Rules during your stay in the LuckyFit program
  1. The presence of all participants in the organized meeting of the LuckyFit group is a must.

The meeting is held on the day of accommodation at Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax Aparthotel (the time will be announced to you by a receptionist).

The attendance requirement applies to both new participants and those who have previous experience with the program.

  1. Respect the daily schedule of the program – meal hours, sport activities, massage procedures.

Please inform yourself about the exact hours and type of events every day.

You can find the daily schedule in writing at the hotel reception.

  1. It is obligatory for all participants to follow the principles of the program throughout their entire stay at the hotel to achieve the optimal effect.
  1. Follow the diet plan set out in the program.

No additional intake of food and drinks is permitted.

Exceptions are only allowed if there are medically proven contraindications to the compliance or in case of nutritional particularities of the participant!

  1. It is desirable for all participants to attend the sporting events of the program – hiking, gymnastics, dancing.

In carrying out these activities, it should be borne in mind that the program is not individual but group.

  1. Careful attention and mandatory following of the mountain guide’s instructions during hiking is required.
  1. Use of the laundry service only applies to clothes used in the program.

Please describe the clothes in the laundry sheet by entering the number and type of clothes and the number of the room you are staying in.

  1. Please inform the program manager or receptionist about a health problem or discomfort that occurs as a result of the program, as well as about any circumstances related to the normal participation in the activities.

We wish you a pleasant stay and a relaxing vacation!


Manager of the LuckyFit program:

Ivan Velikov