What is a Moon Diet and How to Follow It?

The world is big and full of weight-loss diets, so choosing between alternatives is not always an effortless task. 

On the one hand, we have a long list of restrictive diets such as keto, paleo, carnivore, or the zone. On the other hand, we have the long-term “way of life” kind of diets such as the Mediterranean diet, the Japanese diet, veganism, or fruitarianism. 

But then, we have the fasting-type middle grounds where you can achieve good results in a short period of time. And since you’ve already seen a lot of full moon fasting and water diet before and after photos, today we are shining some light on the moon connection with your weight loss plan.

How to plan your meals for certain lunar days, how to undergo a full moon cleanse, and what to expect as a result? Let’s find out!

The Moon and the Body – What’s the Connection?

A moon diet will hardly get you to reach your weight on moon, but practice shows that it can easily help you lose a few pounds of your excess weight in a relatively short time. So, what’s the theory behind those practical results?

It’s not too mystical to suggest that the moon has an impact on nature and living beings. We can see it in the way the tides turn, and we can see it in the tangible supermoon effects on humans

For example, with the change of the gravitational pull throughout lunar phases, the human body can experience shifts in functions – including the ability to flush out toxins and lose weight.

Many women share a positive experience from following a menstrual cycle diet plan with interconnections with the moon phases, as both processes are closely related and interdependent. 

So, how to pick the proper moon food and let the moon weight support your silhouette-shaping efforts?

What is a Moon Diet and How to Follow It?

What to Eat According to the Moon Phase?

Although it’s widely considered an only-water diet, the lunar-based eating plan can actually include a wide variety of werewolf diet food alternatives. 

The most basic and simplistic type of moon diet is the full moon water fasting, sometimes also practiced as a new moon water fasting. In that case, you are only required to not consume solid food during the 24 to 26-hour-long new moon or full moon period. 

People have reported losing up to 6 lbs by trying this 24-hour diet plan, and if not else – it’s worth giving it a shot.

If you’re more into long-haul plans and a systematic approach to weight loss, you can tailor your plates to each lunar phase as described below. 

Dieting on a Full Moon

Many women may have noticed the full moon menstruation effects, so they will be more eager to believe that weight loss speed can also be altered in this brief time window. 

The best time to launch your mission is two to three days before the event when the first full moon effects on body detoxification begin to roll out. 

Here is what to do:

  • Reduce your portion sizes and avoid eating solid food after 6 PM.
  • Drink plenty of water to enhance and speed up the process.
  • Add fresh juices to your menu, but avoid sparkling or sugary drinks. 
  • Avoid alcohol, milk, and dairy products for the entire period.
  • If you feel like it, switch to a fully water-based diet for the 24-hour full moon period. 

Yes – the moon diet is not about eating in the light of the moon. It’s about the exact opposite. 

What is a Moon Diet and How to Follow It?

Dieting on a Waning Moon

After the full moon tiredness is gone, two weeks of the waning moon will follow. During this time, your body will have an increased ability to remove excess water, rejuvenate, and eliminate toxic metabolites. 

To support this process, you are advised to stick to your extra water diet plan and drink at least 6 to 9 full glasses of water throughout the day. Meanwhile, eat lots of fresh, raw, and fiber-rich foods and avoid adding too much salt, sugars, or fast carbs to your meals. 

Dieting on a Waxing Moon

After the waning moon is gone, your appetite for unhealthy foods and snacks is expected to increase. If that occasion aligns with your period diet plan, you may experience cravings and find it more difficult than usual to mind your bites. 

Some people believe that during a waxing moon, the body creates energy reserves in the form of stored fat and excess water. It’s the time for self-control and overcoming your bare animal nature – because full moon fatigue can be a child’s game compared to waxing moon hunger. 

What is a Moon Diet and How to Follow It?

Dieting on a New Moon

When your diet plan software tells you that the new moon approaches, it’s water fasting time once again. If you’re not okay with pure water, you can add freshly squeezed juices to your menu, but keep away from solid foods if possible. 

The first food eaten on the moon cycle that follows needs to be clean, fresh, minimally spiced, and minimally processed. Sticking to all-natural eating will do its trick, and the conscious feeding behavior will let your body take out all that drags it down. 

What Are The Results of the Werewolf Diet?

If you follow the advice described above, you will see how your body gets rid of excess water, how your metabolism improves, and how your energy becomes more soft and balanced. Fasting can easily diminish the wolf moon effect on humans, making you feel emotionally resilient and peaceful. 

When weight loss and detoxification are concerned, you can lose anything from 1-2 to 6-7 lbs, depending on how your body reacts to fasting and moon cycles. Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with a 24-hour cleansing program, and you can repeat that practice two to three times a month.

Then – who knows – you could easily be the next “before and after” inspiration for anybody that’s still hesitant to try how the moon diet does the magic. 

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