kind of water we drink, with what information and how much of it runs into our blood and lymph.


Water is the source of information. It preserves information of the contains chemicals, radionuclides, viruses and germs, and information induced by non-traditional methods – such as Bioenergetics methods. Problems of purification , decontamination , cushioning and improvement in water quality are particularly relevant in our time. It’s become known as activated “live” water. Nice and pure mountain spring water is considered as live and energized water with perfect quality, bottled water, contaminated or from the water system is considered as dead and unstructured. Dead water takes away energy from the body, violates vital functions and the largest precedent – it does not moisturize enough cells, leading to a reduction of this important substance less than 50% in the elderly.


The decision to take it is your own, but how many people have daily access to clean water and good water?


Benefits of Living and energized water are:

purging of internal organs , improving digestion, control over the appetite, abuse of alcohol and coffee , weight control, alkalization of the body, blood pressure control , strengthening of the immune system, increased potency, rejuvenation of the body , improving the sleep, pain relief, improving the condition of skin and hair.
LuckyFit program offer you to drink daily Live and Energized water.


Zeolite (clinoptilolite)


Clinoptilolite is a porous mineral composed mainly of aluminum, silicon and oxygen. It is a powerful adsorbent .
On a microscopic level it can be seen that its skeleton has a honeycomb structure , with large and highly porous reactive surface of 450 square meters / gram . Тhis structure gives the clinoptilolite unique properties. Loaded with negative electricity surface allows the mineral clinoptilolite to attract and keep cations from the environment in which it is situated and in return it released others. Immersed in water, klinoptiolitat eliminate all harmful substances to man in it, including radioactive contamination . It has a strong impact on the human body, and purifies the toxins in the body absorbed by air and food .


Benefits of zeolites:

Powerful antioxidant, captures and release the body from nitrosamines / carcinogens that are formed during food preservation , frying , smoking or using nitrate salt / . It has absorbent properties to the radioactive elements such as Cesium 134 , and Cesium 137 , strontium as well as heavy metal / mercury , cadmium , lead, zinc , chromium / eliminate ammonia from the cells , reduces the risk of the formation of cancerous cells, reducing blood pressure, increases immunity , reduces free radicals , etc.


These are few of the many benefits of zeolite , which you will also have the opportunity to take during LuckyFit program.