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small-logo-luckyfitAbout LuckyFit

LuckyFit is a five-star clinic for effective weight loss, anti-stress and detox.

You will healthy reduce your weight without starving and without yo-yo effect, gaining healthy habits.

The weight loss program is based on a low calorie 4-course menu, healing treatments, free spa detox therapies, daily mountain trekkings, gymnastics, yoga, horseback riding, zumba, folk dances and lots of fun!


small-logo-luckyfitTHE DIET

Balanced diet is controlled by our nutritionists.
LuckyFit programme was launched in 2008 and since then it has proven its efficiency and has therefore won many fans

You can choose if your daily menu shall contain 1,100 or 1,400 kcal, according to your body indications and personal preferences. LuckyFit ANTISTRESS and LuckyFit Complete DETOX programmes are the only two that make an exception providing a special diet

Menu can be vegetarian or vegan upon request in advance


Choose a group corresponding to your physical activity: Athletes, Advanced or Basic

small-logo-luckyfitNEW AND FREE in LuckyFit ’21

  • New programs: LuckyFit PLUS и LuckyFit COMPLETE DETOX
  • Division of touring groups at three levels, according to their level of physical preparation (with 3 mountain guides)
  • Examination by a cardiologist with a cardiogram and heart echography
  • Daily intake of probiotics to normalize the intestinal flora
  • Lymph drainage once per week (for LuckyFit COMPLETE DETOX – three times per week)
  • Inca coffee type for LuckyFit COMPLETE DETOX
  • In COMPLETE DETOX doctor – nutritionist shall create an individual diet plan.
  • MASSAGE package and SPA DETOX package as part of each program – optional, for extra charge
  • Introductory LuckyFit lecture on Friday night
  • Treatment of fruit and vegetables with ozone to remove dirt and pesticides. (additionally all fruits are soaked in water for two hours)
  • Possibility to extend the stay by two more days – Saturday and Sunday
    (for extra charge at preferential rates)
20% discount upon a second visit, based on August rates for the related programme!

Two new Programs

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intake of

live water and Kangen and Hydrogen water , Zeolite and fresh juice

Discount of 20%for second participation,based on August rates for the related programme!

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To register in LuckyFit you need to download
and fill in the documents and the online questionnaire

Documents for download Questionnaire for LuckyFit


small-logo-luckyfitLuckyFit is a combination of:

  • Healthy and varied menu with 1100 or 1400 kcal per day.
  • Hiking and activities among nature with appropriate loading according to your ability.
  • Health care including general medical examination, cardiogram and heart ultrasonography.
  • Lymph drainage
  • Daily combined gymnastics, mixing exercises from fitness, aerobics, Pilates, Tae – bo, yoga, callanetics training and more.
  • Evening entertainment activities such as Latin or Bulgarian folk dances for good tone and mood.
  • Chinese breathing gymnastics – daily practices for breath control and blood pressure regulation.
  • Exclusive comfort and unique 5-star luxury during stay.
  • Discussions and lectures aiming to provide clear understanding, acquaintance and objective gathering of knowledge on the topic “Overweight”.
  • Daily intake of live water, Hydrogen water, Zeolite and fresh juice from pressed fruit and vegetables with preserved enzyme composition.

small-logo-luckyfitWhat are the benefits for you:

  • Detoxification of the body
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Visibly raised tone and full refreshment.
  • Getting to know the useful practices that ensure sustained weight loss and keeping the weight.
  • Activation of metabolic processes.
  • Improved physical persistance.
  • Wonderful memories and positive emotions.

small-logo-luckyfitWhat you will learn in LuckyFit:

  • How to reduce the bad habits and create good ones
  • How to minimize the stress of the upcoming changes in the body
  • To make your own regime, based on what have been learned and practiced in the program.


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LuckyFit are the right people

I will forever be grateful to LuckyFit and Theo! At age 42, I have long thought I have lost the...

T. I.

Thanks and good luck!

As promised - I write again a month later and I am very proud of the results. I wouldn't be...

XX, Bulgaria

XX, Bulgaria

I want to thank all those who have created this program and take care of all this happening. Thank you...

Х, Bulgaria

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All of the reviews are 100% authentic. The results of the treatment may vary, depending on different individuals and genetics and a suitable balanced diet and physical activity must be kept through it’s course.

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