Moon Diet for Weight Loss – Truth or Delusion?
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If looked for ways to lose a few kilos in a short period of time at least once, you have probably come across the so called moon diet for weight loss on the Internet. We suppose you wonder whether this diet is really effective or it is just another diet which has become a sensation for a while and has no effect at all.

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What kind of diet is it and why is it called a “moon diet”?

The influence of the Moon on the mental and physiological status of people has been known since ancient times and is described in the literature of almost all peoples of the world. Modern science also seeks and finds many confirmations and new facts about the influence of this celestial body on all living organisms.

It turns out that if we know the main phenomena that occur in a particular phase of the Moon, we can control almost all processes in our lives – from the creation of a family and treatment of serious diseases to weight loss.

The moon diet is a detox diet based on the phases of the Moon (new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter). This diet is followed for a very short period of time (24 hours only) according to the lunar phase cycle and this way your body gets rid of the accumulated harmful toxins naturally.

Why precisely use Moon phases?

Moon phases have an electromagnetic effect on water. Moon phases affect ocean and sea tides but they can also have an effect on the human body as it contains 70% water.

The moon’s gravitational pull is strongest when it reaches a new phase and if just then you follow the moon diet, you can lose between 1 and 3 kilos of  your weight.

How to follow this diet?

To put it simply, if you follow a moon diet you don’t eat any solid food and consume only liquids within 24 hours. In order to be effective, this diet must be followed in the first 24 hours when the moon enters a new phase.

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What does this mean?

We already mentioned that the phases of the moon are four in total. We also mentioned that the Moon’s gravitation pull is strong during these phases, so then it has the strongest effect on our bodies. This is why it is so important to start the diet exactly at the time when the natural satellite of the Moon enters a new phase and stop it at the same hour the next day.

Based on the peculiarities of the physiological processes that occur in our bodies in each moon phase, the moon diet achieves harmony between natural phenomena and the behavior of human nutrition which results in natural weight loss, cleansing and healing of the body.

The moon diet can be followed only one day per month (at full moon), twice a month (at new moon and full moon) or at all 4 lunar phases (i.e. 4 times per month for 24 hours).

What can you consume during this diet and what not?

You should consume no solid food but only liquids within 24 hours. To increase the effect of this diet, it is good to consume a lot of water (at least 3-4 litres per day). Besides water, you can have freshly prepared vegetable or fruit juices (but with no other additives such as salt or sugar).

Vegetable and fruit juices are recommended as they provide the body with additional nutrients. Tea consumption is allowed but with no added flavors such as sugar or honey).

You are not allowed to drink liquids containing sugar, fat or salt and this means you can’t consume alcohol, carbonated beverages, milk, coffee / tea with sugar.

Why exactly moon diet?

Because this is a wonderful way to free your body of accumulated toxins and the water that is retained due to improper and unhealthy diet, stress and so many other reasons. The moon diet is a perfect way to regularly let your body get rid of all harmful elements and gradually move to a healthy diet.

The truth is that by following a 24-hour liquid-only diet you stimulate kidney function, eliminate toxins, strengthen your immune system and the body gets rid of excess water.

By following the moon diet for 24 hours only, you will lose between 1 and 3 kilos of your weight and if the detox regime is followed once at each of the 4 moon phases, the effect will be even greater.

If you follow the liquid diet, efficiency is really guaranteed but it is good to know that the lost kilograms are mainly due to detoxification of the body and if after this diet you go back to your usual diet again, the effect of the diet will be temporary. Therefore, experts advise that after a 24-hour fasting you should gradually go to a normal diet by eating light food at first (vegetable soups, rice with vegetables, fruit salads, fish, lean meat, etc.).

After the 24-hour consumption of liquids, it is good to do exercise, improve your eating habits (take less fat and sugar and drink plenty of water) for an even greater effect.

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Does this diet have real health benefits?

Actually, there are real benefits of this weight-loss diet and it is not just because you lose some kilos in a short period of time. The truth is that this diet is a perfect way to detoxify your body which needs to get rid of the accumulated toxins and improve the function of the liver, the stomach and the digestive system. In addition:

  • This diet is very easy (and cheap) to follow;
  • If you strictly stick to the diet, weight loss is guaranteed;
  • It does not prevent you in any way from performing your usual duties (you don’t have to count calories or consume food under a given diet plan);
  • You can combine it with physical exercise to achieve a greater effect.

Does the moon diet have any contraindications?

You are not recommended to follow this weight-loss diet for more than 24 hours as if you keep fasting long, the lack of protein and carbohydrates may lead to serious health complications. The diet is not recommended for people who have blood pressure problems, metabolic disorders and for pregnant women and nursing mothers.