What should we carry
to our healthy vacation?

Now that you’ve made a reservation for the LuckyFit program, here’s what you’ll need:

  • identification document                                    
  • medicines prescribed by your doctor
  • hiking boots suitable for walking in forest / mountain terrain:
    – 1 size larger than your size (recommended)
    – tested, not brand new, to make sure they are comfortable for you
    – with waterproof coating
  • socks – suitable for hiking and trekking
  • sneakers or comfortable shoes for the time when you are not in the mountains
  • long pants for the treks                                    
  • sports blouses with long sleeves
  • T-shirts made of breathable and hygroscopic fabric
  • warm fleece or wool outerwear
  • jacket according to the season                                    
  • sun hat                                        
  • raincoat with hood                                       
  • swimsuit                                       
  • gloves – for cold weather in early spring and late autumn                                       
  • sunglasses                                          
  • ordinary socks, underwear, toiletries                                          
  • flip flops                                            
  • sunscreen                                          
  • folding umbrella                                            
  • good mood!


A raincoat, warm coat, waterproof jacket and hat are a must, especially in the colder months of the year.
Don’t forget – you are about to lose weight with active physical activity, for which you need mostly sports clothes and accessories.
We will provide you with two tennis shirts, a baseball cap, a bathrobe, towels and water bottles.
Email us and request your special offer if you have already enjoyed our healthy vacation.

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