How to lose weight in one month
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How you could lose weight without starving?

This is a question that makes you uneasy lately. Because the summer is around the corner and we all want to be in shape. Because the winter has affected us negatively. Because we work too much and we are always in a hurry. How to lose weight effectively without dieting? Without annoying yo-yo effect and without severe restrictions.

To understand how to lose weight, first it is necessary to understand what are the ways for effective removal of excess weight.

Most people think that being subjected to a diet will remove excess weight. But this is not true. Losing weight with diet leads to fat burning and losing muscle mass. Our goal is to lose weight without having to starve.


Losing weight with exercise

To lose weight, you need physical activity. The exercises in the gym are not enough to help you lose weight . Why? Because only the exercises will not work for you to weight loss. When the body consumes energy, it seeks to procure it with food. Usually when we are rephysically active we begin to eat more. To lose weight, doing exercise, we should combine them with an appropriate amount of food. It is also not without significance and type of food we consumate.

Only by this we will avoid the opposite effect – weight gain. Thanks to the targeted physical activity you could achieve and increase the active muscle mass.

How to lose weight without starvation?

To lose weight without diets and starvation it is crucial to know some basic rules.

  • Nutrition is very important

We need to have at least three meals during the day and 2 snacks. We need to eat a variety of things – meat, vegetables …  Starvation is not our friend, it is our enemy. The consumption of pasta, alcohol and sweets should be dosed, based on the daily intake of calories. The change should be done purposefully with the idea of long-term arrangements which become gradually permanent healthy diet.

  • Workout at least 3 times a week
    Working out once a week is more harmful than helpful. As you exercise once a week, you drain your body, and it makes up for it with food and you gain weight. Try to workout at least 3 times a week to have healthy physical activity.

How to lose weight in one month ?– this is your biggest concern lately.

There are solutions to it.

The LuckyFit programme will help you to lose weight in one week, not with much, but just with enough, to begin biulding a gradual healing process of losing weight, and you could reach 20-30% per year.

The LuckyFit programme will give you the balance between nutrition and physical activity that you need. The programme includes a fun holiday for one or two weeks in combination with many hiking, dancing, gymnastics and spa treatments. This way you can get rid of excess fat and lose weight evenly without starvation.

Want to get rid of excesses around the belly? How can this happen? With the program LuckyFit you will lose weight evenly.


How to lose weight evenly.

Proportionately losing weight from the whole body – LuckyFit ensured by specially designed program of diet and exercise routine tailored to your needs.

Effective weight loss in areas with accumulated fat is provided by a well balanced combination of diet and exercise. With the programme LuckyFit you will receive special treatment to your individual needs.

LuckyFit programme has a powerful detoxifying effect, due to increased physical activity and a balanced diet with 1300 kcal. This is safe calorie dose and leads to a negative caloric effect, which activates the process of fat burning.

LuckyFit is the best start for anyone who wants to change ourselves, to learn how to eat and be more active. It is suitable for people of different ages and allows each participant to feel individual changes that occur in his body. Hikes are saturated with fresh mountain air, beautiful scenery and lots of positive emotions. Each participant can assess their training level and be included in the group according to their abilities.

After the programme  the feeling of lightness is enhanced, increased tone, a positive attitude and good motivation to continue the process at home. You  could establish many friendships and remain with exciting memories of an unforgettable active vacation named LuckyFit.

Our offer

We offer you to give yourself a fun, relaxed and fulfilling vacation, after which you will return home аs a changed and with weight loss , without subjecting you to a exhausting diets.

Specially selected, light food and pleasant exercise will do their unnoticed action without starving and without painful exercises. You will lose weight, having fun, and you learn a lot about healthy lifestyle that you can apply in your daily life.

We are available to help you take care of your body without starvation. Because for us it is important that you are satisfied and happy with yourself.

And do not ask “How to lose weight in a month?” – We agreed for results after a week. Forget the question “How to lose weight the area of the belly?” This is our concern!

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