Как да отслабнем бързо и ефективно
How to lose weight quickly and effectively


prog-pic1Program for weight loss LuckyFit 1100 and 1400 kcal

With our program for weight loss LuckyFit 1100 and 1400 kcal (by your choice) you will reduce your weight with 4 -6% after the first week. Without starvation!

The quick weight loss is followed by fast gaining back of the lost kilograms.

Learn how to lose weight gradually and permanently – from 20 to 30% of your weight per year. This way the body is not stressed and doesn’t slow down the metabolism.

Every participant in our LuckyFit program want to lose weight. Тhey are ready to undertake more physical activities and develop new eating habits in order to lose weight without starvation and to keep up the good shape for a long time.

Weight-loss program LuckyFit provides intensive, professional and comprehensive physical activities and outdoor exercises. This results in healthy, safe and permanent weight-loss without extreme hunger.

Our capacity is up to 30 guests per week.

We offer you a weight-loss program suitable for you, and we guarantee your comfort during your entire stay.

LuckyFit 1 400 kcal

Standard weight-loss program which is focused on movement, keeping good physical shape, way of life and entertainment.

Our priority is to reduce body fat or achieving the best results in weight loss with lean muscle.

In accordance with our LuckyFit nutrition plan, the daily calorie intake of 1400 kcal is apportioned into 4 meals containing foods which fuel your body for your daily acitivities.

LuckyFit 1 100 kcal

This program is for fast results, because the meal portions are reduced with 1/3. You can order the amount of calories in your daily meal 1100 or 1400 kcal, in advance or in the hotel.