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Physical activity is an essential element in the process of reducing weight gain, so physical activity is a leading aspect in the REDUCTION program type of the LuckyFit program.
During their stay, participants increase their motor skills through various activities that can be continued after the end of the program:

  • walking
  • gymnastics
  • dances.

The three forms of physical activity achieve 2 main goals: healthy exercise and increased energy use within the program.
To get an idea what lies ahead for you as participants in the program, we will consider an example with average values* of energy consumed in different types of physical activity.

* Values vary from individual to individual (depend on factors such as weight, age, gender, etc.).

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  1. Mountain/forest hiking – about 2 hours
    • Average energy use– 700 kcal (slow pace – 250 kcal; moderate pace– 350 kcal; fast pace – 450 kcal)
  2. Gymnastics – 1 hour
    • Average energy use – 400 kcal
  3. Dances – 1 hour
    • Average energy use – 400 kcal

If we add the energy use of the three motor activities, we will get a value of 1 500 kcal.
We add 1 500 kcal of energy for the body to work at rest.

There are some additional aspects of energy use, such as the thermal effect of food and sleep, but we will not include them.

So we get the following equation:

Energy use from physical activity + Energy use at rest = Total energy use per day
1 500 + 1 500 = 3 000 kcal.

By this formula we can determine what our calorie deficit is, for example:

  • Food menu of 1 250 kcal – deficit 1 750 kcal
  • Food menu of 1 650 kcal – deficit 1 350 ккал.

This difference is an important condition for the need to compensate for the reserve energy that is accumulated in the cells of adipose tissue, in other words- when we take in less calories, the body begins to burn fat to get them.
The result – body weight reduction.

We offer you a wonderful opportunity for a stay of 7 to 14 days to see for yourself that exercising is crucial for your health!