Challenge – The way towards the change!
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is a word that sounds stimulating for some people, and for others  –  disturbing.

Each one of us thinks, that knows his own physical and psychological  potential. Usually the subjective evaluation is increased or reduced, rarely are the people with an objective one.

Our body seeks conditionally stable existence adjusting to external factors. He is fixing its parameters(borders) and exists relatively peaceful, when they are stable, without changing. At an certain point, however, some changes in the external factors occur and we are under stress, which in a longer period takes our body out of its stable condition and causes changes. Depending on the nature and severity of external stimuli, the changes can be in a positive or negative direction.

In  any option the changes are a challenge for you.

What is happening if you decide that you no longer like the stable state of your body? You want to lose fats, to sculpt your hips and but in another way.

Something must change. Usually we tend to load up to the comfort zone or to go beyond it. In the first case nothing will happen, in the second – lots of changes will occur. At the core of everything lies- the Challenge.

For example, you are used to and can make 20 crunches without difficulties. Your brain has memorized this number, and he easily adjusts the muscles to make them at a set command. The brain has created such a condition in you that you make the crunches without any discomfort. What will happen however, if I challenge you and tell you – “Make a 100 crunches”? First, your brain should accept this challenge without resistance, after that to send information to the muscles and to start the implementation.  However, here you will encounter a problem, you might not be able to do it. The reason is that you’ve been challenged. The abdominal muscles as main engines might not have the power and endurance to fulfill it. But if I challenge you this way several times at one moment there will be a change, you will do it. Which is the momentum of the change – the CHALLENGE!

In the first case, if you make 20 crunches every time and you feel perfect, your muscles will be so strong and hardy in order to fulfill this number.

In the second case, they will change in order to fulfill the number 100! We are interested in exactly this change.

The same happens every time when you cross out of your comfort zone. This way you can change every thing in yourself – body shape, physical capabilities, mental abilities, and even social status.




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