Participants in the LuckyFit REDUCTION program may request that an individual diet plan be prepared for them to follow after leaving the program.

Why do I need such a plan?

  • To continue to lose weight            
  • To maintain the result achieved within the program
  • To follow a healthy eating pattern.

How is the consultation carried out:

IMPORTANT! The request for a consultation must be made at least 14 days before the start of the LuckyFit program.

  • The program’s nutritionist will contact you and give you instructions.
  • During your stay in the program, the doctor monitors.
  • On the day you leave the program, you receive your individual diet plan.

Who is the nutritionist who will consult me

Dr. Daniel Dimitrov graduated in medicine from the Medical University – Sofia (2001) and has acquired two specialties: nutrition and dietetics (2006) and public health and health management (2016).

Most often in his practice he works with patients in the following areas:

  • obesity and metabolic diseases
  • intestinal health (intestinal microbiome and functional digestive conditions)
  • preventive health of the cardiovascular system.