Diet plan for weight loss without
a strict restrictive diet

МThe menu of the LuckyFit REDUCTION program aims an effective weight loss with an significant health effect.

It is based on the Mediterranian diet (MD), which has proven its slimming and healthy effect in a large number of chronic cardiovascular and metabolic, widespread in Bulgaria.

SMC is suitable for use in all degrees of overweight and obesity.

There are additional accents in the prepared diet plan, which contribute to losing more body weight:

A. Use of carbohydrates with medium and low glycemic index

This allows you to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, which in turn allows increased use of your own fats.

B. Limited consumption of foods that cause retention of body fluids.

At the beginning of the program (the first 96 hours) the consumption of certain foods is avoided and the use of salt is limited.

The goal is to reduce fluid retention as it prevents weight loss.

C. Increased consumption of plant foods containing enzymes responsible for better absorption of various macro- and micronutrients

Supporting the digestive process is important for people who aim to lose weight.

With proper digestion of food, the micronutrients contained in it are involved in the proper functioning of metabolic processes in the body.

D. Calorie restriction– a menu of 1 250 kcal or 1 650 kcal

Achieving a calorie deficit ensures the use of your own fats.


LuckyFit program LuckyFit program offers a choice of balanced menu but with different calorific value, depending on the quantity of food: menu with 1 250 kcal and menu with 1 650 kcal


The menu with 1 100 kcal is recommended if the body mass index is under 26 to achieve:

  • better effect of the program
  • light diet targeting for complete body detoxification

The menu with 1 400 kcal is recommended if the body mass index is over 30 to achieve:

  • a slower weight reduction
  • reducing caloric intake and the participation in the program is longer
  • We advise you to make the choice in advance, when you make the reservation.

The aim of our programme is permanent weight loss through food amount reduction but without starvation and deficiency of essential nutrients.

The effect of the programme, which starts with 1 or 2 weeks at LuckyFit, results in important health outcomes such as lower risk for heart connected and oncology diseases. Moreover, headaches and problems with the digestive system are eliminated too, and your energy levels are much higher.


The LuckyFit ATHLETE program offers a diet plan tailored to the conditions of increased physical activity.
Possible choice of menu with different caloric value according to the amount of food: 1,700 or 1,900 kcal

Nutritional plan for increased physical activity:

The menu of the LuckyFit ATHLETE program has been developed in order to fully recharge the body with energy, recover from heavy physical exertion and support the process of reducing body fat.

It is based on the basic principles of recovery of the body during mountain hikes, namely providing the right nutrients in the right amount at the right time to meet the energy needs of the body without adversely affecting body weight.

The application of this diet significantly reduces the risk of physical fatigue, a sharp drop in energy and moments of severe hunger.

  • Breakfast – a good start of the day before the start of the mountain trek

Its various variants provide a good supply of glycogen, but without compromising the use of our own subcutaneous fat.

  • Intermediate meals – maintaining energy levels during the transition

Participants in the program receive energy bars that contain natural concentrated foods – nuts, seeds, dried fruits and more.

  • Lunch in the mountains

It differs from the usual lunch meal, but it is not inferior in taste.

  • 1,700 kcal for women and 1,900 kcal for men

Adherence to a certain number of calories is done to activate the process of weight loss at the expense of own subcutaneous fat, but so as not to adversely affect physical capabilities.

  • Proper hydration of the body

Proper hydration of the body and the provision of electrolytes is an important condition for preventing general and muscle fatigue, which can negatively affect the entire stay in the program.
All participants receive instructions on how to do it, and we monitor its proper implementation.


The qualities of
the nutrient plan at LuckyFit are:

  • All meals are prepared with organic products, most of which are bought from the local region- a UNESCO Heritage Site
  • All fruits and vegetables are ozonated before use by soaking them for 2 hours in water beforehand. And legumes are soaked in water for 24 hours. This treatment of food produces removes the toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and other polluters from them.
  • We can accommodate any special dietary requirements- vegetarians, vegans, allergies, etc.
  • You won’t feel as hungry and we hope you don’t get confused with an increased appetite
  • We provide fresh and energized water throughout the day

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