Goji Take Weight Loss?
Годжи бери за отслабване?

Goji berry, also called the wolf, is a bright orange-reddish fruit that grows on a shrub and is native to China. In Asian countries, people have been eating their fruit for many generations, with the idea of ​​extending their lives. Goji berries have been used by the Chinese for over 6,000 years, unlike the Western world, which only discovered them recently.

People have used goji berries to treat many common health problems such as  diabetes, fever, high blood pressure, vision problems and with age .They also help to lose weight.

Goji berries can be eaten raw or cooked or dried, but can be made in wine, drunk on tea, juice or as a medicine. In China, about 42% of the fruits available on the world market are grown and the rest is harvested in Nepal and India.

The plant resembles a tomato creeper or vine.According to one legend, during the Tang Dynasty in China (800 AD) the plant grew to a well near the  Buddhist temple.

As they ripen, the fruits fell into the well from which the monks drew water for drinking and cooking. Later, it became clear that the monks lived long and were very healthy. Hence the conclusion about the benefits of this small fruit.

Goji Take Weight Loss?


Its taste is specifically sweet-sour and has a chewy texture and its shape resembles raisins. When the fruit is ripe, it is juicy. It is harvested and sun-dried before being packaged or processed into juices or nutritional supplements. This blueberry is very delicate and can be crushed very easily, so it should be picked with a slight shake of the bush, after which the fruits are carefully collected from the floor.


Benefit from Goji berry


Goji berries became known in the West in the early 21st century because of their rich content of antioxidants  and their nutritional properties. Various products are made from this fruit.


The antioxidants  contained in goji berries mean that this fruit is able to fight free radicals for the following purposes:

  • prevention of cancer
  • heart disease
  • lowering cholesterol
  • strengthening the immune system, thus protecting the body from other diseases


Vitamin A  content in this plant is an anti-aging agent and can protect eyesight from damage, although it is not scientifically proven. Goji berries enhance memory and give you a sense of health and well-being. Strengthening brain health can help protect us from diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.


Goji berry also improves the reproductive function of the body and blood circulation, strengthens the legs and protects the liver. Studies have shown that the use of this fruit in combination with conventional medicines can make patients feel better.

Goji Take Weight Loss?


Other benefits of using this small fruit include:

  • increase energy
  • lowering blood pressure
  • relieving stress levels
  • protecting the body from harmful toxins


How Does Goji Berry Help Weight Loss?

These berries contain a low glycemic index (GI) of about 29. They say that low GI foods satisfy hunger very quickly and reduce food cravings. 21% of goji berries are fiber.  Foods high in fiber have the ability to control the blood sugar level and the appetite of the individual.


They help make us feel full for a longer time and thus reduce the intake of excess food. Goji berries also contain chromium, maintain good muscle mass, especially when we lose weight. Consuming goji berry also increases metabolism.


Goji Take Weight Loss?


We all know that usually when we eat, our food is converted into energy. Otherwise, it will be converted to fat and lead to weight gain.


Goji berries are rich in nutrients that are converted to energy, such as calcium which lowers fat and improves bone strength and thiamine and vitamin B1 effectively convert carbohydrates into energy. Thiamine also helps the thyroid gland function.


Let us keep in mind that thyroid problems are one of the most common causes of weight gain, as well as toxic substances in our bodies taken with food, drinks, detergents used in everyday life, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, air and many more.


Potassium and amino acids, found in goji berries, help the body produce more of the growth hormone, which is especially helpful for the elderly, whose supplies are reduced. Their presence in the body also helps it to convert food into energy.


How to incorporate goji berries into our daily lives?


The biggest benefit of goji berry comes when the fruits are eaten fresh, but this cannot be done with us. Therefore, the next alternative is to eat them dried, juice or tea.

Whole fruits provide us with as many nutrients as possible. It is true that juices and teas will not give us fiber and protein, but that is why they will give us plenty of  vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals.

Goji Take Weight Loss?


Goji berry supplements and extracts are available, but they are sold at an unbelievably high price and most healthy nutrition experts advise us to be careful with them, especially when we do not know their origin.


It is best to ask the seller / manufacturer the laboratory analysis (COA) of the product we intend to buy, the products often do not provide the benefits that are claimed to have.


Combination with other foods?


Combining goji berries with other nutrient-rich fruits will help us improve our health. This fruit can be added to puree of various fruits mixed with oatmeal or other dried fruits and nuts for best effect. But we should not forget that diversified food is the key to our well-being.


When is the effect of using goji berry observed for weight loss?

If we have large amounts of fat to remove, it will take more time  until you lose enough to begin to notice. Five kilograms less body weight for people who have to lose tens of pounds overweight will not be as noticeable as for people who weigh about 60 kilograms.


There are many different factors that influence how quickly you see the result of your efforts to lose weight. Along with the diet you need to do exercise to move more.


Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to how soon your weight loss will be noticed. At least one month of goji berry consumption is usually required before you can see a noticeable difference in weight.


Therefore, you should not rely entirely on them as the sole aid in eliminating unnecessary pounds. There are other things that need to be done to improve your health, which will allow you to lose weight. Your diet should not be high in  fat, sodium or carbohydrates.


We emphasize the inclusion of exercise because their job is to tighten your skin and body weight in losing weight. Increasing your movement in the body will also improve your blood circulation,  which will bring oxygen to all organs.


Although goji berries are extremely healthy, they alone will not be enough to achieve the desired visible result.


Side Effects


Although goji berries are rich in antioxidants and very beneficial for health, there are some side effects that you should know about:


  • There may be unpleasant interactions between some blood thinners, such as warfarin and goji berry. Therefore, anyone taking this medicine should avoid goji berries, regardless of the benefits of this fruit to the body.

Goji Take Weight Loss?


  • Blood pressure and diabetes medicines may also interact adversely with goji berries. The natural qualities of goji berry can affect the functioning of the pancreas and the production of insulin. That is why diabetic patients should consult their GP before they start eating goji berries
  • Those who suffer from pollen allergies may also need to avoid this fruit. Typical allergy symptoms include nasal congestion, itching of the skin and eyes, sneezing, wheezing, hives. Anyone who receives such symptoms should immediately stop using goji berries and consult their doctor.
  • Goji berry can cause miscarriage due to its betaine content. Although no specific studies are available yet, some anecdotal evidence suggests that betaine may cause miscarriage. Therefore, it is a good idea, in any case, that pregnant and lactating women stay away from goji berries until their doctor has approved them
  • When we start a new food, herb or supplement, our first reaction to the body may be digestive problems. Therefore, some goji berry users may experience mild digestive disorders such as nausea, diarrhea or vomiting Always infect this allergic reaction with other foods to limit the possibility of digestive problems
  • Goji berries can also cause insomnia  if taken in the evening before bedtime. It is therefore recommended that the fruits be eaten during the day


Goji Take Weight Loss?

However, when looking at the side effects of goji berries, we should know that what affects one person may not affect another. In general, goji berries do not cause dramatic side effects. Their benefits far outweigh the disorders. Consuming a handful or two of these blueberries (10-30 grams) a day will be very beneficial to our health.

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