Въпроси и отговори за Лъкифит

small-logo-luckyfitHow can I enroll in the programme LuckyFit?

You may enroll in several ways: send an email at info@luckyfit.eu , filling and sending reservation form at : https://luckyfit.eu/en/reservations/ , or a simple phone call : +359 2 806 61 78; +359 879 111 222.

small-logo-luckyfitWhen is the programme held?

The programme is held during the first two weeks of each month (except for the period from November to March).
Please review the detailed prices and periods here: https://luckyfit.eu/en/prices/

small-logo-luckyfitWhat activities are provided in the programme?

The programme is very interesting and intense. Includes:

  • Medical examination and analysis of body weight
  • Casual hiking and a full day trip on a package of 7 nights;
  • Horseback Riding;
  • Traditional and modern dance
  • Chinese breathing exercises
  • Combined gymnastics – with elements of Yoga training, Pilates and Functional training
  • Unlimited: swimming pool, steam bath, sauna and fitness

Sample Day of the programme is described on the site: https://luckyfit.eu/en/program-without-diet/

small-logo-luckyfitDo I have to bring special clothes and belongings during my stay?

Yes, we have prepared a detailed list of garments and belongings, which we will provide with the confirmation for the reservation. Please review the recommended list: https://luckyfit.eu/zdravoslovna-pochivka/

small-logo-luckyfitDo I have to do some medical examinations before the programme?

Yes, it is desirable to carry your recent medical tests that will help us to diagnose more precisely what caused your excess weight. Upon confirmation of the reservation will receive a form for medical condition in which are described the tests needed to be done.

Members who have not done the research is desirable to present their previous ones or to describe their health condition in the declaration of state of health. In the absence of information on your part, it might develop discomfort that would be difficult for us to determine the cause of.

For program participants who have failed to do examinations, we are able to do blood and hormonal research at the hotel for a fee.

small-logo-luckyfitHow long in advance should I make a reservation?

We recommend you to make a reservation at least one month in advance to make sure there will be vacancies and you can plan your vacation.

Particularly busy month is August and it is advisable to make the reservation at the earliest possible moment.

After filling the vacancies for specific dates the enrollment period ends.

small-logo-luckyfitIs it necessary to prepare myself physically for the programme?

It is necessary to start walking gently 1-2 weeks prior to the programme. Trekking consistent in duration and load gradually. For larger groups the participants are divided according to their physical preparation.

small-logo-luckyfitCan I have consultation for my health problem?

Yes, the program provides free consultations and examinations with experienced specialists in the early days of the program – with a GP and a cardiologist.

If necessary, we organize a paid consultation with an endocrinologist.

small-logo-luckyfitCan I do body detox during the programme?

Yes, this is one of the effects that you receive during the programme, which is achieved due to: increased physical activity, diet (you have a choice of two menus – 1100 Kcal and 1400 Kcal) daily intake of zeolite and energized water, balanced diet.

Optionally you can do 30-hour controlled fasting – bone broth detox.

small-logo-luckyfitZeolite and how energized water will help me?

Please read more about the effects of these powerful natural factors on the link bellow: https://luckyfit.eu/en/alive-and-energized-water/

small-logo-luckyfitCan I be accompanied by family members during my participation in the programme LuckyFit?

Yes, in this case your companion stays on a preferential price. For more detailed information, please contact us: info@luckyfit.eu

small-logo-luckyfitFor how long should I stay on the Programme If I want to lose more weight?

At 7 nights / 8 days achieved slimming effect of 4-6%.
In a 2-week stay achieved sliming effect of 6-8%.
Before you decide to lose weight, please familiarize yourself with the principles of healthy weight loss, because the goal of the Programme is to have a lasting effect without adding stress on the body.

small-logo-luckyfitIf I’m healthy, I have a normal weight and I do not want to lose weight, what programme would you recommend for me?

For healthy participants without overweight, we recommend Stress programme, which has a normal meal.

small-logo-luckyfitHow does the Programme work?

Please review the Sample Day of the programme provided in the website: https://luckyfit.eu/program-without-diet/

After The check in on Saturday, there will be a Presentation of the Programme LuckyFit. Attendance is mandatory. You will receive full information regarding the conduct of the activities during the week.

small-logo-luckyfitHow to get information about the daily programme schedule?

Every evening at reception desk you can get information about the upcoming activities for the next day.

small-logo-luckyfitWhat is nutrition during the course?

Eating balanced and tasty meals. There is also daily intake of fresh juice, zeolite, energized water. Please review the sample menu here: https://luckyfit.eu/nutrition/

small-logo-luckyfitOnce I lose weight in the programme, will I be able to eat as before?

During the course you will learn how to treat your body and build your own system based on what you have learned and practiced in the programme.

small-logo-luckyfitAre there any specific requirements during the conduct of the programme?

No special requirements. Specifically, you should stop thinking about everyday life and immerse yourself in the relaxing and incredibly positive atmosphere of the programme.

The effects of the programme are several: losing weight, raised tone and refreshed body and mind; knowledge of best practices that ensure sustained weight loss and keeping the weight off; activation of metabolic processes; improved physical endurance; wonderful memories and positive emotions.

Just try!