Goji Berries and Weight Loss: All You Need To Know

Goji berry is the fruit of Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense – Asian-native shrub species that have long been used in traditional eastern cuisine and medicine. You will also find the fruit by the name of wolfberry, and you will often see claims about its health benefits and relations to natural weight loss.  These claims have two basic origins that supplement and complement each other: ancient tradition and modern-day science. The health benefits and the slimming effect of goji berries have been widely researched in recent years, and below you will find the answers to whether and how you can use this savory fruit inRead More →

Using the Traditional Japanese Diet for Weight Loss: The Full Guide

You may have noticed that Japanese women tend to look younger than their age, along with having harmonious body shapes, a balanced weight, and an overall fresh and youthful look.  According to data from the World Bank, the average life expectancy of Japanese people is 84 years, compared to 81 years for the United Kingdom, 78 years for the USA, and 74 years for Mexico, Jordan, Latvia, or Bulgaria. In addition to that, Japan also has one of the lowest obesity rates of all countries on the planet.  As you may suggest, the traditional diet of the locals has a lot to do with theirRead More →

Колко калории можем да изгорим за 30 минути?

Burning calories and weight loss go hand in hand, and the more energy you spend during the day – the more fats you use to fuel your physical activity. Logically, you will begin asking yourself two fundamental questions: how much energy you spend during different activities and how to burn more calories in order to accelerate your fitness results.  Below, you will find a thorough list of calories you burn during the most popular sports and leisure activities, as well as a few hints on how to multiply their number safely and pleasurably.  How Many Calories Do You Burn With Different Physical Activities? Your weightRead More →