Luckyfit consultation

For all who want to lose weight
and keep the results!

The program is suitable for anyone who:

  • has a first, second or higher degree of obesity
  • wants to reduce the percentage of fat in their body
  • wants to improve their general health and increase their physical activity.

Conditions for participation:

  • Persons up to 14 years of age can participate in the program, but must be accompanied.
  • For people over the age of 65, a lighter exercise regime is applied.
  • It is necessary for all participants to be in good general condition and without serious health problems.
Price from 750 euro


  • lf icoStudy with TANITA bioimpedance device
    to assess the condition of body tissues – on arrival and before departure
  • lf icoConsultation with a physiotherapist
    to determine the condition of the musculoskeletal system and the physical condition of the participants
  • lf icoExamination by a cardiologist
    Preparation with ultrasound of the heart and electrocardiogram – at the beginning of the program
  • lf icoSpecialized lecture, with the manager of the program
    to acquaint the participants with the basic principles of nutrition and how to achieve the desired results
  • lf icoObservation by a specialist physiotherapist
    during the entire 7- or 14-day stay
  • lf icoGuided forest or mountain hikes every day
    with a choice of two load levels – light and moderate
  • lf icoCombined gymnastics five times a week
    every afternoon
  • Three times a week folklore dance lessons with an instructor
    in addition to physical activity – during the evening hours
  • lf icoOnce within a week – One full-day mountain hiking
    when there are more than 5 participants.
  • lf icoFive meals a day
    on the healthy and balanced menu of LuckyFit REDUCTION with a choice of 1,250 or 1,650 kcal
  • lf icoDaily intake of kangen water and the mineral zeolite
    The Kangen water has antioxidant properties on the body, and zeolite supports weight loss and detoxification.
  • lf icoYoga and picnic in the nature.
    Concentration, energy and joy of life.
  • lf icoHealthy cooking class
    with the chef of restaurant Le Bistro.
  • lf icoUse of indoor bio pool
    with underwater music, pool with Dead Sea salts, jacuzzi, saunas, steam bath, ice room, etc.
  • lf icoAccommodation
    in a separate studio with complete soundproofing, wireless internet, mini safe, minibar, equipped kitchenette, bathroom with bathtub, bathrobes and cosmetics, telephone, satellite TV
  • lf ico10% discount from the price of additional massages, spa treatments and therapies
  • lf icoWashing of clothes
    used by participants in hiking and hotel activities
  • lf icoA gift
    two T-shirts and a hat with the LuckyFit logo
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