29 April 2022

weight loss and detox

for fast and effective weight reduction in Bansko


About LuckyFit

LuckyFit is a 7 or 14-day 5 star program for effective weight loss and anti-stress.

You can reduce your weight in a healthy way, gain beneficial health habits and maintain long-term results.
The LuckyFit weight loss program includes a healthy and balanced 4-course meal, daily hikes in the mountains, therapeutic gymnastics, horse riding, yoga, dancing and lots of fun!

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Diet plan

The diet is balanced and controlled by the professional nutritionist Dr.Daniel Dimitrov.
Started in 2008., the LuckyFit program has a proven effect and a large number of followers.
According to your body indicators and/or your personal preferences you have a choice of a menu of 1250 kcal or 1650 kcal per day.
Upon prior request the menu can be prepared according to vegetarian or vegan preferences.

element NEW IN LUCKYFIT ‘22

  • Starts on April 29 2022.
  • Two difficulty levels in mountain hikes
  • New program LuckyFit ATHLETE
    challenging mountain hikes between 4 and 6 hours a day
    light reduced meals – 1 700 kcal for the ladies and 1 900 kcal for the gentlemen
    from July to the end of October
  • New program LuckyFit RELAX
    normal buffet meals or à la carte
    2 excursions per week and/or hiking
    2 Spa treatments of choice
  • Option to choose between a daily menu of 1 250 or 1 650 kcal
  • Healthy weight loss through proper nutrition, not from mechanical calorie reduction
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine (optional)
  • Active help from Dr.Daniel Dimitrov– our nutritionist
  • Mountain guides equipped with satellite phone for emergency connection

10% discount

on re-visit, calculated to the price for the respective program type!

What additional free services you will receive:

  • Dividing the participants in the mountain hikes into 2 groups according to their level of physical training
  • Mountain guide for each group
  • Improved food menu for all programs
  • Examination by a cardiologist with preparation of a cardiogram and ultrasound of the heart
  • Introductory lecture on the LuckyFit program
  • One visit a week by the nutritionist Dr.Daniel Dimitrov
  • Ozonation of all fruits and vegetables
    (before use they are soaked in water for 2 hours and the legumes- for 24 hours, to remove all toxins, pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants)
  • 20% discount at Lucky SPA for each program
  • An option to extend the stay by another 2 days (Saturday and Sunday)- extra charge, at preferential prices
  • 10% discount on re-visit, calculated to the price for the respective program type


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Price of 229 euros

Testing weekend with 2 nights. Includes everything from LuckyFit REDUCTION: mountain hikes, reduced diet, lecture etc.

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Price of 689 euros

Main program for healthy weight loss. Choice between 1 250 or 1 650 kcal per day

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Price of 845 euros

A new program aimed at active recreation. Does not offer weight reduction. Includes 3 meals a day, with unlimited calorie intake.

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Price of 767 euros

A new program for the seriously advanced mountain hikers. Includes a light, reduced diet, Mountain hikes between 4 and 6 hours,one complete and one partial deep-tissue massage

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New 2 new programs
From April 29 to October 30
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Menu 1 250 or 1 650 kcal
Consumption of „living“ Kangen water, hydrogen water, zeolite and fresh lemon juice


In case of repeated participation,
Calculated to the price for the respective program!

To register in the LuckyFit program you need to download
and fill in the documents and the online questionnaire.



LuckyFit – combination of:

  • Healthy and diversed menu of 1 250 or 1 650 kcal per day
  • Hikes and activities in nature with intensivity according to individual possibilities
  • Health care, including general medical examination, cardiogram and ultrasound of the heart
  • Daily combined gymnastics with exercices of callanetics, fitness, yoga, taebo
  • Evening entertainment activities, such as Lationo dances and Bulgarian folk dances,for great mood
  • Breathing gymnastics-daily practices to control breathing and regulate blood pressure
  • Exceptional comfort and unique 5-star luxury
  • Lectures and talks on overweight in order to acquire in-depth knowledge
  • Daily consumption of “living” Kangen water, hydrogen water, zeolite and fresh lemon juice.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Healthy weight loss
  • Lifestyle change after the end of the program
  • Cleansing the body of toxins
  • Stress and tension reduction
  • Visibly increased tone and overall refreshment
  • Get familiar with useful practices that ensure permanent weight loss and weight maintenance
  • Activation of metabolic processes
  • Increased physical endurance
  • Wonderful memories and positive emotions.

What you will learn in LuckyFit?

  • How to reduce bad habits and build new ones that are good for your body
  • How to minimize the stress of the changes in the body
  • How to build your own regime based on what you have learned and practice in the program.

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    Excellent is what has been created by all staff. The program itself, with the best "engine" - Teo, is the...

    Е. К.

    We will definitely come back in the winter

    We spent 2 good days at Aparthotel LUCKY BANSKO. The setting is great. The service is wonderful, excellent hygiene, rich...

    Acile, Bulgaria

    Athina, Greece

    Congratulations on the high level of your work. I have no negative comments! And in the future I will visit...

    Athina, Greece

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    All of the reviews are 100% authentic. The results of the treatment may vary, depending on different individuals and genetics and a suitable balanced diet and physical activity must be kept through it’s course.

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