Dear participants,
As LuckyFit is a group (not an individual) program,
the condition for its proper running and achieving maximum effect
is compliance with the following rules:

  1. Attendance at the LuckyFit program presentation meeting.

    It takes place on the day of check-in in Lucky Bansko (you will receive information about the time and place from the receptionist).

    The requirement for attendance is mandatory for both new participants and those who have previous experience with the program!

  2. Strict adherence to the daily schedule – meals, physical activity, free time.

    Please find out every day about the type of activities and the exact hours.

    The daily schedule is available at the hotel reception.

  3. Strict observance of the diet determined for the respective direction of the program.

    Additional food and drink is not recommended.

    Exceptions are allowed only in the presence of proven medical contraindications or in specific features of the diet followed by a participant!

  4. Participation in the motor activities of the program – hiking, gymnastics, dancing.
  5. Follow the instructions of the group leader during mountain / forest hikes and excursions.
  6. Use the “Free laundry” service only for clothes used under the program.

    Please describe the clothes to be washed in the washing sheet, including their number and type, as well as the number of the room in which you are staying.

  7. Promptly inform the program manager or receptionist in the event of a circumstance (eg health problem or discomfort) that may interfere with normal participation in the activities.

We wish you a pleasant stay and a relaxing vacation!

LuckyFit Program Manager:
Teodor Kordev

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