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Consultation with a nutritionist for weight loss

In many cases, attempts to lose those 5 kilograms are unsuccessful, no matter how hard we try. It may sound unfair, but sometimes the answer to why this happens is quite complex. To find it, we need to trust more than just the visible symptoms and the articles we read.

This is because sometimes the causes of stubborn weight are hidden deep inside us and are not visible to the naked eye. If standard methods no longer help, it may be time to consider consulting a specialist.

Modern dietology comes to the rescue – a science that emerged at the beginning of the last century. It is no coincidence that it is associated with preventive medicine. It fights extremely dangerous diseases such as:

As we become more vulnerable to such conditions over the years, consultation with a specialist becomes imperative.

Consultation with a nutritionist for weight loss

In our daily lives, one of the things that hinders weight loss the most is excessive stress. On the one hand, it makes us eat more and more and often makes us reach for quite harmful food. At the same time, under stress and overload, we are left without the necessary time to take care of ourselves.

Your nutritionist can prepare a special weight loss menu that can be easily combined with your personal lifestyle. It will be tailored to your own metabolism, age and predisposition. It will also help you achieve this without having to put in too much torture.

It will help you optimize your weight by limiting your intake of exactly those foods that are harmful to you. In this way, the results achieved will be much longer lasting than the others.

The “LuckyFit” team has experts in the field of preventive medicine and healthy eating. Our specialists use both conventional and non-traditional methods in their weight loss regimens.

The diagnostic method called Fol test, homeopathic detoxification and homotoxicology. The center’s consultants also include a general practitioner and an endocrinologist. They monitor patients’ performance at all times and make sure their regimen works well.


How it goes a consultation with a nutritionist?

 At your first appointment, your nutritionist will most likely want to see test results – a complete blood count and a urine test. This should not bother you because it is normal. In some cases, experts may also recommend purification by the methods of homeopathy, naturopathy or Ayurveda.

If you intend to perform therapy for complete detoxification of the body, you will probably need to examine additional parameters in your blood. Also be prepared to tell the team what your health complaints are and what your filling pattern is. Based on all these indications, they will be able to decide which menu to prepare for you.

Consultation with a nutritionist for weight loss

A balanced diet is made in accordance with the laws of modern medicine. At the same time, it is consistent with the methods in Ayurveda and other systems based on our natural rhythm. To this end, during the consultation, if your nutritionist is an expert in Indian medicine, will ask to establish your constitution. This is usually done by conducting a short test.


How long does a regimen last and how many times do we have to repeat it?

The duration and serial repeatability of the diet is also strictly individual. Depending on the general condition, the amount of unwanted fats and the pattern in which we accumulate them, nutritionists will judge how strict the diet should be. It is advisable not to deprive yourself too much from the very beginning – leave your body to build the tone it needs.

The programs last on average between a week and 14 days. People who do not have too much free time can bet on 2-day and 3-day programs. The key to the effectiveness of short weight loss regimens is in repetition.

 Sample menu for short-term weight loss

Nutritionists advise in the first place, if we decide to lose weight once and for all, to eat maximum amounts of healthy food every day. This way we will fill our stomach with what is good for him, and we will not constantly feel so hungry. And even if we “sin” and eat harmful things today, they will be much less than usual.

You will learn from your nutritionist that food does not have to be bland and unpleasant to eat in order to be dietary and sparing. Asian cuisine and especially dishes from Indian lands are a great idea. This is a food that will very easily convince you otherwise.

It is based mainly on vegetable crops, fragrant with spices with a spicy taste and real miraculous properties. The head chef in LuckyFit’s kitchen is a specialist in healthy eating from India.

A standard diet menu for women contains about 1,200 calories a day. This is a great value just above the energy deficit. It helps our body to arm all its available energy and to resort to the “deep supply” of fat and to burn it actively throughout the day. But it is important to carefully consider, with the help of a nutritionist, how to achieve this.


Start breakfast with plenty of fiber. You can add 25-50 ml of water to the oat flakes and leave them in the fridge overnight. So in the morning they will be swollen enough to eat them immediately with a little milk or juice.

 Do not overdo it with coffee. In general, it is preferable to emphasize teas, but if you can not deprive yourself of a cup of aromatic coffee, take it without sugar. If your nutritionist thinks it’s appropriate, you can sweeten your coffee by adding a little honey.


For lunch, eat a bowl of kitsch with vegetables. This cereal Indian dish will keep you full and energetic throughout the day. At the same time, kitsch helps to stimulate the breakdown of substances. The advantage of this food is that it fits with each dosha.


Dinner can be a portion of polenta, a little turkey or shrimp, apple sauce. Avoid wheat foods, pasta, tofu, duck, too sour fruits.

You can drink a glass of dry wine, but forget about hard alcohol. People with a „pitta dosha” can afford to eat pasta, protein, white chicken, watermelon, raisins and coconut.

At the same time, however, soy sauce, spinach, chili peppers and, unfortunately, chocolate are explicitly forbidden. For patients with „vata dosha” is recommended red lentils, beef, black pepper. Coriander is a suitable spice. However, red wine, lamb, corn, chickpeas and dried peas are prohibited.

Consultation with a nutritionist for weight loss


In the traditional cuisine of Ayurveda, wonderful sweet temptations have been developed, for which you can “negotiate” with the nutritionist at your consultation. Oatmeal cakes for people with a dominant vata dosha, for the pitta dosha – prune jam, and baked apples and pears for those with a pronounced kapha dosha.

The dosage should be judged very well according to your personality. Usually most regimes allow them in just one day.

Consultation with a nutritionist for weight loss

Every nutritionist will tell you that the diet alone will not bring you the desired results. When we lose weight, the skin relaxes, which is why we need even more physical activity to regain our optimal shape.

As a holistic center for health, beauty, purification and active rest, “LuckyFit” – Bansko has instructors in Latin and Bulgarian folk dances, as well as instructors in integrated yoga.