8 tips on how to lose 10 kg of your weight
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Losing weight is not an easy task. And the weight loss of 10 kg takes quite an effort. But that does not mean it’s impossible. In order to be able to lose so much weight, however, you should not hurry.

Do not spur things out, as this is a smooth process. In order for your weight loss to be 10 kg effective, you need to take the necessary measures in the long run and gradually to avoid the so-called yo-yo effect and other unhealthy consequences for your body and psyche.

We will try to give you 8 tips for losing 10 kg.

Losing 10 kilograms

Every goal is achievable, as long as it is realistic and motivated enough to pursue it from heart and soul!  The good news is that we can really change our lives in every single aspect – work, home, partner, circle of friends, hobby … And all this depends only on us and on our will for change!

When it comes to weight loss and losing 10 kilograms, the situation is absolutely identical!

You have gained extra weight, you don’t feel good in your skin, clothes don’t fit, you are constantly tired, apathetic, your self-confidence is progressively dropping, you start to isolate yourself from your social environment, stay at home and find more and more comfort in food. You realize that this only deepens the problem and fall into the spiral of uncontrollable emotional eating, but you do not have the strength to fight.

It’s time for change! The Big Change.

10 kilograms – how does that sound!

A totally achievable goal! But only if we trust the basic “5P” rules of success:

Perfect Preparedness Provides Phenomenal Performance!

So, let’s make an example plan how to lose weight by 10 kilograms and change our life and health by following a few easy steps!

  1. You have to want the change! 10 kilograms are both difficult and easy to achieve! Our motivation and perseverance are of utmost importance for our success. Yes, there will be times when we would like to quit, yes, there will be times when we will be hungry or it will just be hard for us to resist our favourite dessert but in a moment of hesitation always visualize your purpose and imagine how well you will feel in only a few months on the beach 10 kilograms slimmer … Good reason to resist temptation and move on!
  2. To lose 10 kilograms, we need to change not only our eating habits but also to increase our motor activity

Plan your sports activities at least four times a week, preferably daily, and include both cardio and strength training with weights in your program. To achieve real success, you should spend at least 150 minutes per week in cardio workouts, and best – 300. Choose a load you like and energizes you like fast walking, bike-riding, running, rope- jumping, dancing, aerobics and etc.
Do not forget that, for a cardio workout to be effective, it needs to make you sweat, raise your heartbeat and activate the process of body fat burning! For even greater effect, include interval training in your cardio program. Recent studies show that interval training is very important for increasing metabolism and fat burning.
It is best to alternate standard cardio workout with intervals. Do not underestimate strength training. Strength training increases your resistance but does not burn as much calories as cardio. However, it helps to increase your lean muscle mass, enhance your metabolism or your body’s ability to burn calories. Include at least 2 strength training sessions of about 20 minutes per week and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your improvement after just a month.

  1. Permanently reduce the amount of food you eat and limit your calories by about 500 calories a day. This level is considered the most recommended for achieving a healthy and, most importantly, lasting weight loss. If you starve your body and reduce your calories below 1000 a day, for example, not only you will not be able to keep it up, but you will slow your metabolism, damage your immunity due to the shortage of valuable nutrients, but mostly you risk turning starvation into uncontrollable hunger and lead to yo-yo effect which rarely happens under more moderate limiting regimes.
  2. Exclude completely all excess calories from your menu – remove the fast carbohydrates – white flour, white pasta, white rice, white sugar, from your table.
  3. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, but avoid sweet fruits such as grapes, persimmon, figs, dates, and all dried fruits.
  4. Choose low-fat products. Replace cheese with curd, and buy milk with a lower percentage of fat;
  5. Increase intake of pure protein – choose lean meat and fish;
  6. Drink lots of water and green tea – it has the ability to boost your metabolism;
  7. Forget about desserts, if you are hungry or need something sweet, you can treat yourself with a piece of black chocolate between meals.
  8. Give up or minimize alcohol. In addition to being harmful, it is also highly caloric;
  9. Surround yourself with friends who share your goals. You will feel more motivated and more resilient to temptation if you are part of a group. Not only can you work together, but your diet will not disturb your social life as your friends will also be careful with the size and content of their meals and you won’t feel isolated and misunderstood.

Celebrate every victory and even the little results! Enjoy the changes in your body and be confident in your success!

Stick to these rules for at least 6 months, and why not your lifetime. We invite you to join one of our sustained and effective weight loss programs. Let’s put together the foundation for the overall change in your life, which will not only help you lose weight with the desired 10 kilograms but also improve your health and quality of life.

In addition to the valuable advice and specialists’ recommendations, in our programs you will also meet new people and find new friends to go hand in hand towards your goal!

1. Let them help you.

When a diet is followed, motivation is the most important: at least 70% of success depends on it. Ask for help from a professional to be your coach, follow your steps, guide you and motivate you. You will not have the same success if you ask for it from a friend, girlfriend, as you can not give you the time and attention you need.

In addition, you will feel more comfortable in the hands of professionals. We at the Weight Loss Center – LuckyFit, have effective weight loss programs to help you achieve the desired effect.

2. Do not hurry.

As mentioned earlier, when they want to lose more weight, they should never be in a hurry because the only thing they can do is bad consequences.
10 kilos can not be removed with a magic wand, so you have to let your body get used to a more balanced diet so you do not feel dropped and bad. The weight should not be lost at once and not get back just as fast. You can read more about quick weight loss.

3. Say goodbye to the sugar and the salami.

To lose weight, you should dramatically reduce the intake of foods that are too rich in fat or sugars to get rid of them from your menu. But also with care, since the body needs certain amounts of fat and sugars essential to it. So again do not remove them completely, but best trust the specialists.

Our program, for example, is fully compliant with the nutrients necessary for the body, calories to be taken for the day, and the goal is to achieve proper eating habits combined with physical activity.

4. Eat more fish.

Fish is the best friend on the diet: a calorie poor, rich in omega 3, ideal for maintaining the figure and combining well with useful vegetables. There is also a wide selection of fish. But be careful not to fry or fry it!

5. Wipe away the dust from the sports shoes.

Yes, this is usually the most difficult step, especially for implementation in action! All modes of transport are good, from climbing and descending the stairs, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to running in the park. The most important word is: movement! In theory, you have to spend at least 2-3 hours in sports during the week, but it’s not bad to divide 30-40 minutes a day. Continuity is important. It is not accidental in LuckyFit’s program that physical work is an extremely important part. In addition, we’ve been endearing and varied – including dances and various kinds of sports.

6. Keep an eye on the refrigerator.

When you are on a diet, keep in your fridge only balanced and useful foods. Before you start with the diet, remove all the sweet temptations, chocolates, salami and everything you think is harmful from the refrigerator. Make a list of allowed foods and try to follow it strictly when shopping. And most importantly – never shop on a hungry stomach. You risk going over the market and subconsciously targeting sugar products.

7. Observe the “eating pyramid”.

To lose weight by 10 kg and to be in good shape, you must follow the pyramid of nutrition: eat well in the morning and at noon, while in the evening you should avoid calorie foods and receptions. In addition, a light dinner will help sleep.

8. Be careful with alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages may look harmless but are full of sugars, so reduce their intake. Stop and take the carbonated beverages, also rich in sugars. You can occasionally have light beverages, but do not overdo it, so you do not get involved with them.

We, from LuckyFit, take all of these tips together, combine them into a great and effective weight loss program that can remove the annoying 10 kilos in excess that are basically harassing you. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help!

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