Хранителен програма (режим) за отслабване без диета на ЛъкиФит


prog-pic1Nutrition program for losing weight without diets

The menu of the LuckyFit STANDARD, LuckyFit PLUS and LuckyFit WEEKEND programs aims to effectively reduceweight, maintain a healthy level of metabolic processes in the body, and support the cardiovascular system. It is prepared in compliance with the following principles:

А.Using the Mediterranean diet, which has proven complex health effects. The menu includes:

  • increased daily intake of unsaturated (vegetable) fats at the expense of saturated (animal) fats;
  • moderate weekly consumption of red meat;
  • use of vegetables and fruits with a high antioxidantcontent in order to improve the antioxidant status of the body.
  1. B. Use of medium and low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates.

The inclusion of foods containing carbohydrates aims to maintain a stable blood sugar level. This prevents the possibility of suppressing the process of using your own fats without the risk of hypoglycemia.

C.Reduced consumption of foods that cause fluid retention.

At the beginning of the program (the first 96 hours), the use of certain foods is avoided. These are foods that cause fluid retention and hence – the inability to reduce body weight.

D.Starting diet model (96 hours), which aims to quickly adjust the metabolic processes in the body so that it uses mainly its own fats.

It is characterized by relievingall body systems and organs and quickly adjusting the body to start “burning” its own fat in order to maintain basic metabolism.


New: LuckyFit program offers a choice of balanced menu but with different calorific value, depending on the quantity of food: menu with 1 100 kcal and menu with 1 400 kcal

(except ANTISTRESS and LuckyFit DETOX programs which have special nutrition regimens)

Upon a prior request, the menu may be tailored to vegetarian or vegan nutrition requirements


The menu with 1 100 kcal is recommended if the body mass index is under 26 to achieve:

  • better effect of the program
  • light diet targeting for complete body detoxification

The menu with 1 400 kcal is recommended if the body mass index is over 30 to achieve:

  • a slower weight reduction
  • reducing caloric intake and the participation in the program is longer

We advise you to make the choice in advance, when you make the reservation.

The aim of our programme is permanent weight loss through food amount reduction but without starvation and deficiency of essential nutrients.

The effect of the programme, which starts with 1 or 2 weeks at LuckyFit, results in important health outcomes such as lower risk for heart connected and oncology diseases. Moreover, headaches and problems with the digestive system are eliminated too, and your energy levels are much higher.


prog-pic1Some of the main qualities of the nutrient plan at LuckyFit are:

  • All meals are prepared with organic products, most of which are bought from the local region- a UNESCO Heritage Site
  • All fruits and vegetables are ozonated before use by soaking them for 2 hours in water beforehand. And legumes are soaked in water for 24 hours. This treatment of food produces removes the toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and other polluters from them.
  • We can accommodate any special dietary requirements- vegetarians, vegans, allergies, etc.
  • You won’t feel as hungry and we hope you don’t get confused with an increased appetite
  • We provide fresh and energized water throughout the day

A daily menu calculated in calories:*


  • 120ml. freshly squeezed apple, carrot and zeolite (2 ml) juice- 60 kcal


  • Oats with shredded apple, nuts, dried fruit, honey, lemon and yogurt- 300 gr/240 kcal

Snack during the hike:

  • Green apple- 150 gr/70 kcal


  • Vegetable soup – 200 ml/150 kcal
  • Trout fillet with egg white and sliced almonds, and mixed salad with carrots- 200gr/440kcal

Afternoon snack:

  • Seasonal fruit, one type- 250gr/ 120 kcal.


  • Spinach Florentine (spinach, garlic, green onions, fresh double cream, poached egg)
  • A glass of wine- 150 ml/100 kcal

* The calories are rounded

By choice: you have the option to have 30-hour-controlled starvation within your chosen package.


prog-pic1Detox broth

The accumulation of toxins in your body is one of the main causes for obesity and overweight.

Every member of the programme can choose to swap the meal plans with 30-hour-detox plan. You will have only detox broth from day 2 till the end of day 3. This will help your weight loss.

Because it’s done for a very short period of time, this nutrition plan is not only safe but it also helps your body flush harmful toxins.

The detox stimulates the process of decomposition of fat in your body.